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"Nana" is my paternal grandmother. She is a hoot and a holler and there is never a dull moment with her around. She had us over Sunday afternoon for a great big meal that made my pants about 3 sizes too small and a lovely time of fellowship.

Oh, and an Italian Cream cake. Yum.

There's just nothin' like a grammas cookin'.

She recently got a brand new puppy - a Yorkie that weighs 1.4 pounds. That's right, 1.4 POUNDS. When Mom told me about her new dog, I had my doubts that she really weighed that little. When I got to her house and saw her pouncing around like a small rat, I burst into laughter.

It. Was. The. Cutest. Dog. I. Have. Ever. Seen. In. My. Entire. Life.

I instantly fell in love and we played all day.

Meet Sassy:

Don't you just want to squeeze her face clear off her head?! Oh, I love her.

Doesn't she look exactly like an Ewok from Star Wars?

Her profile cracks me up.

I tried to capture just how small she is, but it was hard. Here she is in Husby's shoe.

And next to mine....though she was more interested in chewing it than sitting next to it.

Here she is next to a GI Joe. Isn't she itty bitty? Yes, she is.

She was playful, fun, and hilarious. I laughed at her all day long.

She liked to tackle and lick.

Momsy LOVED her!

And she loved Momsy.

Now, a dog that size is my cup of tea!! ;)

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  1. Can I have her!?! That has to be one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen! I had to say one of the, because I don't want to make my cute little dog, Nuts jealous. But really, the cutest dog I have ever seen!

  2. OMgosh! How cute is she?! My daughters are "aaawwwing" all over her. I bet if we had one, they'd sneak it into the grocery store, mall, etc. every chance they got. She's adorable!

  3. SO cute! i want one :) fez would love a playmate!

  4. Oh my - we have a Yorkie and she is just the love of our lives - we just adore her...she has completely stolen our heats. She wasn't quite that small when we got her, maybe like 3 lbs and now she is a wopping 7 lbs and thats the biggest she will get. My hubby has been bugging for a second one and man, seeing those pics kinda makes me want to give in and say "OK". Thanks for sharing.

  5. That picture with the her in the cup is just toooo much! How cute.

  6. She's precious! And that's saying a lot from me because I don't really like dogs. BUt, I would make an exception. ADORABLE!!

  7. So so cute! I love her! My husband doesn't like dogs, so we haven't got any pets, but maybe I can convince him that the puppy is a cat? So cute. She's a Yorkie, right?

  8. yep, I agree with everyone else...that dog is ADORABLE!!! I noticed your mom and I have the EXACT same couch...the lady has great taste :)

  9. @ Traci - We were at my Nana's house in all these pictures, but that's cool that you and Nana have the same couch! Very fun! :)

  10. OMG! She is the sweetest looking puppy!

  11. My sister-in-law breeds Yorkies. They are the cutest dogs with so much personality. Sassy is adorable.

  12. I love that last picture of Sassy in the tea-cup. Adorable.

    Great Blog!

  13. So cute!:)
    That tea cup picture belongs in a doggy calendar or a Christmas card.

  14. Oh my gosh...she is ADORABLE!!!! AND...yes..she DOES look like an Ewok!!!! LOL

  15. OMG Whitney, I want her. She is absolutely the cutest little thing. She can come and live here with us....LoL.


  16. i wanted a sassy but instead i got my ruby. :)

  17. Cinda Blackford had a dog that looked just like that at one of our softball games. She was selling her. Oh my ... I wanted to take her home in my pocket!!!!

  18. The puppy is adorable, and that last photo with the tea cup is too much.

  19. That is indeed the cutest dog ever!


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