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25th Week Observations

1. When you're home from work for 2 days due to a nasty head cold, the only thing that helps is a half a pan of brownies for lunch and countless episodes of Full House.

2. Yes, I said a half a pan of brownies for lunch.

3. My stomach is round. Very round and big. It is becoming very heavy and my back - whew, my back is killing me. It is near impossible to bend over without screaming. Poor Husby has to pick up everything that I drop. And I drop a lot of things.

4. Little Levi is 13.5 inches. That is the size of Husby's foot! It's like having Husby's foot crammed in my tummy! I find myself staring at his feet sometimes thinking about how strange it is that Levi is really that big. Compared to a fruit, he is the size of an eggplant!

(Yes, I forced Husby into this picture. I had to give you guys a visual! Hehe...He was not thrilled.)

5. Levi moves a LOT. I thought he moved a lot in past weeks. I had no idea. He is a mover and a shaker, that little boy. I am feeling him in areas I've never felt him before and sometimes he tickles me. It's the strangest feeling.

6. My cravings are becoming more intense than past weeks. Take for instance, the brownies. I had to have them or I was going to die. There is still half a pan left and I could easily go into the kitchen and polish them off. But I'm trying to abstain. And I've needed Ruffles and French Onion Dip for two days straight now. I've yet to get any. Oh, and Diet Cokes with fresh lime from Sonic - my lifeline.

7. I do not have the black line, but I dream several times a week that I wake up and have it. My belly button is still safe and sound and it should be. And zero stretch marks to date. My fingers will remain crossed until June 18. Feel free to cross yours too.

8. June is in 3 months. Oh. My. Word. Ready or not....!!!

9. I decided how I want to paint the nursery - Husby and my in-laws are going to do the honors. I am still waiting on the crib to make it's way to my hacienda. I can't WAIT to get it all set up and ready to go. I will not feel ready for baby until his room is finished.

10. Is it weird to panic about my house being clean when I go into labor? Well....I am panicking about it. What if it's a mess and then I am super embarrassed when people come over post baby? It's impossible to work 40 hours a week and keep an immaculate house. Impossible.

11. You would think it would be less and less weird the longer that I am pregs to think that there is a HUMAN LITTLE PERSON inside of me. It is not. I think it gets more and more weird. Probably because he kicks a lot and my stomach looks more alien-ish every day.

12. This week, Levi is getting fat. That's what the website tells me, anyway. I hope he is very, very chubby because chubby babies are my favorite kind. Eat up on those brownies, baby boy - I want you FAT!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Haha, this is hilarious! I wish I had an excuse to eat half a pan of brownies. Best wishes for a clean house, healthy mommy, safe delivery, and healthy/fat baby!

  2. Good to know I am not the only person that thinks about my house being clean after having a baby! haha I totally understand you there.

    And thanks, I think I need to go bake some brownies - mmm - sadly though, I am not preggers so I cannot use that as a reason for eating a pan of them!

  3. Ha! I'm not even pregnant and I constantly crave brownies and chips with french onion dip! I just bought some yesterday actually.

    I can't wait to see the nursery!

  4. Another perk to being pregnant? You can decorate and OTHER people get to do the work! Yeah! I craved Whoppers with cheese from Burger King when I was pregnant with Katie.

  5. I used the belly band thing from Motherhood Maternity which helped some, but didn't quite do the trick. Going to the chiropractor actually did wonders. My back hurt a little, but mostly I was so immobile - like my back was locked up. One adjustment made moving and shaking so much easier. Just a thought. Hope your back is feeling better soon!

    And I didn't get (big!) stretchmarks on my tummy until about THREE DAYS after my due date. Thanks, Kid. Had to hang out there a little longer, huh? Well worth it, though.

  6. Don't worry so much about the black line or the belly button thing...they both go away after baby is born.

    And it's TOTALLY normal to become a clean freak in your last trimester. I nested for 3 solid months with both of my girls.

    You are adorable, by the way! I LOVE reading your blog!

