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You and Husby. Yes, YOU!

Husby reads my blog almost on a daily basis.

Husby also reads YOUR comments almost on a daily basis.

Husby often talks about you, my friends, as he comments to me on your comments. It’s very funny, really. He refers to you as the name that pops up on your comment. He will say, “I laughed when I read what Jennifer wrote”, and then I’m like, “wait, which Jennifer – Simply Jennsational or Anonymous Jennifer?” He never knows which one – he just knows your name. It is hilarious.

He has nicknames for some of you. For example, “CountryGirl3031” is “Hugz Michele”. That is what he calls her. I guess because she always sweetly signs her comments, “hugz, Michele”.

He thinks some of you are just SO nice. He always compliments Megan (Wandering DC) and how kind she is. He always says the nicest things about her. He also thinks Super Tweaky Mel is super sweet as well! Well, I’m sure he thinks you are all sweet, but he often speaks of these two often.

If you are funny, he loves you automatically. I have heard him laugh out loud at some of your comments. In fact, for some of you special people, he says “Their comments are better than some of the blogs out there!” So. You people should feel very honored. Your humor has impressed the ole hubster.

He has mentioned most of you at one time or another and we often talk about how fun all of you are. I just love my bloggy community!!

Speaking of the hubster, finals week of Medical School ends TODAY (hip hip horray!) and we are going away for the weekend to celebrate. A few months ago in a golf tournament, he won a free weekend at an Embassy Suites in the city 2 hours from here, so we are going to go and Christmas shop and be together without any tests looming over his head. I hope it's bitter cold and wintery outside the whole weekend! I can hardly wait!

Have a fun filled Christmasy weekend, everyone!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Aww that is so cute!
    Have a wonderful weekend and RELAX!!

  2. Have a super weekend with the hubster Whitney!

  3. haha... you two are funny. :) And so cute!! That makes me want to comment more often!

    And I feel like I have this little bond with your husband in a weird six-degrees-of-separation kind of way because Wandering DC AND Super Tweaky Mel are both my friends IRL.

    I know, silly me. :)

    Have a WONDERFUL trip! I will hope for bitter, wintery weather for you too.

  4. How sweet is your husband! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. It's so funny your hubby has nicknames for everyone!

    Have a fantastic weekend.

    Saskia x

  6. Oh God! I wonder what your husband will say about me...

    I've been reading you for a really long time but have never left a comment because I didn't have a blogger id and I didn't want you think I was some kind of weird person...

    I'm from Portugal and I'm very curious about the lifestyles of different countries, so I read A LOT of blogs.

    I just think you and your family are soo sweet! I just hope that one day I may have something like that!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. My husband is the same way!!

    I hope you have a wonderful time!

  8. awe :) how sweet! so glad you hubby enjoys the blog and all our comments!!!

    and if you all want a good laugh today, be sure to check out my blog :)

  9. (If you come up to Michigan, I can bet you will be numbingly cold all weekend...)
    My husband reads my blog/comments occasionally-and then gets a good laugh at some of the comments.

  10. Husby needs some time off...I struggle through regular school and can't even imagine med school. Have fun and enjoy that quality time!!!!

  11. Oh, finals week. I remember the joys of that. Tell your husband to be glad that you didn't force him to do what I made MY husband do right after med school finals... we got married TWO days after his last final of the semester. Talk about stress!

  12. Well, actually, based on this post, you don't have to actually tell him to be grateful, since he'll probably read that comment. :)

  13. I love that both of our posts today are about our husbands! It just shows how extremely thrilled we are that finals are over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Good luck, Husby. Like Tova, we got married right after Doc got done with med school. I think a get away sounds a little more relaxing! LOL You two have a fabulous time!

  15. What a sweet husband to read all of your blog and the comments!! Can't wait to find out what you're having. Seems like no matter what your baby is you'll make a great mommy!

  16. Haha thats great! Luke is the same way, I think he reads my comments more than my posts!! I also love our little blog community!
    When you say going to the city I'm thinking you are coming to my town - I'm headed to your town this weekend!
    Have fun!

  17. How cute is he! I love it when my hubby reads my blog too; I wish he would comment but that would be asking too much!

    Have a great time this weekend!

  18. Oh congrats to the hubby!! Have a fabulous weekend!!

  19. SO jealous! Jonathan has been taking finals since last week and won't be finished until next Wednesday. Torture! I know it is way worse for him than for me, but I have to admit that I am ready for it to be over! We'll be having a little getaway to Beaver's Bend the three days before Christmas and I am counting the days! Enjoy it!

  20. Haha, that's so funny! I love that he's so into your blog and commenters. (o:

    Have a great weekend trip together!

  21. David doesn't check my blog everyday (he can't remember the address) I really should bookmark it on his computer for him! But every once in a while he will ask to peak into it..especially if I tell him I wrote something about him!

