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Preggy Q's.

Whew, this week is an action packed one! There are things scheduled most every night so I’ll be one busy little bee. Or maybe I should say big bee. I’ll try to post about some of the fun things we have planned and include some pictures.

But today – let’s talk about diaper bags.

I have a dilemma.

I am pregnant with a boy, and I am a girl. I like frilly and feminine things. I like very girly things. I love, with a burning passion within me, purses and bags.

When choosing a diaper bag, am I supposed to go with something that reflects me or Levi? Do I have to carry around a boyish bag because he is a boy? Or can I carry a semi-feminine one? I am confused.

Help, please.

And while we’re on the topic of questions, here’s another one for ya.

What on earth do I bring to the hospital with me? What do I pack in my “going to the hospital to do the scariest thing in my life” bag? I know its still 19 weeks away, but still – I need to be prepared. Both mentally and physically.

I honestly have no idea what to bring!!

You guys have the best advice.

And for the record, your comments on hair and makeup absolutely killed me. Hilarious. And please know that NOW not only am I paranoid about looking presentable while pushing that baby outta me, but I am also terrified that my legs will not be freshly shaven and toes not painted. Thanks a lot, ladies. You totally added to my paranoia.

Okay, now go forth and give me the wonderful solutions to all of my problems. I'm here to listen. :)

And be aware that this is not the last you will hear of my little questions. I'm full of em.
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  1. I am all about petunia picklebottom bags. Here

    They have lots of great patterns to choose from. An investment, but the bag you wont let out of your sight for the next couple of years.

    On the hospital bag, I will mention the useful things that most people wont tell you or forget.

    *Change for the machines. This includes your snacks and phone calls as many hospitals wont let you use your mobile.

    *Scratch Mittens. You wont believe how quick they can scratch themselves, and then the first baby pics have horrible red scratch marks everywhere.

    *Battery chargers. Just in case you are in longer than the minimum time.

    *If you aren't into videotape, try audiotape. Its something very personal and you will enjoy later.

    *Socks. Hospital wards are cold.
    or slip on houseshoes. slip on. :)

    *Dressing gown. Those hospital backless robes are no fun!

    *Peppermint Cordial. Very effective for trapped wind and afterpains. Have you realized there are such things? Yeah, neither did I.

    *Lansinoh Cream if you are breastfeeding. Yes its expensive. because its good stuff.

    *Straws. Ever try drinking water while lying down...let alone while in labour? Must have

    *Mini radio. Because theres only so much silence and ''other labour noise'' a mum can handle.

    *Pack your bag at around 28 weeks. Keep in where you and husby knows. Just in case. It was my worst nightmare having to go in early and come home in a fancy dress and tennis shoes.. because thats all he could find.....

    *Comfy go home clothes. Like yoga pants and sweatshirt. I know everyone dreams of wearing their old jeans home, but really its you getting discharged, then into the car, then home. No one sees you.

    *Invest in one of those carseat back mirrors if you like me are paranoid and must be able to see babe at all times while in the car.
    Backwards facing carseats are more safe, but do nothing for the shattered nerves of a new mum.

    *Have a second back up bag packed and in the trunk of the car. Just in case you have a csection and are in for a day or two. As you know what you want, and dont want to have to rely on husby getting it right.

    * you favourite face wipes. Not for the morning after, but the during part. Its sweaty work, and I found these invaluable to make me feel a bit more human during the hard work.

    *chapstick. Youd be surprised how dry your lips get huffing away.

    *Granny panties. yeah, its just easier to, and its not going to break your heart to throw them away. Also helpful if you have a csection.

    *Tissues. Kleenex balsam are always good. You will have a million uses for these. Trust a mum in the know.

    *Boppy, more useful than you will know.

    *Electric breast pump, if you are breastfeeding.

    Those are my top

  2. First, I saw your bog address on NieNie,it looked intersting, so I read it tonight--AAHHH! I am going to give you my two cents worth! Congratulations on your impending son! I just had one 5 months ago! I wanted a girl, but I am here to tell you that your son will be the love of your life! I was a working girl all through my 20's and into my 30's, but at 35 I am now a stay at home mom, and how I feel about that is different every day, but ultimately I love being with my son. Now, the advice, or rather, what I did: Took to the hospital a camera and a book, they provided everything else (sexy gown, huge menstrual pads, etc.) You won't need a lot of things, because you will be too tired, or busy with baby and paperwork to think about anything else. I DID trim nether-hair and shave legs and paint toe-nails. Why? My own vanity. No one else cared. Mostly, don't get too over-concerned with details, just enjoy the moments, or at least think about them, because some of them aren't enjoyable, but they do end up being memorable! And have a sense of humor! And concerning diaper bags, well, I have a cute and cheap one from target--the camoflage bag, but I have found that all of my larger handbags work just as well, you really only need some diapers, wipes, a small tube of diaper cream, an extra onesie, and an extra bottle (unless you are breastfeeding....) so I have just been using my handbags.....easy! When my son was 1.5 onths old, my husband, myself, and my son drove from Idaho to Anchorage AK, through the Yukon territory....and all I really needed was diapers and wipes and a few small bottles of baby lotion (as far as diaper bag stuff..) so all the other stuff is...details! Good luck, and again, congrats! I love when brand new babies come into this world, and so happy they get to come to parents like you!

