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Memory Lane. Another Stroll.

Last week, we reminisced about old childhood toys. And it was fun, now wasn't it? Well, I thought this week, we would reflect on childhood FOOD! Because food always trumps everything else, right?

I started thinking about different snacks that I used to eat as a kid, and realized that I haven't seen any of these things in ages. If you know where I can get any of the things below, do share!

Let's start out with something salty.

Do you remember these great little snacks?! They were salty, corn-ey, and oh so delicious. I remember I used to put them on the tips of my fingers and pretend I had really long, sharp fingernails. Once, my brothers best friend ate so many at our house that he vomitted everywhere. I can not think of Bugles without thinking of him.

Next, we have one of my most favorite snacks of the 80's!

Pop Quiz Popcorn!! Do you guys remember this? I have asked so many people if they remember this popcorn and several people don't! Please tell me that you do. It was so much fun because it was COLORED popcorn and you never knew what color you were going to get until it was finished popping and you opened the bag. Oh man, I had so much fun with these. I think I liked popping it just to see what color I was going to get - not because I was really hungry. I wish they would revive this.

There were some really strange drinks back in the day. Remember this?

Orbitz. It was some kind of clear beverage with little gel balls floating around in it. I think I drank a few of these for the novelty, but then realized I hated them.

And then they went all crazy on us and invented this:

Pepsi Clear. They hyped this up so much only to have it crash and burn a few months later.

And I can not think of my childhood without thinking of...

Mmmm. Clearly Canadian. Refreshing and delicious. Do they still make these?

The chocolate candy that I miss MOST from my childhood is...

Do you remember these!? PB MAX. It was a big square full of peanuts, peanut butter and a cookie bottom, all covered in chocolate. I loved these things.

I have a funny story about them, though. My mom used to put these in my lunch when I was in Elementary School. I just knew that everyone was going to think that it was a Maxi Pad, because it was square and said "Max" on it. I don't think I even knew what a Maxi Pad was, but I knew I didn't want to be seen with one. So, I kept my PB Max in my sack to open it and quickly shoved the wrapper in the trash. I was a weird kid.

I also thought that people would think that the Fresca that she put in my lunch was beer, because she wrapped it in foil to keep it cold. And no one in my school had ever heard of Fresca,so they always asked what it was.

I was a beer drinkin', maxi pad totin' 2nd grader.

What I would give for a PB Max right now. Mmmmm.

And now let's move on to the sweet goodies.

Love me an Astropop! Here's the thing. They USED to be turned the other way on the stick to where the sharp side was pointing up. I liked them much better that way. I used to suck on them and make them real sharp and then put it in the refigerator to get hard. Dad used to tell me I could use it as a weapon.

Bonkers were fantastic. I can still remember the exact taste of them. Yum.

I believe they still make these. But I used to eat them as a kid, so I lumped them in here. Caramel Apple Pops. It was an apple sucker dipped in caramel. And nevermind the screaming lady on the newspaper. She scares me.

Will you wear my ring? RING POP! These treats were both delicious and fashionable. :)

And lastly, my favorite gum of all time.

It's a tiny picture, but do you remember this gum? DR Pepper Gum. When you bit into it, a squirt of DP juice would come bursting out. Yum.

Do you remember these, or have any of your favorites to add to the list?

***The person who won the prize on Monday has yet to claim it, therefore, I will be posting a new winner tomorrow! Cross your fingers that it's you!!***
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I love going down memory lane...

    I put Bugles on my fingers too! We thought we were so cool w/ our long fingernails!

    Pop Quiz popcorn! Oh my - we LOVED this stuff!!! Thought it was the best thing ever.

    And Orbitz - I totally forgot about this stuff. We used to really like it but man was it weird looking.

    Your Dr. Pepper gum made me think of another one - does anyone remember Gatorade gum? I used to just love this stuff. I am pretty sure they don't make it anymore but it was so darn good!

  2. DP gum?? I've never seen that before!
    I do remember the clear pepsi and I used to love me some bonkers! oh yeah!

  3. Love the maxi pad story! As if anyone else in 2nd grade knew what a maxi pad was! My memories of childhood goodies seem like ancient history: Nickel Pops, little wax bottles with flavored juice in them, and, at Halloween, the WAX LIPS! The best trashy, junky, no tasting treat out there. Smack, smack!

  4. I used to love Sixlets. They were a chocolaty, candy-coated little BB looking candy. They were sold in tubes with one BB stacked on another. I used to pull one at a time out through the end of the package with my teeth.