    I think that its great Husby reads your blog (HELLO HUSBY!)

    Have a great weekend! A free hotel is aweeesome. (Way to go on the golfing Husby!)

  22. LOL! My husband is the same way. He talks about them like we hang out on a daily basis :)

    Have fun on your get away!! It'll pass time quicker for you to find out what little "lovie" is! hehe

  23. We have a hubby comment stalker! YAY! :)

    Have a great time away...

  24. yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! tell 'husby' congrats that he's test free!!!!

    good for you two getting away. my husband and i are doing the same this weekend- going ot this super cute small town, lake geneva in wisconsin, to stay at their resort, christmas shop and SKI!!! i am super duper excited :)

    have a wonderful trip!!!!!!!!

  25. My husband reads my comments too and talks about the girls, so cute!

    Have a fabulous weekend away!!!

  26. You are both so cute! I think it's great that Husby takes an interest in your blog. Enjoy your time away!

  27. What a little muffin he is!!!

    That's adorable!

    Hope you, the hubster and babylovie have a great weekend!

  28. Oh, that is so funny. My husband likes to read my comments too.

    One time Ya Ya left a comment about how she loved the story I told her about my husband putting on a "show" for our cats.

    He's like "What? You told her that? I've got to be careful now because anything I do might end up on the internet!"

    Tee hee hee

  29. I think that is so sweet that he reads your posts! He actually understands our world! And just that you mentioned that he thinks Megan and I are sweet - that really made me smile! We think he is awesome - and I know he's hilarious with those poses next to statues and all. Well, and he'd have to be to keep up with you. My husband does not read my blog! I mean, every now and then - but he calls my friends my cyber buddies. THEY ARE MY REAL FRIENDS I argue! I love it that your husband enjoys you so much that he takes the extra time out of his (super crazy busy med school day) to read how fun you are and see how great your friends think you are too. You guys are a perfect match, I know it.

    Husband and I are a perfect match too, but he does not dig my blogging! He would if he wasn't anti high speed communication. He's all about getting together the old style. Well, us "cyber buddies" want to get together old style too!

    Okay - enough of my rant. You and husby along with the little cling on Baby Lovie have a great trip! You deserve it - you all do. I bet finals in med school are amongst the most stressful things ever! You two and a peach have fun!!! Take lots of pics like last time you went away!

  30. My goodness! I don't think my husband has ever even looked at our blog unless I've made him! You have quite the awesome husband (yes, I mean you who is reading this)
    I'm seriously envious of your fabulous relationship. You should teach my man a few things!!

  31. Aww, that's so cute! My hubby doesn't 'get' blogging and message boards...(well he sort of gets message boards...anyway... :0P ).

    Have a very fun weekend away!

  32. That is so cute that he reads your blogs AND comments! I have to tell mine to, if it's something I want him to know!
    Have a fun weekend!

  33. That is sweet! Have a fun weekend celebrating!
    -sandy toes

  34. My husband reads my blog as well. Kinda fun I figure.

    I hope he does well on his exams and should you have a lack of cold I can send you some straight from CANADA.

    I had shown him your blog and he always gets a kick out of how big baby lovie is...keep up the fantastic job.

  35. I can't wait to see pictures from the latest Gw#*&@*y Getaway! You guys always seem to have the most fun! Dennis reads my blog and sometimes checks out the person who has commented. After reading Tanya's one day that she had a great recipe posted he asked if she could come live with us!

  36. OMG I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO LEAVE COMMENTS!!!! Okay before I did it some anonymous way and then it wouldn't work anymore. I tried to use like my high school aol screen name and that didn't work, and then I would try to leave email comments but I didn' tknow your email and it was INCREDIBLY depressing because some of your posts I really wanted to comment on. I might have to go back - OH! I remember one - my stepsister used a rubber band instead of a bella band... cheaper that way... (-: But that comment is of no use now.

    Okay I guess that's all for now. Now that I have finally figured out how to use a computer I should be able to comment. Ridiculous. Hope all is well!

  37. P.S. Okay I remembered something else. "Babes in Toyland" - do you watch that movie? I used to watch it all the time when I was little. Drew Berrymore at her best. ha. Prancer is pretty awesome too.

  38. Big D, you've got Brian beat on that one. He occasionally reads my blog, but he doesn't comment on everyone else's comments. Y'all have so much fun on your getaway! I'm jealous! I need a vacay in the worst way!

  39. What a super cute post! Made me smile! Great page!


  40. Thats so cute he takes the time to do that! What a good daddy he is going to make.

  41. Hi Whitney ~ your hubby sounds like so much fun! I hope it's really cold for you this weekend! Here it's been brrrr cold and windy, except it rained yesterday..yuck and everything turned to ice.

    Can't wait to hear how the weekend away shop shop!!!



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