  3. First, I saw your bog address on NieNie,it looked intersting, so I read it tonight--AAHHH! I am going to give you my two cents worth! Congratulations on your impending son! I just had one 5 months ago! I wanted a girl, but I am here to tell you that your son will be the love of your life! I was a working girl all through my 20's and into my 30's, but at 35 I am now a stay at home mom, and how I feel about that is different every day, but ultimately I love being with my son. Now, the advice, or rather, what I did: Took to the hospital a camera and a book, they provided everything else (sexy gown, huge menstrual pads, etc.) You won't need a lot of things, because you will be too tired, or busy with baby and paperwork to think about anything else. I DID trim nether-hair and shave legs and paint toe-nails. Why? My own vanity. No one else cared. Mostly, don't get too over-concerned with details, just enjoy the moments, or at least think about them, because some of them aren't enjoyable, but they do end up being memorable! And have a sense of humor! And concerning diaper bags, well, I have a cute and cheap one from target--the camoflage bag, but I have found that all of my larger handbags work just as well, you really only need some diapers, wipes, a small tube of diaper cream, an extra onesie, and an extra bottle (unless you are breastfeeding....) so I have just been using my handbags.....easy! When my son was 1.5 onths old, my husband, myself, and my son drove from Idaho to Anchorage AK, through the Yukon territory....and all I really needed was diapers and wipes and a few small bottles of baby lotion (as far as diaper bag stuff..) so all the other stuff is...details! Good luck, and again, congrats! I love when brand new babies come into this world, and so happy they get to come to parents like you!

  4. The hospital bag for my daughter's birth was well-used, so I'll probably pack most of the same stuff for this 18 weeks!
    -my make-up bag, chap stick, lip gloss, hairbrush, headband, shampoo, bodywash, body spray,lotion, robe & matching gown, bedroom slippers, socks, 1 outfit for going home, panties, pads,small notepad for writing down things,list of important phone numbers
    It didn't seem like I had all that much stuff that I didn't use, but I definitely overpacked the baby's bag! This time I'll be packing:
    -pacifier, 2 or 3 gowns, socks/booties, swaddling blanket, 1-2 extra blankets, going home outfit, a couple of hats

  5. Never thought about the diaper bag dilema - hhmmm - I always assumes if you were having a boy, you should have a boyish bag but maybe that is not the case. I mean YOU are a girl and everything so why not carry something more girly right?

    Can't wait to see what others have to say on this...

  6. I don't about bags, but I think that it could definitely be semi-feminine. And I have no advice on what to bring to the hospital.

  7. i have the what to expect when you're expecting journal and it has a checklist in the back of hwat to bring to the hospital. i think i'm just going to use that. :)

    as for the diaper bag... i purchased my kate spade diaper bag on sale before i knew i was having a boy. i wanted that bag because it was MY style and not really baby style. does that make sense? it's black and white and sleek and i can use it as a purse. i think it will be great for a boy and for my future girl. :)

  8. I think that a diaper bag should be something that you like and enjoy carrying, meaning it's something that reflects your personality. Levi isn't going to care what you are carrying- I mean, he'll be taking all the attention anyways, so who cares what you've got for a diaper bag!?

  9. I wasn't going to find out the gender of our baby so I went for a neutral baby bag and bought a red and chocolate brown striped Kate Spade. Even now that we know we are having a girl I am happy with my bag choice. It's looks like a nice purse and it's very classic. Look for a Kate Spade outlet though or you will pay through the nose. I got mine in FL for about 75% off. Happy shopping!

  10. My mom always carried a gender neutral diaper bag. She had 5 kids, and we're of both sexes so it was a good choice.

    I LOVE the Kate Spade bags. They are on sale at the outlets right now.

  11. My sister-in-law just had a baby boy and she bought the CUTEST blue and brown diaper bag! It screams cuteness but doesn't make you feel like you are confusing the sex of your baby. Unfortunately, I can't help you out on the second question- haven't started a family yet! Good luck!!!

