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It's Your Lucky Day! It's a GIVEAWAY!

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Hello Friends! It is time for a new giveaway! :)

Here are the rules:

* You have until Tuesday the 19th at 10am to enter the contest. That is when a winner will be chosen by

* Enter by leaving one comment answering the question I ask, and if you link my site to YOUR site telling about the contest, you can enter twice (and increase your chances of winning this fabulous prize), but you don't necessarily have to answer the question again. But feel free to if you have more than one answer! :) (Whew, that was a wordy sentence).

Those are the only rules. I hope you can handle that.

And here is what you are competing for!!

It is a replica of a 1958 vintage apron.

Ah, it makes me cry it is so cute. Okay, maybe I didn't cry....but it sure makes for a better story.


And bow-alicious.

I am having a hard time giving this away. I want to run into my kitchen, tie it around my waist and whip up an 8 layer chocolate cake.

I want it. I want it to be mine forever and ever.

But....I am sacrificing my own needs and wants and letting YOU win it. :) (tee-hee-hee)

And if there is a boy reading this who wants to participate, go right ahead! Give the apron to your sweet momsy if you win...or your wife, sister, girlfriend, or next door neighbor. a man and wear it yourself! (Ummmm....or don't because that would worry my red little head.)

So. Here is the question you've all been waiting for!

Drum roll please.

If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive at any restaurant in the world...
- who would it be?
- where would you eat?
- what would you discuss/ask?

Be creative and be specific. I so look forward to your response!

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I love giveaways; I never win, but I love trying.:)

    Okay, here goes.

    I would love to have dinner with Noah's wife.

    I would like to throw a quilt made by Amish women down on the ground. (I've always wanted one of those.)

    And we would have a picnic near the ark, and I would ask her how in the world did she find the strength to keep supporting her husband for 120 years while he built that ark. I would also want to know, who did she turn to for support, since every one outside of her own family thought her "husby" was crazy!
    I can't imagine what that must have been like for her, and here all of these years later, her name is not even mentioned in the Bible.
    I think she has to be the most famous, loyal housewife in the history of the world, literally.

    I pray that I am like Noah's wife.
    Like Tammy Wynette sang about, Noah's wife really knew how to ,"Stand by her man." ;)

  2. Oh, Amy's is GOOD!

    Mine - not quite so exciting. I'd like to eat dinner with my 2 grammas. They both passed away while I was in college, and now that I'm grown I lament the moments I no longer have with them. BUT they were SO different- one gramma was elegant - Madeline, the other, a country wife - the other details would go as follows:

    We'd eat at my Gramma Maggie's kitchen table, and I'd beg and plead for her to make her famous potato salad that i hated then, but love now, and tea sandwiches with a selection of my Gramma Madeline's favorites.

    I'd ask them both about their relationships with Jesus, and what they'd want me toteach my kids. I'd tell them how much they influenced my life, and how I cherish their memories.

    I miss my grammas.

  3. ...and I'm desperately in love with that apron.

  4. If I could have dinner with one person dead or alive at any restaurant in the world it would be my father. My mom left him when I was three -like, left the state left him - and then he died when I was six, so I never really got to know him. She really talked bad about him, and for most of my life I believed her (because you just believe your mom, you know?) but a few years ago I had a long talk with one of my aunts and it turns out that a lot of what my mom said was untrue, which broke my heart to think I could have thought those things about someone who only just loved me.

    I'd want to have him over to my home, so he could meet my husband and he could learn about me and see as much as possible of what he had missed for the past 28 years. He could meet my husband, see my scrapbooks, taste my cooking, and get a better sense of me and who I am than he could in any restaurant.

    I'd ask him about what my brother and I were like when we were very little, and what his favorite memories of us were. I'd ask him about his childhood, and our family, since I know nothing really about them. My mom did tell me that he and his family were bakers by trade in Mexico, so maybe I'd ask him to show me some things... how wonderful to get to bake bread with my dad.

    Aw, now I feel all teary. I should post this on my blog I think. Thank you for this prompt.

  5. I would have dinner with Princess Diana. We would dine in Paris and I would ask her about her boys and her hopes and dreams for them.