    I found them a few years ago and tried them again. They weren't nearly as good. I guess some memories are better left in the past!

    Great post! Loved the maxi pad story.

  5. The only one I remember of these loving as a kid was the Bugles. And my best friend and I would put them on each finger and then "bite" them off...(we were pretending to be nervous and biting our nails). Obviously this happened before cable and VCRSs. ;)

  6. How fun :) I used to LOVE Clearly Canadian...

  7. Oh I loved Clearly Canadian! Bugles, not so much. I never knew about Dr Pepper gum! I feel so left out.

    1. Clear Canadian is back please support our page to get it back on shelves to purchase your own case of Clear Canadian please visit

  8. OMGoodness, I STILL eat Bugles!! LOVE them!!! Ring Pops: well every summer for our local swim team, those little girls eat them religiously!!! Our pool club gets them at our local Sam's Club. So remember "Clearly Canadian." It was renamed a while back. Thanks for this trip. Now, to go eat some breakfast!!

  9. I love Bugles! I used to eat them at my grandparent's house... and I put them on my fingers too! It was definitely the thing to do with them, I guess.

    My husband loves the raspberry Clearly Canadian. It is rare to find it, but this cheapo movie theater we go to next to college has it and he usually gets two bottles!

    Another one we loved when we were kids (my sister and I) was Fruit Stripes gum! I don't know why, but in my memory I remember it being really exciting to have Fruit Stripes gum. Ah, to be a kid when the small stuff is the best stuff!

  10. Whoo Hoo, My fingers are crossed.

    We loved Pop Quiz Popcorn at my house..

    I also loved Astro Pops and I did the same exact thing. I would make it really really pointy. Put it in the freezer for later.. but I must also add that I usally got tired of it.. and stabbed my brother. I have said before.. I was a brat.

    But my favorite on the list has to be Clearly Canadian. Oh, man how I loved this stuff. Yummy.

  11. We still have bugles here. ( I think)...I used to eat those as a kid. I also used to eat ALOT of Chips Ahoy Cookies (but those are definitly still around).

    My favorite memory is walking down to the corner store where they had penny candy and we would get a ton of candy with spare change that we would find around the house. :)

    Now we have to check calories before we eat anything. Ugh.

  12. I love thinking about childhood food! Thanks for sharing. My kids Love the ring pops.

    If you're still interested in soup, I posted an EASY chicken tortellini one yesterday.

  13. I love your strolls down memory lane! I am with you on the Dr Pepper gum!!

  14. ok- love these foods! bugles rock! DP gum = awesome! Loved orbitz, clearly canadian.

    didn't eat BP Max- but something similar- Tasty Kakes- same description, different name.

    Funny story about Pepsi Clear... when I went to 6th grade camp, I didn't know how I would survive without soda for one whole week! (actually I didn't drink that much soda as a kid, but I think it made me feel cool to act like I did.) So... I bought a bottle of clear Scope and dumped it out, washed the bottle, and poured in Pepsi Clear. So all week at 6th Grade camp I had my fill of Pepsi Clear- I wonder if the counselor noticed I went through a whole bottle of Scope in a week? hmm...

  15. Oh my goodness, I loved Bugles in probably an almost religious sense. :)

    I can't comprehend why, but I loved the wax bottles with, like, maybe an eighth teaspoon of sugar water in them.

    I pigged out on Munchos at least 3 days a week.

    Orbitz terrified me, much like tapioca pudding still does to this day!

    I loved this post, and am really truly enjoying your blog!

  16. I love your blast from the past posts:) I occasionally will buy Bugles for my girls. It must just be instinct to put those on your fingers. You might want to look at the fat grams though-they are almost all saturated fat. Blech!
    I had totally forgotten about Clearly Canadian! Loved those. Don't think I ever had a PB Max-I was a Reese's girl!
    Growing up we had a little stand at the park where you could buy all these treats. My faves were the Reese's, Astro Pops(rarely ever finished one), and Jolly Rancher sticks. My daughter just brought one home but they're tiny and just not the same. Oh, how I love those! I also LOVED Fruit Stripe gum like someone mentioned. I can still remember finding some in the checkout aisle as an adult and getting soo excited. The flavor lasted about 2.2 seconds:( Another thing I remembered was packs of gum my cousin and I used to get from Aldi's when we were kids. It was a big plastic container that had gumballs, some sticks, some wrapped, some not. They were so good! I'm sure there's more I'll remember today:)

  17. I remember all of PB Max...but not the popcorn...sorry!

  18. My mom used to buy me fruit stripe gum or the little packets of chiclet gum everytime she went to the grocery store. Do you remember those itty bitty squares of gum? Or what about the string gum that looked like it was in a chewing tobacco package?