  12. This might be a shocker- but I have had several diaper bags and barely used them. I just buy big, cute purses and stick a little bag inside, or just a diaper and a little package of wipes. I also try to keep a little onesie or something on hand or in the car in case of blow-outs. I never used bottles, though, so that may not be practical for everyone. I did have a diaper bag that I used as a purse and really liked it. I think it is still at Babies R Us, it says Baby Sac on it and has several pockets. It was only $10 when I bought it.

    Also, I never got around to commenting on the makeup post, but I did not wear makeup with my first 2 babies and I HATE those pictures. I wore pretty silk button down pajamas with the 3rd and lots of make-up, and those pictures are much more tolerable. I always try to get a cute bag, too (usually from Target!) As far as what to pack- nursing bras, make-up, shower essentials, nursing pads, comfy slippers, cute outfits for the baby, and a nail file in case his nails are long (or clippers, just ask someone to show you how.) Sorry so long, this is one of my favorite topics!

  13. as far as diaper bags go, mine is a navy and tan kate spade. my baby is a boy, but i don't feel like the bag is overly masculine.

    i had a c-section b/c of preeclampsia, so i recommend taking really soft clothes -- like yoga pants or something for after delivery. also, i used lotion -- hormones made me itchy, and hair ties. Chapstick, too. I think the air in hospitals is so dry, and if you have sensitive skin at all, it will start to bug you. Make sure you pack some onesies and blankies for the baby -- he can use them in the nursery if you ask them to put them on him. Also, make sure you pack a couple of going home outfits, socks, and hats. My son peed all over himself right after we dressed him, so he had to wear an alternate outfit home :) Don't forget your i-pod and your camera, and maybe a magazine or two. Believe it or not, you will have a little bit of downtime. If you are nursing, make sure to have lansinoh, nursing pads, and nursing bras. good luck!

  14. I vote for a big purse you love and use some inserts to keep everything organized. I also think a clip-on tag of some sort with Levi's name is a must for the church nursery. As for packing for the hospital: a comfy gown or jammies, socks, chapstick, hand mirror, makeup, panties (yes the granny ones-you will need them), a book is a must for me, camera, batteries, change, phone numbers, snacks for hubby, cute outfit for Levi to wear home, blanket for Levi, comfortable clothes for you to wear home, houseshoes in case you don't feel like wearing shoea, hair products, body cream or lotion. I think those are the essentials.

  15. Love the questions! For Caleb, I use my purse as his diaper bag, BUT, when he goes to the church nursery or out with his grandparents, I have a smaller backup bag that I always keep packed. It is an outdoorsy Marmot bag that I used in college and it looks more boyish. :) As far as the hospital ... oh man!

    Here it goes:
    -Pads of your choice (you will need them, the hospital pads are canoes)
    -Nursing pads (in case your milk comes in)
    -Nursing bra
    -Comfy clothes (I wore a spaghetti strap tank top and sweats. That way, when it came time to nurse, I could just pull the straps down. I also kept a zip-up hoodie by the bed so I could toss it on in case we had company)
    -iPod and iPod player for when you are in labor (we used Jack Johnson. :))
    ...there's a lot more I can think of, but those are the main things that come to mind. Also, take AS MUCH OF THE FREE STUFF as you can from the hospital--you're paying for it! They will wheel a little bassinet into your room (with your baby) and usually the drawers are stocked with diapers, and stuff. Take all of it--it's for you! Also, if you are having Levi circumcised, get Vaseline that you can squeeze out of a tube, not one that you have to dip your hand into (you can find the squeeze tubes in the baby shampoo aisle at Target). TAKE THE FREE STUFF! LOTS OF IT!! :)

  16. I think you can carry whatever bag you want....well almost, as long as there is no jewels, flowers or lace trimming the bag. They do make cute boy bags however in chocolate brown and blue in neat designs! You will know when you find the right one!

  17. I never got around to answering your question about the makeup/etc. I went into labor in the middle of the night, hopped in the shower, and then did my makeup. By the time I actually HAD my baby, you couldn't tell I had makeup on. Oh well. I was going to tell you about Petunia Picklebottom because, just from reading your blog, it seems like you would love her bags. But someone beat me to it! :) My thought is - if you want a frilly feminine bag, get one! I'm sure your hubby will want one that's a little less inconspicuous, so get a more basic one for when he's out by himself with the baby. But yeah, DEFINITELY get yourself a girly bag!

    As for what to bring...

    *If you have papers for a baby book or something that you will want his handprints or footprints on, bring them - the nursery nurses will probably be happy to get extra prints for you.

