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What does a 20 week pregnant lady do on her ice day?

Well, she cooks of course!

(And YES! I'm 20 weeks! Half way there! Can you believe it? I will post pictures later this week...)

My house smells fantastic right now because of this:

HOMEMADE BREAD! Be still my heart. I got a bread machine for Christmas and this was my first time to use it. My first batch was a major disaster, let's not even talk about it, so I dumped it all and started again. The results were...well....

spectacular!! Yum. I just can't even think about it without salivating. I had to restrain myself from eating the entire loaf. It is so good. And you are more than welcome to come over and have a slice.

I will slather butter all over it for you. Or jam. Or both. We had both. :)

Look at Husby spreading that butter! More, babe...more!

Why is bread so good? I just can't figure it out.

The little recipe book it came with has dozens of fabulous recipes. I can't wait to get wild and crazy and make something other than plain white. But oh, the's just classic.

The first evening of the ice storm, I made Jalapeno Chicken Enchiladas. It is a favorite in our household and the recipe came from one of my friends, Cari. She combined several recipes and adapted it until it was just right, and I must say, they're perfect.

Husby was craving my Mexican Cornbread, so I made that to go along with it. Kind of a hodge podge fiesta, but it hit the spot and warmed us through and through. Just what you need in the middle of an ice storm.

Do you want the recipe? Sure you do. Let's all thank Cari for these enchiladas!

I have to warn you. For some of the items, there are not exact measurements. It's one of those dishes that you just prepare to your taste. Ya know? But I wrote in what I did for mine

Jalepeno Chicken Enchiladas

2 cans cream of chicken

2 cups sour cream

2 jalepenos, finely chopped (With seeds left in according to your preference - I like it hot, so I keep most in)

1/2 teaspoon onion salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper (I used more than this, because I am a pepper addict)

Cooked chicken (I cut 2 large breasts into bite sized pieces and cooked in a skillet with salt, pepper and garlic powder to season)

Monterey Jack Cheese (I bought a large 1 lb block and used about 3/4 of it)

Flour tortillas (my pan made about 12)

In a large bowl combine soup, sour cream ,jalepenos, onion salt and pepper. Spread some on the bottom of a 9x13 pan

Fill each tortilla with soup mixture, chicken, cheese and then roll them up until the pan was filled. Spoon the remaining soup mix over the tortillas and cover with more cheese.

Bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes.

Yum. They are really good reheated, too. Husby and I are out of school (him) and work (me) for another day! We celebrated with some yummy stew.

Aaaaand, another slice of bread.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Yumm, sounds great. I'll have to give it a try. My honey loves all Mexican food and it sounds like these enchiladas will be a hit!

  2. You know, everyone in my family thinks I'm nuts, but I hate the smell & taste of fresh HOMEMADE bread...but The enchiladas look FANTASTIC!

  3. Ohhhh how i want to make bread now!

    Thank you for the recipe! I'm always looking for new recipes to try out on my unsuspecting victims (ie. My family). This looks very yummy!

    (And YAY for 20 weeks! It is going to fly by now!)

  4. I LOVE bread, especially home made like that - MMM!!! I think I need to get myself a bread maker!

  5. Mr B made bread this week too! Your bread & recipe look delicious.

    Saskia x

  6. Is there anything better than the smell of freshly baked bread? Probably not! Looks wonderful!

    I emailed you :)

  7. Lucky you to have another day off with your husband! The bread looks delicious and I think I might try to make some of my own this weekend... and also try the enchiladas sometime too!

  8. I want a bread maker!!! I am pretty certain that I could live off bread .... enjoy :)

  9. That looks great!!! I am going to make that some day soon. I can not wait to see more pictures of you and little Levi Lovie!!

  10. Thanks for posting the recipe!

  11. i've been licking my screen for the past 5 minutes. now i'm craving some mexican! looks delish! we make bread all the time and i think i make it mostly because it makes the house smell sooooo wonderful and homey. homemade bread is the best.

  12. Oh those enchiladas look amazing..too bad David doesn't like Mexican food--but I LOVE IT! I haven' had homemade bread in ages, but I definitely miss it.

    [love those plates!]

  13. Wow, that bread looks so good. And I am anxious to try this recipe, I have been looking for a good enchilada recipe. Thanks!

  14. YUM! I would like to come over and have bread! haha. It looks a lot like my mom's bread. I could eat the WHOLE loaf. I'm home again today. I should get my butt up and cook! happy eating! :)

  15. I bake on snow days, too!! In fact, its a snow day here and I just put blueberry muffins in the oven!!

  16. Right now I desire to be in your house eating all of your amazing food!! I could eat an entire loaf of bread myself. You can also buy bread machine kits in the baking section. I suggest the Hawaiian Bread, it's my absolute fav!!! And my dad has a pizza dough recipe for the bread machine I'll have to send you!

  17. That bread looks yummy! My mom has a bread machine and she would always make a couple of loaves. She had to--we went through them very fast! Those enchiladas are yummy! The first time I made them I got jalapeno in my eye. It was so painful. I think I will make these next week.

  18. Oh it looks soo delicious!!! And the bread...I have no clue why it's so good but I can't do the no carb diet because of it...I mean no more sandwiches? No way!

  19. Ohh, thank you for that recipe! My mom made fantastic chicken enchiladas, but, I don't know the recipe--I'll have to try this.

    Glad you were able to enjoy your ice days!! I wish I had an ice day!

  20. ohh!! YUMMY!! I might be making some of these later this week! Thanks for the recipe girl!

  21. We got a bread machine for a wedding gift and I've made a lot of loaves, but mine are crunchy on the top! Do you have a Cuisinart? Was yours crunchy? Just on the top...the inside is heaven:) - Audra

  22. Wow I am hungry just looking at thos pics. Thanks for the recipe

  23. Hmmm, yum. I could use a nice hot meal like that up here in the frigid north!
    I can't believe you are 20 weeks already. How exciting!

  24. Glad to be of service. They really are tasty, aren't they? I told Bran you made them and he informed me it was time for another batch here in our house. Looks like I'll be making them soon. Ummm...I need some of that bread. NOW!

  25. We are loving the days off together! A husband in school DOES have its benefits afterall! ;)

  26. Yum-E!!!! That bread looks D-Lish! Homemade bread is the best. Sounds like you guys are having a blast during your ice break!

  27. First of all - wow, 20 weeks already?! You are half way there!! How exciting!

    Second, I have offically called my Gramma and begged her to make me some homemade bread. Yours looked delicious.

    And Third....I can't believe you not only bake bread but still cook dinner. I'm only 12 weeks right now and I can hardly make toast. I am so darn tired all the time! you are like super preggo woman! (o:

  28. All you Okies and your ice day cooking is making me crazy! I want some of that bread!

  29. I love homemade bread. Have you ever made it without a bread machine? It's really not that hard as long as you get the right water temperature to activate the yeast and you can just bake it in the oven. I make bagels regularly, those are really easy, and they are so fun cause you can add ingredients like chocolate chips! My cousin has a bread machine and it was funny cause she used it and then the bread didn't rise - it was still yummy, just very dense. ha. I love whole wheat healthy bread! (-:

  30. That plate full of carbs looks like heaven to me!

  31. You are adorable! The enchiladas sound excellent and I think the hubs will agree!

    And those plates.... Corelle? :)

  32. I recently discovered your blog and just love it! Your positive attitude is fantastic! I've been reading your archives and when I saw this I knew my husband would love it! I was right - we had them last night and they were amazing. Thank you for sharing :)


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