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My Eleven Day Journey: Day Seven

When we started this endeavor, 11 days seemed like an eternity. Now I can't believe we are on Day 7 and only four days out. Wow. The cravings are essentially gone now. Since there are few carbs on this diet, I have found that if I'm not eating them, then I don't crave them, and I don't get hungry near as often. And you know that "miserably full" feeling you often get when eating out? Well, it just doesn't happen on this diet and I feel really good!

The one thing that I can't get out of my mind, though, is chips and queso. I have no idea why, but since Day 1, I have wanted them so much. You can bet that on Hubsy's birthday, I'll plant the little chips and queso seed in his mind and maybe he will crave them too. He keeps talking about Mexican food, so let's hope that is what he chooses! Mmmm....

Oh, that looks good.

I love chips and queso. There is this little hole in the wall restaurant that Husby and I ate at almost every Friday night when I was pregnant. It's called Cancun International Restaurant and is in an extremely seedy part of town. We actually went back there during Levi's first week of life and my Mom was with us. She said to the owner, who is always our waitress, "we wanted to take his baby to the best mexican food in town", and she looked at me and said, "ohhhh, he's already had it!" HA! She even knows our order when we go there. Anyway, they have the best queso. They have a yellow or a white and we switch back and forth each time we go because they each taste so different and are each delectable. Yum.

And then there is joint in Little Rock, Arkansas called Jaunitas. They have some of the most unique, flavorful queso I've ever tasted. It's a white queso and I think there are finely chopped jalepenos and cilantro in there or something like that. All I know is that it is unbelievable. One of my best friends lives out there and I think a trip out there soon is in order to satisfy this craving. And of course to visit with my friends. ;)

I love the queso at On the Border and Abuelo's...they are both pretty similar actually. There is a 7 layer dip at Abuelo's that is to die for, too. Mmmm. Cheese.

Chili's has a unique queso, and though I'm not a huge fan of meat in my queso, sometimes I crave it that way, and Chili's does it up right.

I tend to judge a Mexican place by their queso. I prefer it on my enchiladas, or my chimichanga, or even on my fajitas. I guess what I am trying to say that I NEED some queso.

And in 4 days, you better believe I'm getting some.

What's your favorite queso?
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  1. I've actually had Juanita's queso and I do LOVE it! Unfortunately, there aren't too many places that have the white queso out here in my neck of the woods. But, there is this little place in Valdosta, GA called El Potro's and oh MY! That is the best white queso in the world!!!

  2. Juanita's is right down the way from me! Maybe a 10 minute drive!! ha!! I live right outside of Little Rock! Small world!

  3. I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEE queso too! My favorite would probably be from my favorite Mexican place in my hometown called La Hacienda, it's pretty much the most amazing thing that's ever happened to my tastebuds!

    I hope that after your diet is done you can get some much deserved queso:)

  4. My mom's homemade queso:

    Velveeta cheese
    can of diced tomatoes
    fresh green chile (or if you must use the canned kind)
    fresh chopped onion (I prefer red onion)

    Put this all together in a double broiler. Stir occasionaly. It will be divine!

  5. Good time to de-lurk on the comments ... I loooove queso too! Personally, I like Abuelos' queso ... and you're right, their 7-layer dip IS to die for!! Amigos is a pretty popular place where I am, and they have excellent queso too. It's your average white queso, but it's so, so good. They have really amazing chips too.

    And ... as I've never commented before ... Levi is so cute!! He seems like a really good baby (and I should know ... I'm a NICU nurse, haha) :) Lucky you and your hubby!

  6. I LOVE chips and queso!! I want some right now and it is 8:30 a.m.
    Thanks alot! haha!

  7. MMM 8:50am and I could totally run out and get some queso!

    Here in Memphis I love chilli con queso at The Flying Saucer, white queso at Cafe Ole or On The Border.

    Oh anywhere I can get me some yummy queso is fab!

  8. Hello. :) I'm a good friend of Leslie (Horn) Poe's and found your blog through her. I just moved away from Tulsa and have eaten at Cancun NUMEROUS times (I went to TU so it was very close)! Have you tried the queso at Cafe Ole? It's different but amazing. Just thinking about it makes me want to move back. :)

  9. Have you tried Ted's Cafe Escondito in BA? We went to church with the guy who started in when we lived in OKC. The story we heard was that when Amy Grant came into town, she ALWAYS make a trip to Teds. Ha! That sealed the deal for me. When they first opened the one in BA the wait time was usually 2 hours. I think the wait time is better now, but well worth it.

  10. Gurl... I'm i the midst of a low-carb diet right now, and I've been doing okay. Until now. Thanks.

    Mexican food {especially queso} is my weakness; I could eat it everyday for an entire week. Seriously. I love it!!!

    Now I'm craving queso... ugh, what to do?!?

  11. I like the white queso, and I think that Mexico Lindo has really good queso. There's also a place in Tahlequah called El Zarape that is like the best Mexican place I've ever been to. yum.


  12. This post just made me soooo hungry, I thought this post was going to be about weight loss, and now you just made me want to eat more...tsk tsk on you Glamorous Housewife, tsk, tsk! :)

  13. Now I am totally craving queso!! I can't get enough of it! I love Ted's queso, but actually I don't think I have ever had some that I didn't like!

  14. You must be hungry. Your post made me hungry? LOL

  15. My favorite queso has always been from El Chico. YUM!

  16. I LOVE Chimi's queso!!!! SO good! Email me the name of the place you guys like!

  17. Moe's actually has an AWESOME white queso! I love white queso! Plus Moe's has awesome food too. So yummy!

  18. QUESO - my only non-chocolate weakness!

  19. Glad that the diet is going well...I don't think that I could do it! :) How much weight have you lost?

  20. I love queso! I actually think the Tostito's stuff in a jar is pretty good for random cravings, but I love the "real" stuff at restaurants.

    I also like Rotel - velveeta and one can of rotel and you're good to go! Yum!

  21. Too funny that you did a post on queso. I love that stuff. We have so many Mexican places here in Chicago, it's hard to pick just one.

  22. Girl - we are twins! I have always called myself the only redheaded Mexican on Earth! I love all Mexican food! And if I had to live off of one thing for the rest of my life, it would totally be white queso.

    In college, I lived with two boys who were big jocks. They ate like bears! Every Wednesday our neighborhood Mexican restaurant, Los Compadres, had an all-you-can-eat menu for $5!!! The three of us would go and eat until they ran out of food! It was awesome!!

    Might be time for some Mexican food tonight actually...

  23. i don't know if i have a favorite!
    if i had to pick it would be one my mom makes, not even sure what she throws together for it but it sure is tasty...

  24. Wow, I just had dinner and you made me hungry again with all that great talk of food! I love queso, but I have yet to experience it in a restaurant (not too many mexican restaurants around here). I love the Tostitos queso. I bought a jar last week and it lasted only two days! Hope the last four days of the diet just fly by : )


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