    *Bring a manila file folder or envelope for the oodles of paperwork and documents you'll get sent home with. At least they'll all be in one place that way.

    *Bring your own fluffy robe and comfy slippers - hospital gowns and those thin slipper socks just don't do the trick.

    *Bring your own shampoos/face wash, etc. Again, the hospital ones suck, and after what you'll go through, you will love the comforts of your own yummy smelling shower stuff.

    *If you haven't considered it already, look into birth photographers in your area. The lady who did our newborn session does labor/delivery photos, but I thought that was freaky and weird. Until I saw her work - after the fact. The day I had my baby still feels like a blur, and I wish I'd have realized what real, classy birth photography is like. It doesn't show anything private - don't worry. It just chronicles your whole day and captures moments that you will not remember. It will get your baby's very first moments of life on film. I am definitely doing it next time around, and I wish someone had talked to me more about it before I had my baby. I'm sad that I don't have more pictures to help me preserve those memories.

    *Hard candy - just in case they don't let you eat anything besides ice chips.

    *In case you're in labor a long time, pack an iPod and some stuff like sudoku, books, magazines, something to keep you busy. If you know there are VCRs or DVD players, bring movies.

    *Sweats/yoga pants to go home in - don't even THINK about bringing jeans.

    *Your own favorite maxi pads. Unless you want to wear the truck sized ones the hospital gives you. Those are good for the first couple hours, but after that it's like you've got a pillow stuffed in your undies, so bring some you like from home.

    *A change of clothes for hubby - this is something we didn't think of.

    *Snacks for hubby to eat while you're in labor.

    *And the obvious - a camera, and videocamera if you want.

    I had my bag ready to go by 36 weeks. On top of it I had a list of last-minute things to throw in there like toothbrush, etc., so when the time came I knew exactly what I needed.

  18. I would say somewhere in the middle for diaper you don't mind carrying, but one that tell the world this bag goes to Levi and Leviette.

    They have some neutral ones.

    For what to bring:

    socks/slippers for you
    comfy robe/nightgown
    outfit for Levi
    comfy outfit for you
    some tunes
    diaper bag (you usually get diapers from the hospital)
    car seat
    people to call list
    pump if you are using one, so the lactation specialist can help you set it up and use it
    Boppy pillow

    Just some suggestions...

  19. The first thing in my bag was the camera and the charger seeing that we took hundreds of photos in the first few days. I packed my own gown and clothes that I new I would wear. Nothing was more depressing to me than laying around in those old hospital gowns.

    As for the bag I had my friend custom make a bag for my son but it was still like a big purse and I loved it. So even though it had boy patterns I still had a little bit of the girly touch.

    Have a great day

  20. Sorry; I meant

    and not Leviette!

  21. I like the idea of the bag being your style. Little Levi won't even notice what it looks like! By the time he would talk about the bag, you won't even be using it anymore :) That's all I got though! xoxo

  22. I feel you, sister! Purses and bags are some of my favorite things in the world. But I am also pregnant with a boy. And I have a husband who insists that he will not carry anything that might "compromise his masculinity..." Whatever.

    Here is the bag I decided on. Its at Target. I love it, but I'm still torn. Wouldn't it be cuter in brown toile??? :)

  23. The first comment seems to have thought of everything you need! I cannot be much help in this area! The birth photographer someone mentioned was a great idea I think! That way, husby can just focus on you and what is happening without trying to take pictures.

  24. Ah, the diaper bag dilemma. Part of me says well you are the one carrying the bag, but when I taught the 1 yr. olds at church about a year ago a little boy had a very girly vera bradley bag as his diaper bag. I thought it was so strange. So I say go more boyish. I love the PB kids diaper bags that they have right now. They look like really cute totes.

  25. Maybe your hubby is better about these things than mine, but I knew if I wanted him to ever help carry the blessed thing, the diaper bag better not be too pink and frilly. We got a little green and tan Classic Pooh bag that fell apart after about three weeks. The bag we ended up loving (and that even last through the the next baby) was actually an Eddie Bauer laptop/messenger bag. It was great! All those little pen and cell phone pockets were perfect for diaper cream and bottles!

    As for what to bring, you just never know. For my first I packed a cribbage board and magazines to read since I was sure I'd have so much time to kill during labor. Not so! We were done in five hours and, let me tell you, there was no card-playing invovled! Bring the baby book. It's nice to fill in some of the pages while everything is fresh in your mind (and there are an abundance of other people to help, both with the book and the baby).

