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If You Told Me....I Didn't Understand. Until Now.

No one told me that I was going to spend my days scheming up the fastest way home from work, so that I could squeeze in a longer nap before supper.

No one told me I was going to get a zit on my chin on a weekly basis.

No one told me I was going to crave crunchy tacos with hot sauce at any given minute.

No one told me that I would lose interest in all-things-sweet, and desperately yearn for all-things-savory/salty.

No one told me my tummy would make monster-truck noises all day long.

No one told me I was going to cry over the sweet little girl on America's Funniest Home Videos whose parents surprised her by taking her to Disney World and she was so excited she started bawling.

No one told me I could smell the remotest of smells – and gag because of it.

No one told me that ground beef was going to repulse me in ways you can’t imagine – yet I would still crave the crunchy tacos.

No one told me that I would spend time online shopping for Bella Bands and Preggie Pops, instead of heels and dresses.

No one told me that I would salivate at the thought of PF Chang's lettuce wraps at 11:30 pm. (on the off day that I was actually still awake).

No one told me that my body would do such strange things during the first trimester.

No one told me my house would become a pigs sty because I am simply too tired to keep up.

No one told me that I can be carrying on a normal conversation with someone, stop without warning and instantly turn green and run to the nearest restroom.

No one told me of my newest hatred for bacon, roast, ham and bananas.

No one told me that when I woke up in the middle of the night to tinkle, my bladder would stream eternally.

No one told me my husband’s morning routine (brushing his teeth and fixing his hair) would make me want to jump off a bridge while simultaneously pulling my hair out all in one clump.


No one told me my husband was going to be so loving and gentle and helpful in ways I can’t express.

No one told me his patience was going to come close to that of Job’s.

No one told me that I would pray as often as I do for this little life that I so cherish.

No one told me that I would rub my belly and talk to the baby as much as I do.

No one told me how I was going to experience God on a way I never have, because of the blessing of seeing His provision and creation inside of me.

No one told me that when I get sick, I am reminded of baby, and I praise my God.

No one told me that this experience is as unbelievably incredible as it is.

No one told me that even though these have physically been the hardest eight weeks on my body, that this has been by far, the best eight weeks of my life.

We are finishing up our eighth week this week, Baby Lovie! This week, you are the size of a raspberry! I ate one this morning and thought of you. I bet you could hear it sliding down and plopping down in my tummy. Did it make you laugh?

8 down...32 to go! :)
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I love reading your lists....

    I have a few other friends going through this journey and others that have just given birth.. it's all so beautiful and neat to read everyone's experiences.

    I love your humor and gratefulness for the beautiful little person that God's given you!

    :) Blessed be!

  2. Love this! First part made me laugh, second part made me say "aww".

    Thanks for sharing the blessings you are going through!

  3. what a cute post! You don't make being pregnant sound half bad ;)

  4. Wait until the birth...there are a lot of "nobody told me" moments, lol!

    Your list made me smile :)

  5. Just wait until you start feeling better, and then when the baby is actually here! It's great that you can have such a positive outlook on feeling so bad. I want more kids, but those first months scare me to death! :)

  6. Or that mid sentence you will soon shortly forget what you were talking about or that even after the baby is born you will continue to cry at puupy chow commercails (even if you don't like dogs LOL)

  7. I remember having cravings when I was pregnant. I would either fix something at home or tell my husband where I wanted to go eat. On more than one occasion, though, as soon as the food was ready, I couldn't even stand the sight of it, much less the smell! My poor husband. I can still picture the perplexed look on his face as he would ask me, "But this is what you said you wanted?"

    Glad you are enjoying this experience so much!

  8. This was the cutest and sweetest post! I am glad you are finding joy in all the areas of your pregnancy! What a blessing!

  9. This was a beautiful post! I am so glad that you feel so much joy. :)

  10. Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts and your faith. It's awesome to read- and I really love the parts about how big Baby Lovie is, it's a fun way to see it.

  11. I loved reading this. This was so sweet! Praying for Baby Lovely and you my dear!

  12. Oh! I just loved reading this!

  13. Great list! The first one made me laugh the most. I used to go home for lunch and lay down "just for a minute". Next thing I knew it was 2pm and I'd have to go back to work and stay until 7pm to make up the hours I spent napping mid-day!

    I had totally forgotten about all the loud tummy noises. So funny!

  14. So sweet!

    Look forward to the 2nd trimester - it was always the best (for me, anyways).

    Happy 8 weeks! :)

  15. yum PF Changs!!! Love that place!
    And I didn't tell you; there is a lot of stuff that you will crave or things you ate before that you can't stand...I couldn't bare the smell of popcorn or any type of fish! And I was very very hungry but I could never figure out what I wanted to eat!

  16. Welcome to pregnancy! I can tell you that Motherhood is just as crazy ... and wonderful!!

  17. I wish I had time to read them all, but my little one is waiting for me :) Anyway, the heightened sense of smell during pregnancy is CRAZY! The smell of my tap water in the bathroom grossed me out! Take all of the naps you can and don't ever feel guilty, you will get that energy back in the 2nd trimester!

  18. Aw, what an exciting and wonderful time for you! Even if you don't like bacon, bananas and are sick...

  19. So sweet.. ((well the second part of the list at least!)) I am so glad you are sharing all of your ups and downs of pregnancy with us!

  20. i just love reading your blog every morning. especially today!! my husband and i are currently trying to decide if it's "time" .. to start trying. i am so nervous and unsure, and this blog just makes me feel a heck of a lot better!!!!

  21. I couldn't help but laugh at the last paragraph. When I was pg with my first, my sister had a 6 yr old and one day I was standing in her kitchen drinking water like it was going out of style and her little boy walked up beside me and said, "you know you are pouring water all over your baby's head!"

    In another month or so you'll start feeling like superwoman. (Something to look forward to!)

  22. Isn't it odd that something the size of a mere raspberry can make your life so crazy and different!?!? Pretty cool.

  23. Great list!

    I'm so excited everytime you have a Baby Lovie post.

  24. I tagged you for a blogger award.

  25. You are so fun, I loved this post! Only 32 weeks to go! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

  26. Man, pregnancy and chemo ARE a lot alike!

  27. Thanks for sharing this with us. I think we'll all be counting those 32 weeks with you!

  28. I'm so glad your dream is coming true! Being pregs is such a fun, funny, amazing experience, I can't wait to be there again with you! Oh and I made your potato soup last week for Hubs' b-day, it was so yummy!!

  29. I hear ya on the tacos!!! I have been thinking about them for the last hour now... I have been asleep for the night before 830 everynight this week!!! I hope that everyone is right when they say you are full of energy in the second trimester!!!! I can't wait! 3 more weeks!!

  30. It's so funny you crave tacos, it's the only thing I couldn't eat in the beginning. I've never prayed this hard for someone in my life, it's amazing how much I love him & we haven't met. I understood this post SO was good to see it all written out :-)

  31. ahhh...being preggo is amazing! Still not ready for the second one, but I did like being pregnant. Enjoy it, savor it...

  32. You could publish your blog posts into a book and I swear you'd sell tonnes.

  33. I love your blog, thanks for the laughs!! And, for letting me follow along on your crazy journey to becoming a mommy!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  34. When I had morning sickness the doctor told me it meant that everything was going well and the pregnancy was on track. I don't know if that helps any or if he was just trying to make me feel better but it worked.

    Your little Baby Lovie raspberry is adorable:)

  35. Oh my goodness, I love this post! And I love your blog!


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