    I'll link you on my blog and mention your contest and blog:-)

  6. You may think I'm lying, but I really would choose to go with my husband. With two young kids, we don't get to go out much anymore. We'd go to Forest Lake and I'd either have steak or chicken fettucini alfredo.

  7. How ironic that I had just posted a picture of my kids in their new little aprons. Of course I added a post linking to this one so I get another entry! I want that cute!

  8. Hi there!

    I found your blog through Miss M!'s blog, and I am thrilled that I've found it! :)

    Great question for everyone to ponder... here's my response..

    If I could have dinner with anyone... it would be Jesus, naturally! Where we would dine would be irrelevant, however I would love it to be in my home with me preparing the best feast I possibly can. As for what we would discuss... I think I would sit in awe...

    (brings to mind the song "I Can Only Imagine"

    .... "would I dance for you Jesus, or in awe of you be still")

    yes, definately Jesus.

    :) Awesome blog (adding you to my list) and even better a Give away!

    p.s. i heart aprons!

  9. I feel like this is the obvious answer but I don't know how I could "choose" anyone else...I would have to have dinner with Jesus. Now to where it would be...that is a difficult one...maybe like a picnic in the middle of a wide open field while the sun was setting...and what would we discuss - hmm...I think I would have to ask him am I "getting it", "am I doing life how he disires me to"...I would ask him SO many questions...I would ask him about his life, how he felt going to the cross, what it was like to heal so many, etc, - thats something I never thought about but kinda fun to think through.

  10. Ok so for my second post - well I don't think I can top Jesus so I am just going to leave it at that one choice!
    *love the apron by the way - so cute!

  11. What a fun giveaway! I would have dinner with my son, who is now in heaven. I would have to have it at, of all places, KFC! Yes, it was his favorite place to eat! I wouldn't ask him a thing...I would just tell him that we are going to be together again someday and spend the rest of the time holding him.

  12. I would have dinner with my grandpa who died when I was in high school.

    We would eat at McDonald's at home and we would talk about our dogs because that was our favorite topic.

  13. ok, i am not disparaging lindsey's dishes, but i totally don't have an apron and want this one! :)

    i would have dinner with marilyn monroe at pappadeaux's restaurant. pappadeaux's because it's my favourite restaurant in the whole world. and marilyn because i am so perplexed by her death. like everyone else, i want to know if she really killed herself and why. when i was younger, it made more sense because 36 seemed pretty old. haha! now that i'm older than MM when she died, i see (both from life and from her last photos) that 36 is not old at all.

  14. Hi Whitney...I love giveaways!!! I agree with Amy..I never win, but try anyways!

    I would definitely have dinner with my sister..who is in heaven. She left me and I didn't get to say good-bye. We would definitely eat at my house, out on my deck and I would make her favorite german dinner.

    We would talk about everything...most of all, I would ask her what heaven is like. I miss her so much, I'd probably cry the entire time!


  15. I LOVE that apron! I have to win!
    If I could have dinner with one person it would be Jesus, of course. Could you imagine? I would have a huge list of questions for him. We would eat dinner at my house and I would make the best dinner ever. What a great chance to serve him!

  16. OOOO, please enter me in your giveaway, I love aprons and am trying to collect them. I see them, especially the vintage ones and snach them right up!!

    Have a great day :)

  17. Its me again, I went back and looked your blog and love it! You and your husband are a sweet couple and look so happy !! The video below is so cute, made me tear up a bit :) It reminds me of me and my hubby!!

    Anyways, Im glad I stopped by for a visit, I'll come visit again!

  18. I would like to have dinner with my husband's mom. She passed away in 2001, and we met in 2004, so I never got to meet her. I would make her dinner at my house (something fabulous, just to show off, of course). I would ask her to tell me all about my husband when he was a little boy and a teenager and a college student. We would laugh and cry and laugh some more.
    I wish I could have met her. In heaven...I can't wait!

  19. oh this is so hard! but i want the apron soooo bad...

    ok, well, my first instinct was Jesus, but then i figured i'm already spending eternity with Him, so i figured i should use this for someone else...

    so, then i thought Mary, but she'll be hanging out with me in eternity as well, so my mind continued to wander...

    so then, i decided i would eat dinner with my grandpa's mom and aunt. they raised him and i never got to meet them. i'd love to hear all about what my grandpa was like growing up. i'd eat at their place, so they could cook me yummy dinners!