  26. I think diaper bags have come a LONG way. They used to only be available in tacky cartoon patterns. Now you can get something classy because there are some great bags out there. I would vote for something more neutral - rather than have it all baby. Just my two cents. (o:

  27. I'm in the same boat you are so I don't have any advice on the diaper bag - although I just assumed I'd carry a bag that matched the gender of my baby. Plus, I want it to be neutral looking enough so that my husband will be more than willing to carry it, too.

    Here, I found this link. People have good ideas so this list isn't all-inclusive but it's what I found:

  28. The diaper bag should reflect you and the baby. So I Definately think that you can have a semi-feminine one. It doesn't have to be denim just because Levi's a boy. (he he he... that was totally unintentional). After all, you're packing it around, not him. (But I would probably avoid flowers and lace, we don't want to give the boy a complex, all of the other babies in the nursery will tease him.

  29. In regards to the diaper bag I say you pick something that you like and you won't mind carrying around with you. If you go for something pretty and non-masculine, like a black bag or creme colored, then you can have something that you like but also doesn't scream girl. Find the happy medium. There's no need for you to walk around with a baby covered in soccer balls.

  30. Wow, I said a 'baby covered in soccer balls'. That would be a site. It should have read, a BAG. :)

  31. I am also going to put it my plug for petunia pickle bottom. I *love* my bag!! My hubby keeps telling me that he thinks the twins are old enough to not need a diaper bag anymore. What does he know... I'm going to carry that thing as long as they are in diapers. They are pricey, but worth it. Make sure you get one that has the changing pad in it. You'll want it for restuarants and malls. I decided to get the bag for me. I didn't worry about getting a "boy" one. The one I picked was bright blue and brown flowers. I thought the blue was enough boy.

    I have no advice for the hospital bag. I was nothing like you. I did not plan ahead at all. I kept telling myself I needed to pack a bag, but I never got around to it. When I went into labor at 35 weeks I had nothing packed. I was so convinced I would have to have a scheduled c-section bc I was carrying multiples. Big mistake. I delivered those twins and then had to rely on family members to bring me stuff to the hospital. Good thing you are on top of it.

  32. oh, i am childless at the moment, so i have no clue! as for diaper bags??? uh, i used a kate spade diaper bag as my school bag. i am THAT OBSESSED with purses. and wallets.

    i would go with what strikes in your heart. something DURABLE but lovely. something you won't despise after two months of lugging around!!!! i say girly :)

  33. As for the diaper bag, I always carried one that I liked, one that matched my style. But I never carried one for long. I always ended up just putting a couple of diapers and a small wipey pack in a baggie, food and utensils in another, and kept them in my purse. If we still had the bottle thing going, and were going to be gone for a while, I'd bring one of those insulated bottle bags, too. I really hated carrying diaper bags, but they are getting better looking and more compact than they were when my kids were babies.

  34. I say carry whatever bag you like best. He is not going to know what his diapers come in just as long as he gets a new one on every once in awhile. :) I carried a diaper bag while Chloe still needed lots of paraphernalia and then switched to a big purse for both of us to share and a "junior" sized pink Jansport to church later on.

    As far as things for the hospital:
    -robe (this one was especially invaluable to me when having to get up and walk the day after the c-section.
    -clothes for Levi (I would take 1 preemie and 1 newborn or 0-3 month outfit just in case he's small). Even though Chloe weighed 9 pounds, the weigh she was still all in the fetal position made her newborn clothes swim on her in the hospital.

    I wouldn't try to pack the whole house. You'll only be there a couple of days and you will leave the hospital with MUCH more than you got there with!

  35. I have three children, all teenagers now. When the first was a baby I had a huge (almost like a suitcase) diaper bag that I left in the car and carried a small one with me. I don't think I ever needed everthing I had packed in the huge bag, but seriously, that kid could have left the country for a three week vacation at a moment's notice. The bag was smaller for child number two and by the time child number three came I was down to a few diapers and wipes stuffed into my purse. As to if the bag should be more masculine or feminine? Just remember that your husband will probably be carrying the bag when you are all out together. Blessing to your expanding family!

  36. ok, i am going to go ahead and say it - this is going to be the most useful advice on this topic that you get - hehe. no, but seriously, these two websites are perfect. I got my diaper bag here and my hospital gown. Both very girl, and stylish. You will make a statement everywhere you go with these diaper bags. I get asked a million times a day here I got mine. And you won't regret purchasing these stylish hospital gowns. They are truly fab. Here are the sites - - hospital gowns - diaper bags.
    Good luck girl!

  37. Hmmm. I've always thought that the bag is supposed to be a reflection of the baby. I dunno, though. I've got no advice for this one!