  19. Oh man! Pop Quiz popcorn was the best and Orbitz was just disgusting, but they used to drink it on Clueless the TV show.

  20. Yep, I remember all of those. Remember how they used to advertise food products on TV all of the time. They don't do that anymore. Now TV just advertises for beer, gum, hotels/resorts, and other TV. I LOVE these posts!

  21. YUM!!! Astro pops! Ring Pops! Bugles! Mmmm!! Now I'm hungry.

  22. I buy bugles for hubby all of the time. He puts them in his chocolate malts, yuck! I am looking for Doodads. It is sort of like a chex mix type snack but better.

  23. Another fun post!

    Sondrelyn and I share love for the Sixlets.

    Most of these were after my "childhood," persay *ahem*

    Dr. Pepper gum - yummy! I used to chew it when I had braces...made my dentist a happy man. I forgot all about Clearly Canadian. I used to LOVE that stuff!

    But Bugles? Ech. That makes me morning sick and I'm not even pregnant! ;) Give me Funyuns anyday!

  24. I put Bugles on my fingers too! Ring pops were the best!

  25. My grandma always had bugles and I also put them on my fingers. I think I pretended I was a witch with long pointy nails. I do NOT remember the colored popcorn though.
    What about push-ups from the Schwan's man? Is Schwan's a nationwide thing, or only in this neck of the woods?

  26. I am so bummed I missed out on Dr. Pepper gum!
    I totally forgot about Clearly Canadian - so delish!
    I love ring pops! The hubs and I were just at Chuck E. Cheese's a few weeks ago and I used my tickets to get a ring pop! Love them!

  27. Aaaahhh, the 80's, how I miss that time. Wearing my side ponytail, spandex, colorful double layer socks, and my slap-on bracelet!

    I LOVE DP gum, I've never tried clear Pepsi...that was too weird!

    And I've never heard of pop quiz popcorn but it sounds like something I'd definately be in to!

    And, I'm crossing my fingers for the new giveaway winner!

  28. These are awesome! OMG - Clearly Canadian was so good. And Pepsi Clear...ahh, good times.

  29. My parents would buy flats of Clearly Canadian at Sam's! And I had totally forgotten about that soda pop gum! So gross now that I think about it ...

  30. I remember most of them, The Bugles I always wore as finger nails too!!! I have no idea what the popcorn is though?? I wish I had b/c it looks awesome!!!!!
    The D.P gum as my favorite!!

  31. I loved Clearly Canadian! I have not seen on in years.

  32. WOW! I can not believe I forgot about some of that stuff?! The DP gum!!! Oh my goodness, and I most definetly remember the Pop quiz Popcorn!!! And the neon colors it came in!!! And orbitz!! Oh my goodness! I only drank a few of them and I liked the taste of them but didnt like the little squishy ball things. yuk.
    Anyways, wow, thanks for memory lane!

  33. I love it when you do these memory lane posts.

    Clear Pepsi....blech..that stuff was so nasty! I tried it once and that was the last time.

    I actually loved the Orbitz drinks! I'd get them to drink at youth group functions and everyone thought they were so cool.

    Oh..and I did the same thing with my Bugles. :)

  34. POP Quiz popcorn was the BEST! I love these little trips down memory lane. I was probably in 5th or 6th grade and they came out with Hershey's mint cookie chocolate bar. Much like the cookies and cream white chocolate bar. They were so good. A couple of years ago Hastings sold the king size bars around Christmas. My mom stocked up and my stocking was stuffed full of them. I can never find them. If you ever see them, just buy me the whole box! I am NOT kidding!

  35. OMG HOLY COW!!

    I totally forgot about Orbitz and clear pepsi. I was seriously obsessed with both.

    Can caramel apple pops? A constant in my household.

    Wow. Loving these memory lane posts!

  36. Please tell me I am not the only one who remembers the dinosaur oatmeal...where when you added water and heated it up, the dinos hatched into your oatmeal?!?!?

    Sadly, that was about the only snack I was allowed as a child. :)

  37. GREAT memories! i had all of these things too! i remember having the orbiz bottle for show in my room, and finally couldn't take it anymore...i had to try it. itwas so gross...