  7. Oh, my! What a sweet blog you have. Congrats for your baby! :)

  8. I have always found it amazing when I actually hear the baby cry. No matter how much I "know" there is a baby in there, I am still shocked when one actually arrives!

    I saw that your shower is coming up soon, too. Of all the highlights of pregnancy, that is in the top 3 for me. Especially the first one, where it's presents galore!

  9. I could easily down a half pan of brownies and I am not even pregnant! Pathetic, right?! :)

  10. Thats cute he is a mover and shaker..maybe he will be a good ..or at least cute little dancer! Girl, eat want you deserve it. I can come clean your house after baby if you have the urge!! haha. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!!

  11. You are too funny! My excuse for the 1/2 pan of brownies is way worse than yours! All I wanted when I was pregs with Cassie was foot long hot dogs...not regular..just foot long. They taste different for some reason!

    Good luck on having a clean house...but maybe you'll get that nesting instinct right before you go into labor!


  12. I worry about the black line and my belly button really scares me. Every morning I hesitate to take off my pj's because I'm afraid it has finally magically appeared! I gave in and bought my first pair of maternity dress pants much better than having to worry about your unbuttoned/unzipped pants being exposed!!

  13. this was too funny!! :) i worry about my house being clean too when i go into labor-oh me!!

    i bet Levi loved those brownies :)

  14. I craved Chick-fil-A chocolate shakes. It IS the strangest feeling ... not like, "Oh, I want a shake", but more like "IF I DON'T GET A SHAKE THEN SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE". Crazy, isn't it!

    I will send good vibes your way, hoping you don't get stretch marks. I carried low and jutted out pretty far, so I was destined to get them. And since a lot of the weight was water weight, it came off quickly and didn't give my stomach a chance to catch up, which didn't exactly help, either. Pregnancy does nutsy things to your body! Are you guys going to a birthing class? If you are, and if they have the empathy belly, make D wear it!! It is HILARIOUS. Then you get to watch HIM waddle and try to pick stuff up off the floor! :)

  15. I hope you get those Ruffles and French Onion Dip!!

    OK, so, I'm clearly a loser, you're due June 18th??? That's my anniversary! What a great day for Levi to be born :)

  16. Levi is a long one! I bet he'll be tall, just like D. I bet D has the same opinion of you and your new camera that Brian has of me and my new camera. He doesn't even raise a brow anymore when he wakes up to a flash in his eyes. He's used to it. Hmmm, college days. Don't miss 'em. miss you, but not them. That place never quite felt like home to me.

  17. Chubby babies are the best.

    You never told me what kind of camera you have.

    Amelia tickles me, too. It's the weirdest feeling. I love when I feel her move but sometimes she hits a spot that is somewhere between a tickle and a very unpleasant feeling. She also really enjoys using my bladder as a punching bag - especially when it's full.

    We haven't ordered Amelia's furniture yet. I want to do it soon, though. And I'm with you on the clean house, although my mom and sisters already promised to come up while I'm in the hospital and scrub my house spotless. Oh I can't wait. Even then I will feel like I need to have it spotless before they get there.

  18. Hey! I'm an L & D nurse of many, many years, and I don't recall ever seeing the 'black line' (linea negra) on a person with fair skin. I doubt you have anything to worry about!

  19. I say eat up on the pans of brownies while you can!! Its all for a good cause - a fat baby!! :-)
    June will be here before you know it!!!

  20. My cravings are getting stronger, too! And I used to crave fruit and milk, now I want chocolate. And lots of it. Yesterday I bought a chocolate chip cookie from a bakery and then walked straight over to a vending machine and bought a Twix bar! I went back to my office and ate both of them! Oh my gosh! What's happening to me?!?!

  21. No stretch marks? Cross my fingers?

    I'll do no such thing! HA! If I have them so should everyone else. So there.


    (for the record, mine didn't start showing up until I was 2 1/2 months from my due date, but when they did, they multiplied like bunnies)

  22. You had a half a pan of brownies this week and I had a half a pan of rice krispy treats! They were delish! I'm so nervous to go to the doc tomorrow and weigh in! yikes!