  38. I was about to say petunia picklebottom too! all my friends have the bags... In tulsa they carry the bags at TA lorton.. at utica square.. they have they cutest brown and blue one... you need it:) its soo presh!! Also, carry them at Peek a boo baby on 71st and lewis and goo goo ga ga on brookside:) Happy diaper bag shopping.. I saw go for what you like:) Levi will love whatever you love:) Ur his momma!!!
    I am anxious to see what people tell you to bring in your hospital bag.. because I have no idea;)

  39. I agree with the comments that you might want something that reflects both you and the baby, but take into consideration what your husband will be willing to carry too. Mine was always stuck carrying my bags and I just used cute but neutral bags, even with the girls.

    Girl, I think you are covered in the list department for the most part.

    Here are a few suggestions though:

    Take more than one gown/change of clothes... take several. I went through a few and ended up having to send my mom home for more.

    Consider getting those little nightgown onsies (seems girly, but WAY easier to change the diapers), Baby t shirts (again, diapers) and TWO cute outfits to take him home in. Two, because the first always got puked on/peed on. He is a boy... therefore he will spray.

    Little hats (the hospital will have some, but I liked to have extras.)

    And take your whole bathroom. Nothing feels better than taking a shower after having a baby and feeling semi normal and pretty.

    Also, I wanted to suggest something for the umbilical cord. When I had my first at home my midwife told me to use golden seal powder (available at natural stores) on the stump. I just dusted it on with a q tip several times a day. (Watch out though... it stains.) It has natural antiseptic and works like NOTHING I have ever seen before on umbilical stumps. I informed my doctors before hand with my second and third child that I would be using it, and after explaining it they consented. It was a bit messy, but it dried it out quickly with no infection and fell off as early as 3 days and as late as 1 week with my kids. Which is huge because I worried like crazy about hurting them there with the diaper and as soon as it fell off it wasn't as tricky to diaper them. Just a suggestion. I tell all Mommy's about that and they have all thanked me after trying it. It really does work wonders!

    (sorry for the small book!)

  40. Let's see... for the diaper bag, I think you can go as fancy as you want! Just because Levi is a boy, it doesn't matter... we went with the Pottery Barn Kids diaper bag and had our last name embroidered on it, but I wanted a more neutral bag so 1) William would carry it and 2) we could use it for more than 1 child. I like this bag- it holds a lot, comes with a changing pad, and has magnetic closures!

    As far as the suitcase goes, I was a minimalist: socks, underwear, some comfortable PJs/sweats to wear in the hospital and one set to wear home, slippers, clothes for Avery to wear home and for her hospital picture, chapstick, toiletries (toothpaste/brush, shampoo, deodorant, etc), a blanket for her, mittens for her hands, a Boppy pillow, nursing bras and a pump, then the cameras, and my laptop to kill time while in labor :)

    The hospital provided all the stuff I NEEDED, so I only had to pack for comfort... The hospital had: large undies for those first few days, hospital gown and robe, large cup with a straw for water, snacks were free, diapers, wipes, etc. When you go on your hospital tour, you can ask what they have and what they don't... that helps a lot!

  41. I have no answers for you sorry. But I have to say I am loving all the questions - I'm sure I will have the same ones when I am preggo. I need to print out all of your blog posts and comments for future use!

  42. You have to carry the bag, so you should pick one that you like. I have a boy, and my bag is not boyish. It's mostly neutral, and slightly girly. I got a Gucci diaper bag that just looks like a big purse, and I love it because I can carry it past the stage where he needs me to have a diaper bag, you know? Sure, Petunia Picklebottoms, Skip Hops, and JJ Coles are cute, but I'm not a "cute" bag kinda girl.

    As for the hospital, I packed so much stuff, but what I actually used?

    Lotion, chapstick, hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair ties, face wash, q-tips, magazines or something to read, a pen!!!, camera, laptop, baby's photo outfit, baby's going home outfit, blanket for going home, going home outfit for ME. Make sure to take something that will not bother you just in case of a c-section. Oh, and shoes you can slip on and off that aren't too slippery on the bottom for walking around.

  43. Okay, seriously, your blog has been the best for me because I don't have to even ask these questions myself... you have all the bases covered before I even THINK of asking them. Thank you!

    p.s. And, you are hilarious.

    p.p.s. About your previous post. My grandma used to make my cousins and I memorize bible verses when we were little. But, she would only let us sing them... I wish we could have rapped them!

  44. I say don't carry the diaper bag....have your husband! I have a little girl and my husband carries a Diaper Dude Cammo bag. Otherwise do what I do, and I noticed what Caleb's mom Katie does-carry a purse as a diaper bag. It works.

    If you want to spend the money there are tons out there...but, I have noticed that the more basic-and minimalist-the better.