  20. Great blog, visiting via "Nesting Place". I love your vision of being a SAHM. I grew-up with the same vision and 3 little boys later I see it being fulfilled. Hang in there it will happen!
    If I had a chance to visit someone that is deceased it would be my BFF Nikki. We never got to say goodbye, she was killed by a drunk driver on my wedding day. I would eat at a tea room in Dallas, and ask her all about Heaven, what it is like, and what it is like to be in the presence of the Lord.
    Have a blessed week!
    Kara-Texas John 3:30

  21. Hi! Here from The Secret....
    You are so right; that may very well be the cutest, frilliest dang apron I've ever laid eyes on.
    Interesting question...
    I would have dinner with my son who is age 11 and since it would be his choice, I am sure he would pick Gunpei Yokoi (Nintendo creator) who is now deceased.
    The topic of conversation ( of course we would need a translator. Are you payin' for all this?...) would most certainly be how to create killer games and consoles. Not too interesting for me but I firmly believe that it is my duty(and pleasure) to expose my child to as many things as I possibly can. I suppose that would include dead people? In this case, it does.
    Thanks so much for being so selfless and offering that lovely vintagey apron for giveaway.

  22. Love is too cute, but not taking the time to answer your questions. I will be back to do it right...looking for your cute mistreatment but didn't know where it was. Maybe you're going to take the cute apron and hang it in the kitchen. That, in and of itself, would be adorable.

  23. I'd like to have dinner with my Gramma Gramma, who passed over fifteen years ago. She'd have to cook, so I would have a chance at getting some of her recipes that were in her head and never written down. It' wouldn't matter what we talked about.

  24. I would have dinner with Jesus. I know that sounds trite, but I really would.
    I'd allow Him to choose the place and the menu, but if He insisted that I choose, I'd pick a crab shack in MD and eat hard shelled crabs. Yum!

    (They don't have good crabs anywhere else.)

  25. I would Have dinner with my grandma who passed 2 years ago. We would be in Hawaii(some place she always wanted us to go together) and I would listen to all her past stories that I so miss hearing.

  26. If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive at any restaurant in the world...
    - who would it be? Probably my Grandma, (my Mom's Mom)

    - where would you eat? Bella Luna Cafe.

    - what would you discuss/ask? Her life, my Mom's life and her siblings. (Gma died when my Mom was in her teens)

  27. I would invite my Daddy (been gone for 24 years) and I would make pasties; beef, potatoes & onions in a piecrust folded over. I never got to make them for him but he was a meat and potatoes kind of guy. We would drive up Chopaka Mt and eat our pasty lunch on the open slope of the Beef Pasture (the summer range for his cows) I would ask him about the old cowboy stories, his childhood and such. Then I would tell him about his grandchildren, my sweetson, who is "just a little" like him and my darlingdaughter who has more than "spidermuscles" That's what I would do.

    Sweet apron and I will link your giveaway on my blog with a post about a vintage apron. Thanks for the contest.

  28. I love the video with the Michael Buble' song! All the best to you and your husband on this journey of his school and you supporting him. Very important work for you both in the years ahead. To answer your question, I'd love to have dinner with Robin Williams at the Pioneer Woman's house (you know, Ree?) I think that it would be such fun with lots and lots of laughs. I think that we'd have something simple to eat, maybe nochos or something, whatever she'd like to make that would be easy as we'd like her to join in the fun!

  29. I love the video with the Michael Buble' song! All the best to you and your husband on this journey of his school and you supporting him. Very important work for you both in the years ahead. To answer your question, I'd love to have dinner with Robin Williams at the Pioneer Woman's house (you know, Ree?) I think that it would be such fun with lots and lots of laughs. I think that we'd have something simple to eat, maybe nochos or something, whatever she'd like to make that would be easy as we'd like her to join in the fun!

  30. I would have dinner with my grandfather. He has since passed, but I would probably go to this little BBQ shack he used to love and ask him all about his youth and his life. he was a loving soul full of wisdom and gentleness when he was alive and I would give nearly anything to have a few more minutes with him. He was a dear dear man, who I miss constantly.