  23. Man, I remember going through a lot of what you are going through. Enjoy it. I miss it. And yes, I was so worried about my house being clean. I know people said, don't worry, blah blah blah, but everyone checks out the cleanliness of your house! A couple weeks before I was due, I would make sure the house was spotless every second of the day!

  24. ahh the lays and french onion dip sounds really really good right now:) yummy!! I cant wait to see lil guy!

  25. The BIGGEST help to me was dear friends helping me clean my house - Because for me, nesting came when I was HUGE & although I did haul a dresser from one side of the house to the other, I wouldn't recommend it. & the other thing, was getting everything organized, I HAD TO have everything cleaned out - that meant closets, laundry room, etc. Gearing up like you're going to have a garage sale, then I just put all the unnecessary stuff in storage above the carport.
    The other huge help, were the meals people prepared & having the freezer stocked with already cooked meals we just thawed out & heated up. Because being a SAHM - You probably aren't going to be super mom until a few months into it. At least for me anyway - I'm just now getting to cook REAL meals now that Alex is adjusted to a semi-routine.

    I want a brownie now BTW...

  26. Oh! & I forgot - stretch marks...Mike asked me one time if mine hurt - men... I did everything right in that area & still got them. I'm just hoping & praying they fade with the sun, HAHA! Ahem...Good luck!

  27. You're crackin' me up!!!! Casey & I ate a ton of Ruffles with french onion dip last week. I just HAD to have them. Then, you know how we talked and talked about those brownies. You & I both got them (I baked 2 pans yesterday for the students and kept some for myself), but poor Casey is still brownie-less.

    Oh, and don't worry about the house when you go into labor. If I have to, I will come and clean like a mad woman when the time comes!

  28. Girl I am so proud of you for eating brownies and cravin chips n dip...although I am not pregnant, it is like our similar diets bring us together ;)

    I can't wait to see your chunky little monkey in 3 months!

  29. Um, I could eat half a pan of brownies and I am not preggers. Can you imagine what will happen when I am?? haha! The best part about being a new mom is that no one expects your house to be clean. When I would go visit my cousin right after she had her baby. I would wash bottles and make her sit and talk to me.

  30. Aren't cravings soo funny! I understood my cheeseburger cravings, iron; cheese cravings calcium? :) but I don't understand why I have to have sweets! haha! But same thing, have to have them! Have to! Levi being the size of Hubby foot totally cracked me up, that is so funny to think of it like that, ha! So cute, you are going to have so much fun when he's born! I can't believe how fast June is coming either!!

  31. Chubby babies are so cute!!!

    I think my biggest worry before giving birth was making sure my legs were shaved...I would have been so embarassed if my legs were hairy.

    PS: Eat's a perk for being pregnant. :)

  32. Your post just made me so hungry..I second everyone else..I can polish off a pan a brownies and some ruffles and french onion dip, and i'm not pregnant.
    I hope little Levi comes out a healthy chubber for you! :)

  33. You are too funny girl! I love that you took a pic of your husband's foot! Levi is getting so big!

    Mmmmm, did you say brownies?

  34. Good luck on the stretchmarks and belly button. I am at 36 weeks and have avoided stretchmarks and my belly button is still not popped and I so hope it stays in.

    I have been rubbing baby oil on my belly when I am in the shower, have no idea if it sorks or not but since I have no stretch marks I will continue to do it.

  35. This is so exciting that you are experiencing this-I got to tell you, it only gets better-when you see his little face, and smell his baby spell-you will think everything was so worth it.
    My house also had to be clean-and my toes never looked so good!

  36. #10: It is not weird to want your house clean. Actually when I was in the hospital my mom came back to my house and cleaned it for me. It was WONDERFUL! I am pretty sure my house has never been that clean before or since!! Maybe you can talk husby into hiring a cleaning company to come once you go in to labor!! Good luck!


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