    A must, for me, in the hospital:
    my own pillow
    nursing tanktops (Target)
    yoga pants
    comfy slip on shoes/slippers
    comfy undies
    pads. A LOT of 'em.

    God bless
    PS-the second you have him out and can start eating, eat fiber. I don't care how you do it...F-I-B-E-R. I personally hated the stool softeners...and you need, need, need the extra fiber.

  45. First things first - you better make sure those legs are shaved and the piggies are freshly painted when the time comes :-)

    I have a boy and a girl. I had the same issue you are having. For the first year or so, when I had to carry a lot of things for both of them, I used whatever tickled my fancy. Now that they are a year and a half and three, I can carry a purse again the they both have something geared for them.

    As for the hospital, clothes for you, comfy ones. Tank tops were nice. Nursing bras/tops if you are breast feeding. Nursing Pads and Lansinoh Cream if you are breast feeding (lots of the cream!). Chapstick. Pony tail holder. Blow dryer. Curling iron. Body Lotion. Several pairs of socks and a pair of slippers for you. And of course your make up/hair essentials. And this may be gross, but I would take some granny panties, in case you have to wear pads for any reason. The lovely mesh panties they give you are so not cool or comfy.

    As for baby Levi - onesies, socks, hats, going home outfit, diapers (the hospital will provide you with diapers and wipes while you are there, but it is good to have some for the ride home), blanket, and pacifier (if you are going to give him one). Oh and boppy if you are going to use one.

    I had my laptop there which was nice. If you take a camera or camcorder, bring chargers and extra batteries. iPod and charger. List of people to call. Car seat.

    this is all I can think of for now.

  46. Hmmm, I bet you could find a bag that fulfills both the girly side of you but incorporates Levi as well. I've seen some really cute brown diaper bags with light pink designs or light blue. They are adorable and work for both boy or girl!

    Well, since you're now paranoid about your legs and toes, I'd make sure you back your razor and polish!

  47. I had a million diaper bags-they are like purses-get one you like, because you will just be using that rather than a purse for the next few years-get a cute wallet to stuff in your diaper bag. My fav. "new mom" diaper bag-coach...roomy, and designer...
    As the baby gets bigger, the diaper bags get smaller, at least for me. Then I got a bag for him. with the boys's name on them.
    Hospital-cute nursing gowns with matching baby gowns...that's what I lived in for it felt like a year...

  48. When we purchased a diaper bag I wanted a frilly girly one, but husband...he said that if was going to have to carry said bag that it better be one that doesn't harm his fragile masculine side. So...we compromised and bought a monogramed navy blue bag for my said male offspring...Now that my baby years are behind me. I was the one who always carried the diaper bag or it was hanging from my stroller or on MY back. If I was to do it all over again, I would have bought exactly what I wanted which was a frilly little backpack...back then Brighton also had a really cute diaper bag that I like. The thing is, you might be doing this scary event over and over again for many years to come, so this won't be your only opportunity to buy a diaper bag, you just might need a new one for every new baby...just a thought....

    Hospital bag.well, don't be like me and wait until the last week the baby is due to pack a bag and then the baby comes early and you don't have a bag to take to the hospital with you. The second time around I got it right. I packed one bag for me and then I packed the diaper bag for the baby. For me, I just made sure I had my nursing gown, and robe and one change of clothes to go home in. I packed the grooming essentials, like hair brush, make up, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.

    For the baby I packed gowns, going home outfit, stuffed animal, binky, blanket, burp cloth. I didn't worry too much about diapers because the hospital usually has those and enough for you to take a few home.

    Really, the more simple that you make it the easier it will be on you when you get there. Oh, and don't forget the most important thing in the whole world, your own pillow. I learned to much the first time around that by the time number 2 came I had it down good.

    Blessings to you and happy packing.


  49. I didn't read all the responses so I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this, but definitely take your own pillow. The hospital ones are flat and not very comfy. I was so glad I took my own esp. since I ended up with a CS and stayed there 4 days. I agree with others that said bring your own pads and undies. You might want a few pairs of pj pants for afterwards. Chapstick is a must! Phone chargers and extra batteries and snacks for your husby. You won't get them, but he'll appreciate them and won't have to leave your side to go find something.

  50. I work in our church nursery, and this is what I see for the boys:black w/black & white toile,
    blue toile, solid black, blue & green toile, the toile seems to be a mix between masculine & girly using boy colors if that makes sense. Jackie

  51. Get a bag that's cute & girly that LOOKS like a purse you'd carry anyway. It helps to take some of the drudgery out of public diaper changes ;-)

  52. What about something a little unisexual. I LOVE that paisely is back in, at least in the way of diaper bags. On, I found a really cute diaper bag that had a teal, brown and hot pink paisley design all over it. AND I met a girl a few months ago that just had a son and was carrying that same diaper bag. It totally wasn't weird. Here's a few cute ones I found.