  31. Oh what an adorable little apron!

    I would like to have dinner with my grandpa. He died in 1995 and I miss him so terribly much. To be honest, I don't care where we eat or what we eat--just the idea of being with him again is enough. He was the smartest and most resourceful man I know and he and my grandma raised seven children. Now that I have two children, I would love to hear his advice.

  32. Those snack sets have been really easy to find and I'm sure they are on ebay too. I love them!

    Ok, I would like to eat with someone like Martha Washington or someone from the 1800's just to see what it was like to live back then. :)

  33. Frances Mayes is one of my favorite authors and she is still living today. You may know her from "Under the Tuscan Sun" (which is completely mutilated by the movie!), "Bella Tuscany," and "A Year in the World." She makes a living by writing about two of my favorite subjects: travel and food. We would have dinner at her villa in Tuscany, bramasole, and I would ask her about her journey from a full-time teaching job to the adventurous life of renovating a Tuscan villa.

  34. If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive at any restaurant in the world...
    - who would it be?
    - where would you eat?
    - what would you discuss/ask?

    If I could have dinner with anybody? hm.. I would want to have dinner with my son when he is my age and we would eat authentic mexican food because it is super yummy and you know, I suppose I chose my son (who is 4) because there isn't anyone else I would chose to be around more than him. He is my baby and I would love to have a close and trusting mother son relationship with him when he is older.

  35. I would have dinner with my great grandmother (passed) eat dinner in her dining room and talk about how much she loved her "purple pansies" and her great grand children.

    This is fun--I hope I win!! Thanks!

  36. I heart aprons!

    but I never win anything. oh gosh, I think we are supposed to answer a question....reading other comments to figure out what it was...ok, chirstmas dinner with my paternal grandmother and all of my boys, my sister's children and my parents let her meet them all!

    She had a reputation for burning everything. Maybe it was because she never wore an apron!

  37. Chalk up another entry for me, please! I blogged you! :)

    By the way, little "Sassy" is adorable and she really does fit in a teacup. Too cute!

    ~ Sarah

  38. I would love to have dinner with Mark Twain. I love his all-American attitude with an open mind and a fabulously dry way of speaking it.

    We'd eat outside his home, under some gorgeous Live Oaks, drinking cold beers and eating fried chicken, okra, potatoes, and watermelon (the king of the fruits, he once said).

    After supper he'd light up a cigar and I'd ask him his thoughts about the state of the world and our country, and where it can go. He seems like he was such a diverse person and could speak on almost any topic that would come to my mind. I think he's hilarious and that in itself would be a wonderful dinner partner.

    I love-love-love that apron and it would be a fantastic feminine touch in my household of one husband and three little boys!

  39. Well, as I've been in full one-year old mode today and completely unable to ponder anything philosophical, I think I will answer for my daughter, Madilyn instead of myself.

    The who would be Elmo.

    The where would be at Cookie monster's house as he would be sure to serve cookies--of course. And where there are cookies there is dancing and singing of the famous, "C is for cookie" song.

    The discussion would probably go something like this:

    Elmo: Elmo welcomes Madilyn to dinner.

    Madi: a glug a glug ahhhh

    Elmo: Here Madilyn have a cookie. Elmo wants you to have one.

    Madi: dadadadadada (followed by a wave of the cookie which clearly means sing me that cookie song or else)

    Alright, so perhaps, I need a slight break from toddlerville. But I will say that baking the Amish friendship bread today would have been a lot more fun in that apron.

  40. Hi Whitney..again! I just posted a link on my blog for folks to come over and visit you!

    Thanks for not being selfish and keeping that apron for


  41. I'd have dinner with my great grandmother, the woman I was named after. I've been reading her memoirs, and she sounds absolutely amazing, and hilarious! Like someone who would have been a close friend had we grown up together.

    I wouldn't really care where or what we ate.

  42. May not be too interesting compared to others... But, I would love to have the chance to go out with my grandparents (they have both passed away) together.

    We would probably go to some crazy tacky all youcan eat place, because Grandpa loved those-and hey he's alive today, so I'd humor him.