  38. Oh my gosh! All kinds of goodness. Pop Quiz! I had forgotten all about that! I loved that stuff!! We used to always somehow get purple so we thought they actually only made purple.

    And Clearly Canadian? Hello 8th grade lunch time! This was the "cool drink" to bring at lunch. And the "cool girls" would sip it into their next class when the teacher would make them throw it out.

    And Astro Pops?!? SHUT UP! I loved those! Used to get them at the clubhouse pool when I'd go during the summer.

    Great post!!

  39. I am such a fan of Bugels! I want to go buy some right now.

  40. I never had Dr. Pepper gum, but would have loved it! Loved ring pops, and bugles....

  41. I remember most of these items. I have never seen the Pop Quiz popcorn, but I remember Bugles from my childhood. They still make them. Orbitz...was kinda gross. I love Dr. Pepper, the drink, the gum, the chapstick.

    How about the little soda bottles made of wax that had different colored syrupy drinks inside. You chewed the wax top off and drank the syrup and then chewed the whole thing in one giant ball trying to get every last drop of syrupy goodness.

  42. I love strolling down memory lane as well! I wish they would bring back O'Boises. Do you remember these-they were like a potato chip?
    We still have Bugles here. Just saw them at the store last week!

    Thanks for sharing!

  43. Agh!!! I had a Clearly Canadian for lunch everday for my entire high school experience. Had not thought about those in YEARS!

  44. Oh man I remember sooo many of those!! Except for the popcorn one..that was a new one to me! Good post!

  45. Bugles were the BEST. My grandmother always made sure she had them when I visited. Hehe.

    I also loved Fun Dip and pixie sticks, but the thought of eating that much sugar makes today makes me gag.

    Oh, and what about Garbage Pail Kids. Not really "candy" per say, but I think you got a stick of gum in the packet, so does that count?

  46. Those are so cool and funny!!! I love Bugles...They're so good! I also love Ring Pops! I wish they still sold some of that stuff...Pepsi Clear? That's so cool! I also love Fruit Stripes gum like someone else said. You can still get it at Cracker Barrel! Also, funny story about another food... Colored Ketchup!
    Do you remember that?? They made all colors...purple and green! Once my mom was making meatloaf and all we had was green ketchup. Me and my sister thought that was awesome so we all ate it like normal!

  47. Rite Aid and Target sell Bugles!

  48. Totally put bugles on my fingers I could so go for some of thoes. I ask people about pop quiz popcorn all the time too and they all look at me like I'm crazy

  49. You can still get Bugles, I know. Here they are in the store on the top shelf in the same section as Chex Mix snacks. I buy them for my grown girls now as they ate them when they were younger. They also liked a certain cheese cracker that I recently found for them, too. Oh, and they wore bugles on their fingers. Did the same thing with black olives at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

    Congrats on baby to be. I got a new granddaughter last Saturday. Her brother is 17 mos. old. Being a grandmother is the best!!

  50. Omg the astro pops...I used to eat them and they were so gross!

  51. I LOVED Clearly Canadian and I don't know that they still make them. Pretty much EVERY TIME I go into a convenient store I always look for it and never see it. It's very disappointig.

    1. Clearly Canadian is back please support our page to get it back on shelves to purchase your own case of Clearly Canadian please visit

  52. Wow, I'd forgotten about Orbitz! It looked so cool. I *wanted* to like it, but it was pretty vile.

    This sounds really morbid, but I remember getting these little plastic coffins filled with candy bones that you could piece together like a puzzle.

    Oh, and those flat white candy sticks that you would dip in some sort of colored sugary powder.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  53. Wow! Clearly Canadian! That was so popular in my high school... Great memories!

  54. I saw Apple Pops today and wanted some but resisted. NOW I really want some!

  55. Such a fun post!

    Definitely wore Bugles as fingernails!!

    I don't remember PB Max but I want one!

    How about candy or the gum cigarettes? Ha, my Mom was a very overprotective single Mom but I remember her getting us the bubble gum cigarettes for some of our birthday parites, haaa! We loved puffing the powder sugar out of them! :)

  56. I like the caramel apple pops too!

  57. I loved Clearly Canadian but I haven't seen it in years.

  58. I used to love Marathon bars. They were about a foot long caramel braid covered in chocolate. I wish they would still make them.

    My grandmom used to love bugles. What a trip down memory lane!

    E.L. in Cincinnati

  59. Banana flavored "large" sweet tarts candy.

    I'm drooling just thinking about it.


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