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My Eleven Day Journey: Day Eight

Today hasn't been a good one. I went to bed with plans of having lunch with 2 friends and then my cousin coming over later in the evening. I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible migraine and stomach issues, so those plans went out the window. Let me tell you that it's not easy being sick with a baby. But, I am feeling much better now. Phew. And Levi was extra good today. I think he knew Mommy was sick.

Today is an all vegetable day, but I cheated and had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I'm sorry, but when you wake up with a splitting headache and nausea, leafy greens are the last thing on your mind. Gag.

It was my first time to "cheat" this whole time, but I don't think it will mess me up. I could actually be done now and be pleased with the results, but I am going to stick it out and give you my grand total when it's all over. The diet is intended to be 11 days on, 3 days off, 11 days on, 3 days off, etc. But, I am just doing it once for a jump start. After the 11 days are over, I'm having a cheat day for Husby's birthday and then counting calories/exercising to get the rest off. What a great jump start this has been so far!! :)

I think the "all fruit", "all vegetable" days are probably the hardest. But I prefer today over the fruit...definitely. Vegetables seem more hearty or something. Big salads tonight!

Day 8 is almost over, and we are quickly rounding the bases and headed home. WOO HOO!
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  1. You are doing SO well! I decided to not start until after my birthday (which is Sunday) because I really wanted to eat somewhere delicious. I have been making heathier eating choices the past couple of days though!

    I am REALLY proud of you girl! (Glad you're feeling better too!)

  2. I am on day 2! I actually LOVE fruit- so it hasn't been too bad. But, I am READY for my sandwich!! Looking forward to oatmeal tomorrow. Is that weird? I don't think I've eaten oatmeal in 10 years, and now I can't wait for it! ha!!

    Keep up the good work! You have inspired me to do this!

  3. You are doing well - if the worst thing you do is cheat with oatmeal, you are just fine! I can't wait to hear the final results!

  4. Good job! I'm proud of you! If you can manage a diet with a baby, husband, and a migraine, you're my hero!

    :) Good luck on the next three days!

  5. So sorry about your head and tummy aches :( that is no fun! Just think, the pleasure is worth the pain and it will be over soon!!

  6. You are doing great, keep up the amazing work! It's the homestretch now!=)

  7. I'm glad you are feeling better! I'm going to say that oatmeal doesn't count as cheating. Now a bowl of icecream that's cheating. I hope I get to see you today!

  8. It's funny that you cheated with oatmeal. I told Brian the other day, "You know, it's sad when you've trained your brain to feel guilty when you eat a bowl of oatmeal." I'm so glad that it's been successful for you!

  9. Your doing great and it is perfectly acceptable to have a cheat meal when your sick! :)

  10. i hope you are feeling better soon. you are doing good, keep it up girly!!


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