    I would like to know more stories that I feel I never learned, that I wonder about now. More about their childhood and their courtship and their time in TX and CA. Thier heataches and joy. Thier marriage...stuff like that.

    That's all! I love that apron! So gald I found ya! Have a great day!

  43. Hey cool, someone followed my link here!

    Just posting the second time since I posted a link on my blog.

  44. What a darling blog you have - and just think, we found it just in time for a contest!!
    hmmmmmmmmmm....this is hard - just one person would be terribly hard. The first person that pops into my head would be Doris Day - because I've been such a fan forever. Since she is alive still - we would have a lovely lunch at her home in California surrounded by all of her lovable mutts. Questions that I would ask...well, I think I'd just love to chat with her about anything. Anything she'd want to talk about would be fine by me. Now, Karrie - well, she'd just come along - I'm not sure who she'd want to meet, however, I do believe that she'd love chatting with Doris too......I'll have to get with her and check!
    Thanks for the fun contest!
    Karla & Karrie too

  45. happened upon your blog thru another blog. Okay, I would have dinner with Tyler Florence (he's on the food channel) I love his cooking. I would love to eat at one of his restaurants and I would probably ask him lots of food questions.

  46. I hope I win the apron!! I don't know if anyone else has put this, because I don't have time to read them all, but here is mine.

    I would have breakfast with the lovely Audrey Hepburn. If Tiffany's would not allow us to have a nice lunch in their NYC location, then I would settle for anywhere that I could eat dainty food so as not to make a fool of myself in front of Ms. Hepburn, in case of stray pieces of lettuce and pepper, etc. I would ask her ALL about working with so many amazing actors and actresses, about here childhood in wartorn Belgium during WWII, about her amazing work with UNICEF and, of course, what her beauty and fashion secrets are (were?). I hope I win it!!!!

  47. Ok, so probably everyone is going to say this, but I would love to have dinner with my Lord and Savior Jesus! Just spending time with him face to face would be better than all the amazing food in the world. What would we talk about? I have so many questions from Creation to Revelation. I think I would start there :)

  48. Hi, I am new to your blog...but consider me a fan!

    I would have dinner at:

    A little New York City Diner with my younger self. I would talk about what mistakes I have made, where I would fix them, and how I would leave some of them alone...I would explain the importance dedication to school was, and I would tell her/me over and over and over again how not to worry about worldly things like weight, status, and a boy name Billy.
    I would encourage early enterpunership, and help her cultivate her love for all things crafty.
    I would send her off with a cute cupcake for inspiration and enjoyment....then close my eyes to see how the current self would improve.


    There is my post about your cool-as the other side of the pillow-post.

    Thanks for sharing!

  50. um, LOVE this apron! I want it to be MINE!!!! :D Well, if I could eat with anyone (other than my husband, of course- he would def. be my first choice) I would pick Bill Cosby! lol I've always thought he was great, and we'd have very fun conversation about pudding, and "big fun!" We would probably eat somewhere where I could get a really good dessert, like chocolate sufflee! Oh, Bill, how we would eat, laugh, and talk the night away...

  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  52. um, LOVE this apron! I want it to be MINE!!!! :D Well, if I could eat with anyone (other than my husband, of course- he would def. be my first choice) I would pick Bill Cosby! lol I've always thought he was great, and we'd have very fun conversation about pudding, and "big fun!" We would probably eat somewhere where I could get a really good dessert, like chocolate sufflee! Oh, Bill, how we would eat, laugh, and talk the night away...

  53. Hi,
    I just found your blog through Pioneer Woman and I have always wanted to be a wife and stay-at-home-Mom too! It's cool to know that there are others out there who are like that. :)

    That apron is adorable!

    I think that I would probably want to meet my mom's dad. I didn't get to know any of the grandfathers (My mom's dad passed away before I was born and my dad's dad left him when he was only 3). He studied to be a priest and ended up getting married and having 11 kids. My mom was very close to him. I'd just like to meet him and see what he was like.

    I agree too with everyone who said they would want to have lunch with Jesus, and someday I will! And hopefully I will also get to meet my grandfather there too.

    PS: Did you make the apron? It's gorgeous!

  54. Oh, my. Let me think.
    1. Abraham Lincoln
    2. P,B &J in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House.
    3. I would ask him about his inspiration for the Gettysburg Address. It's so well-written and poignant, it makes me cry every time I read it!