    I LOVE etsy!

  53. I say get a diaper bag that reflects YOU! After all you are the one carrying it! Now don't get me wrong don't get a pink one or anything but you can get a cute blue or green or whatever color one. After all it isn't like the baby is going to be carrying it around as an accesory!

    As far as what to bring....Your favorite pillow for me was a have to have cuz their pillows are way below good to me!

  54. I loved using big purses and dropping baby stuff into it, but I did buy a rather boyish bag for hubby to carry when he had baby duty alone. I packed just like I would if I were going to be away for a couple of days and then added lots of baby stuff, but most importantly laptop to send new baby photos to family and friends and soft music for those late nights alone with baby.

  55. I bought a book called The Everything Pregnancy Book. It had a ton of great information for every month of your pregnancy, labor and delivery. It also gave a very helpful list of what you should take. The big thing is make sure you have nice big comfy socks. I got really cold and got the shakes and those things were my life savers.

    If you are breastfeeding, you shouldn't need any breast pads or anything because your milk will take a few days to come in. The first go round I packed a lot of stuff and didn't use most of it. Just take the essential things you use every day and make sure your hubby is comfortable too.

    And this is just me but nursing bras really made my back and neck hurt so I just use sports bras. I have some I bought from victoria's secret and I like them better than nursing bras. It will just be trial and error to see what you like, but it's a suggestion.

    I also had one of my friends in charge of calling all my friends. Charles and I of course called our parents and siblings. But it's nice to give someone a list and put them in charge early so you don't have to even think about it.

    Man, I wish I was blogging when I was pregnant. What great information you are getting! God Bless you!

  56. This is a pretty good list of things to take to the hospital, though I strongly disagree about not taking your own nightgown. I was really happy that I took my own gown and robe.
    I recommend reading every week of this pregnancy guide, but this one in particular should help.

  57. I think a semi-fem boy bag is fine. You'll work it no matter what it looks like. :)

    Advice on hospital...bring socks. Definitely pump even if breastfeeding. Go ahead and bring the boppy. Have some healthy snacks...the food is not that great. SLEEP as much as you possibly can...send that baby to the nursery every so often and SLEEP. Honestly, it's been two years and I still don't get enough. Bring some magazines or a book. Most importantly, ENJOY EVERY MINUTE. My advice for the next two years...ENJOY EVERY MINUTE. When Ben was a tiny baby, I was afraid that I wouldn't enjoy the toddler days as much as I enjoyed the new born days. I was so wrong. They really do get more fun and more fun.

  58. I've been reading your blog for a while now and I am a Labor and Delivery nurse, so I thought I might could help with what you should bring to the hospital! My biggest suggestion is your own pillows!! At least 2 of them! That is the biggest complaint I get from women in the hospital is that their pillows aren't the pillows that they sleep with @ home. If you use a body pillow or something, put a cover on it that you don't care about getting soiled with blood, amniotic fluid etc and bring it with you too! I wouldn't worry too much about the underwear, the peri-packs we have have throw away undies in them that are one size fits all and are actually really comfy. I wouldn't wear your own underwear until your bleeding gets under control because it will just get ruined. I would also bring a nice comfy robe that you can wear over your hospital gown when you walk around to see the baby etc so you'll still feel decent. Bring a couple of good nursing bras. Toothbrush, clothes to bring the baby home in, clothes to take pics of the baby in for announcements. Facewipes and deodarant. Sweatpants...nursing tops. Clothes to go home in for you! Your infant car seat! If you do have a c-section do not use straws!!!! (will cause much pain from gas)Don't take any meds like the peppermint cordial without asking your nurses, they will have meds for you for gas, pain and everything in between. If you do forget something don't freak out! The hospital has a lot of stuff that they will let you have, just enjoy your time with your husband and baby. Oh, and don't forget your baby book to put footprints in after the baby is born! Bring the black slick art paint with a brush and ask if the nurses can use it to footprint the baby with instead of the inkprinters. The inkprinters fade over time!

    Take a tour of the L&D unit (call before you show up) before you have to go in and ask the nurses if there is any thing specific they recommend that you bring.

    Congrats early! I know you'll have a great experience!

    Check out my blog @

  59. Petunia Pickle Bottom is the BEST!
    Also, take your own (cute) pillowcase to the hospital...It will look good in pictures...even if you feel like YOU don't!


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