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Keepin' It Real

My friend Erin tagged me to keep it real.

Keepin' It Real
Here are the rules:
Take a picture of yourself right now.
No primping or preparing.
Just snap a picture.
Load the picture onto your blog.
Tag some people to play.

I told her she chose the ONE NIGHT that I decided to take a long hot shower before checking my blogs - thus wiping away every drop of makeup. And you KNOW how I love my makeup. I look 12 without it.

She wanted to see what a pregnant lady working the 9-5 looked like after a hard days work. Well, after a long day of:

- Waking up at 6:30AM
-Working til 11:00 and then driving with my entire office staff to a University an hour away for a long and boring training class that we sat through until after 4pm
-Hiking through parking-lots-a-plenty for 20 minutes in the bearing down sun to find our school van again (with swollen legs screaming and growing with every step)
-Riding in the VERY BACK of the van and climbing over everyone and everything (not fun for a 30 week pregger)
- Finally getting back at 5:38 pm
- Eating at the new IHOP with Husby and telling him about the dramatic episode of The Hills from Monday night (he pretends to care)
- Coming home to take a steaming and relaxing shower to wash the day off of me
- ....and finally CRASHING on the couch with my feet propped up with two pillows as I watch American Idol....

Here I am.

No makeup - No smile.

With wet hair and a 2X t-shirt (my favorite sleeping shirt).

Laying down so I had to tilt my computer up to my face because I'm too exhausted to sit up.

And immersed in American Idol instead of looking at the camera. Sorry, I was happy Scott went home and didn't want to miss his big farewell.

If only I would have read this a few hours earlier...


I tag:

Lindsey @ Sweet Simplicity. Let's see what you look like after your recruitment gig today. ;)
Dani @ danigirljackson. I want to see you at the end of a day with your 3 precious girlies!
Lindsey @ Pleasant Drive. Teachers are sure to be beat by the end of the day! Let's see it.
Keely @ The Stegers. Show me what mommy's of a newborn boy looks like. I'll be you soon.
Amber @ 3 Meals & A Baby. This is my BFF and I miss her, so I want to see your pretty face.

I also tag anyone else who wants to do this. But YOU CAN'T CHEAT and wait until you look like a super fox to take your picture. You have to do it now. NOW I SAID!!!

Heh, Heh. You guys can thank me later.

As long as we're "Keepin' It Real" - notice that I added my Twitter info to my blog (to the left under the "about me")! Follow me if you would like! My Twitter Name is glamlifehw. I'd love to see you there!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Wow, you look way better in that picture than I do when I TRY to look decent. So don't complain ;)

  2. and white. Is that really fair? :) I just woke up so I won't be participating in this one!

  3. I'm glad I checked your blog early this morning after I got ready for the day. So my pic will actually be somewhat normal. haha!
    Well actually I have tiny eyes right now because I am sleepy.

  4. OH, and I CAN'T believe they stuck in you in the back of the van. HOW RUDE! It was hard for me to climb back there last week on our way to that event in N. I couldn't imagine doing it with a big (cute) preggo belly!

  5. @ Dana- black and white is ALWAYS fair without makeup! ;)

  6. So not fair!! You are def a Natural Beauty!!

  7. You're beautiful no matter what!

    I'm kinda glad Scott went home..he's just not as good as the others!


  8. well i'm checking this right before i start work today.... so i'm all covered in makeup, my hair is done and i'm wearing office chic, so i think i will be fair and wait until i get home to take this coverup off and curl up on the couch and take a pic of the REAL me- who, btw, looks twelve years old with no makeup. at least your eyelashes are dark... i'm blonde, so when i have no makeup on you can't see my lashes. makes me look UBER young. sigh. hey, at forty, we'll look 27!! score!

  9. You look beautiful! A lot better than I would after a day like that!!
    I am going to find you on twitter!

  10. I think you look beautiful!!!No makeup and all!

  11. Uhh.. I want to look that good after such a long day!!

  12. you look fab u lous! i'm looking you up on twitter to follow you, i'm justbecausejess.

  13. Oh you look great... with or without make-up!

  14. You look great without makeup!

  15. i cant even see meacom eyes.....

  16. I wish I looked that good w/o make-up, but alas...I do not. However, black & white will take away the eek factor for maybe I'll try that too sometime :-)

  17. He he, you did it! I'm with you--soooo glad Scott went home. As long as they keep my Adam on there, I'm good.



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