  55. I would dine with Mother Theresa - something simple in a quiet place where we could talk about her work in Calcutta and what each of us can do to make the world a better place.

  56. Oh my... I think that I would invite Martin Luther King and we would sit down on Venice Beach in LA, just on a bench, watching people strolling by. We would eat Americas favourite food, a bag from McDonalds stands between us, and as the fries goes colder and the soda goes warmer, we would discuss where it went wrong. Where the dream became a nightmare. And maybe, just maybe, he would have some tips for us who is down here on earth right now.

  57. My pick would be Jesus
    We would eat at this little quiet local deli, Ginas
    I would ask for direction in my life, and listen to every word.

  58. I would like to have dinner with my mom who died when I was 15. We would eat chocolate and ice cream and would talk about how was she able to do it all. And then we would laugh about how she prayed that I would have child just like me and now I do!

  59. I think I would like to eat with my Grandfather on my Dad's side. He was a pastor, and I never got the opportunity to really talk to him (or hear him preach as he passed away when I was 12). We would eat where ever he wanted, and I would ask him to tell me about his life.

  60. I was going to say that I would like to have dinner with God but then I read Tanya's answer. I wish she could get her wish. I have 4 healthy boys and I am crying for her.

  61. I added your link to my blog, just a heads up! :)

  62. If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive at any restaurant in the world...

    It'd have to be God!
    I'd cook a bowl and soup and we'd talk about life and what comes after death. I think that would be a really clartifying conversation. At least for me! *LOL*

  63. Reading these comments made me cry, literally! There are some sweet, sad tales here. I want to lighten this up a bit, so I would like to take Paul McCartney to my favorite Chinese resturant, The Canton Inn for the best cashew chicken in the world! What would I ask him? Did you really plant those Paul is dead clues?
    Love the apron! Adorable! If it's not being too selfish, hope I win! Twyla

  64. I'd have dinner with my Grandma and Grandpa- on my dad's side and my grandfather on my mom's. We would eat at the kitchen table in Grandma's old farmhouse. I would just want to know them. I never knew either grandpa's and Grandma died when I was 9. Oh, I'd have a million questions.

  65. I would do anything to have dinner with my late best friend, Heidi. She passed away 2 years ago after giving birth to her 5th daughter.

    We'd go through the McD's drive through as we have always done and sit in her van and just chat away eating a large fry and sipping a large coke (oh-so-bad for you, but I'd do it for her).

    I'd tell her that her 5 girls miss her very much, but she'd be so proud of them. Kaylee is growing up to be such a beautiful young woman. Jenna is still her spirited little one, but she is so smart when it comes to school! When I look at Emma, I see Heidi all over again. Ashley is as cute as she is petite. And not to worry, I will tell sweet little Alayna everything about her mommy and what a wonderful woman she was.

    I would definitely pick Heidi over anyone else in the world.

  66. you are SO right... that apron is cauuuute!

    i would LOVE more than anything to have dinner with my gran-mama...

    this Thanksgiving at her home(oh it will be hard without her this year)...

    i would eat her turkey dressing until i was STUFFED (it is incredible)...

    we would hug on her until she told us to shoo... how many times/ways can you tell someone how much you love them... i would do just that! oh the thought of it... i DO wish i had one day!
    tears my friend...

    lol! thanks for the contest!

  67. Whoa... you are truly a selfless woman to give that gorgeous apron away. Consider me excited!!!!

    I would go to dinner with Carole Lombard. We would eat steak (cause she was a steak kind of lady) and tell jokes and she would give me the scoop on William Powell and Clark Gable. That would be my dream dinner!

  68. My choice for a dinner mate would be Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

    We'd be on a road trip up the California coast and stop to have a bite to eat at The Branch Street Cafe, in Arroyo Grande. We'd have hamburgers and crispy fries; Jackie would ask for some extra feta cheese on the side, a nod to her life in Greece.

    I'd ask her what kinds of things she'd found in the warehouses of the Smithsonian while renovating the White House, and I'd tell her about the fabulous, shabby side of antique junkin'. Not that different, really.

  69. I'm too late but cute apron



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