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Cookies & 15 Minutes of Fame

I won't deny my fascination with the Food Network. You know those challenges and cook-off's they have? Well, it's my dream to be on one. I believe I've shared this not-so-secret fantasy with you folks before.

My mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. It's no lie. They're the best. I can't even explain them to you without salivating, so I won't even try. (She uses this recipe, but alters it and switches a few things up....but for the most part, this is the foundation of the cookie.)

A few months ago, I was browsing cooking contests online and I stumbled upon one for Nestle. I was thrilled when I saw that not only was it a cooking contest, but in order to qualify, you had to write an essay.

Writing! Cooking! Two of my most favorite past times.

The chosen essay winner would be flown to New York City, put up in a fancy hotel and be featured on the Food Network while cooking with 3 famous chefs. How. Much. Fun. Is. That. ?!?!

So, I put the pedal to the metal and started writing.

The topic was to write a sentimental memory you have regarding Nestle. I have to admit, I wondered how many people actually had a sentimental memory regarding a world wide corporation, but I dug deep into the depths my mind to find mine. I was sure I had one.

There was a limit on words, so it was a struggle to keep it short. But here is what I came up with....

Nestle has always been close to my heart because it reminds me of my Mom. She whipped up a batch of cookies for every holiday, get-together, or guest who dropped in unexpectedly. Simply my coming home from college for a weekend, promised a platter of baked delicacies mounded on an ornate platter sitting atop her dark granite countertops. It was the essence of a perfect homecoming. There was nothing like walking through the front door, greeted with the sweet aroma of her famous Nestle cookies. I say famous, because no one can duplicate them. She willingly shares her baking secrets and many hands have prepared them exactly the way she instructs, yet they remain unmatched. I have watched her make them thousands of times – from being a wide eyed child wearing plastic high heels and observing with a sense of awe plastered on my face, dreaming of one day becoming exactly like her - to now, a married lady who tries desperately to perfect her recipe so that I, too, can impress everyone who takes a bite. There is not one event that defines my love for baking; it’s lifetime of memories with Mom that I will cherish forever.

I proudly read my essay aloud to Husby and he encouraged me that I was most definitely going to win this contest. I e-mailed the finished product to Mom and she, too, agreed that I was a shoe-in.


Seven months later, and I'm pretty sure the contest has come and gone.

I missed out on my chance of fame and, I mean my 15 minutes of fame, but I shall not let that get me down!

I will keep trying! Keep cooking! Keep writing! And I WILL be on a cook off.

Even if it takes me 'til I'm 90.

Nestle. Who needs em. I'd rather do THIS anyway. Hrmph.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Aww that was so sweet. Your a good writer and I'm sure your also a good baker :)

  2. I loved that! Sorry you didnt win! Mmmmm toll house!! :)

  3. Very good essay. Maybe next time. I also have a winning recipe!! My choc. chip cookies call for pudding!!! let me know if you want the recipe.

  4. Its too bad you don't live here in NY! Did you ever see the episode of iron chef where the secret ingredient was everything from a Farmer's Market?

    Well, Alton and the IC crew were in 14th Street Union Square Farmers Market filming for that very episide a day I just happened to be there!

    AB is soooo nice and funny! I love him!

    Have you thought about visiting for the Food and Wine festival in the fall? Its great, there are tickets to shows/events with the Food Network stars you can purchase. I bought one that Alton was doing, but it was for kids only, so I had to take my 3 month old Godson haha!

  5. what does nestle know...they totally should have picked you!

    well, i will now be making nestle tollhouse chocolate chip cookies tonight :)

  6. First, I still dream about those cookies! I remember a time she packaged up some for me to take back to college in the cutest little jar (A bakers dozen in fact). I hoarded them and wanted to slap the hand of anyone who tried to sneak one! Do you think they would ship well to Virginia :-)

    Second, I thought your essay was precious! If I would have been a judge, you would have won first prize--so there Nestle!

  7. Go for Pillsbury! One of the ladies I work with placed in the Bake Off last year and won some money and her recipe is now on the Pillsbury Bake Off website. Plus, if you really get into bake/cook offs like she did, you can win some awesome prizes!

  8. I thought for sure you were going to win!

  9. Your essay was SO sweet. (o: And it made me hungry for some of your momma's cookie recipe. I think that should be your next giveaway - they could make it being shipped somewhere right?! Oh please let us have a chance of trying them!

    Bake off's would be fun. I've always wanted to do a pie one - though I have much to master before I could enter a contest - have you seen Waitress? I love all of the pies she comes up with. I find myself wanting to bake everytime I watch that movie.

  10. I'm so proud of you for even entering! I, too, have an obsession with the Food Network and I always want to enter their contests (Hello, Ultimate Recipe Showdown...), but I'm never brave enough!

    Enter more of them!!!

  11. What a sweet essay...they are silly not to have put you I want some cookies!

  12. Nestle is probally overrated!!! Who needs there chips...haha..It was a great letter though

  13. you are absolutely right--your mom's cookies are the BEST ever--I have had them many many times and there is none like them....sounds like a famous hymn..I wish I had a couple of your mom's cookies right now to go with my coffee...and her friendship tops it all off..
    Whitney-you are a WINNER in our eyes!!!
    Should we all write Nestle?

  14. Your essay is so sweet! You should have won! Now, I am craving cc cookies. They are the one thing that I can never resist. I love them. Your cc cookies are yummy, now you have me wanting to taste your mom's!

  15. YUMMMIE. this makes me want to eat cookies. I want to be a better mom is AWESOME...I want to make something right now..maybe we could open a bakery??

  16. What a sweet tribute to your mama! I can't believe that you didn't win with that!

  17. MMM I love me some cookies!!!

  18. You totally should have won!! It would be so fun to do a bakeoff, tell us when you get picked to be in one, we'll all cheer you on!!! :)

  19. You are an incredible writer... while reading your essaY I felt like i was walking into your moms house with you and smelling her homemade cookies... man I need one right now:)

  20. This was a great essay!! You are such an amazing writer!

  21. Cravin' cookies now! One of my favorites are oatmeal w/o raisins...gotta a recipe for those?

  22. My pastor always says if all you dream is little dreams than at the end of life you will think what if I dreamt a little bigger? So I say when you think you have dreamed up the biggest dreams dream a little bit bigger and that is what God wants to do for you!

    I am in total support of you my friend I know that it will happen one day!


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