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My Husby - The Good Samaritan.

Friday evening, we were on our way to Birthday Dinner #1, when husby spotted a woman broken down on the highway. Everyone was zipping on past her as she sat behind the wheel looking completely helpless. Husby passed her and quickly stopped to give her a hand. I sat in the passenger seat watching the whole thing, and of course, having my camera with me at all times, decided to snap a few shots of the situation.

This is husby pushing her off the middle of the road. I took the picture in my rear view mirror so that she wouldn't think I was some sort of freak.

Though we all know I am.

I couldn't help but imagine what was being said between husby and the stranded I made up my own story. It goes something like this:

Husby: "Well, ma'am - looks like you have a problem with your battery."

Stranded Girl: "Oh no! What do you think I should do? I can just wait here until my husband gets off work."

Husby: "Let me give you a jump. It shouldn't take long."

He walks back to our car and looks for a jump. Our jumper cables are gone. Husby thinks about what to do next to help the poor gal.

Then he remembers....the cell phone.

She calls her husband and tells him what is going on. He tells her he is in the middle of a big construction project in a town about an hour away and will not be able to come to her rescue.

A harsh and panicked tone floods her voice as she speaks sternly to him and husby starts to feel awkward. "I'll just stand as far away as possible and pretend I can't hear her", he thought to himself.

Stranded Girl: "Well then WHAT am I supposed to do? I told you a year ago we should have sold this hunka-junk! This is ALL your fault!"

"Oh boy", husby thought, "I'm sure glad there is dirt down here that I can kick around. This is very uncomfortable."

Stranded Girl: "Here ya go - thanks. My husband said it's a transmission problem. Wanna take a look?"

Husby: "Sure".

Stranded Girl: "I think this is how it opens. There's a trick to it."

Husby: "Are you sure you know what you're doing", he thought to himself.

The hood won't open.

Husby: "Here, let me take a stab at it. There's a little notch I saw under here and it looks like it's stuck."

Stranded Girl: "Don't break it, don't break it - my husband will kill me!" - she thought to herself.

Husby: "THERE we go!"

Stranded Girl: "Well, what do you see?"

Husby: "Like I said, it's your battery. It's completely dead. If I had a jump you would be on your way. I'm sorry ma'am."

Husby: "Let me just tweak this and twist that and see if it does anything."

Husby: "Nope...that didn't work. You better call a friend."

Husby got back in the car and due to Birthday Dinner time constraints, we had to leave the lady on the side of the road. Hopefully, another good man like my husby came along with some jumper cables and saved the day.

Oh, and turns out, my story was pretty far off. She did get hold of her husband and he was on his way to get her. I guess I can't read lips very well.

Oh well - it kept me entertained while I waited! :)
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. You have quite the imagination! What a good guy that husby is!

  2. I love your story! Jon stops to help people and I do the same thing how fun

  3. haha, that's a cute story. my battery completely died on me a couple weeks ago... thankfully I do have jumper cables or I would have been stranded also!

  4. great story! i liked your version better :) that's so sweet of you guys to help! wish more people were like that. loved the pics!

  5. Your version was more exciting! So nice of you to stop!

  6. Your right! I think we just maybe kindred spirits!!

    Your stories are great and i LOVED your wedding photos! Looks like it was a day straight from a fairy tale.

  7. That was nice of you guys to stop and help her. I think it's so funny that you make up stories like that, I do the same thing! We'll be out shopping or something and I'll "people watch" and make up stories about the people we see. My husband thinks I'm crazy but at least I keep him entertained.

  8. Bless his heart.. what a sweetie!

    And you're right... I bet her husband was in big trouble when he got there. :)

  9. [Note: not sure how I found my way here but I'm here...hope you don't mind :-) Lol.]

    The part where he backs away from her and is feeling awkward had me laughing out-loud...I mean literally laughing out-loud! I guess it's because it's happened to me before. I stop by to help someone and the situation just flat out turns awkward and I feel like: "so much for helping out...I think I'm gonna go now" as I sprint away as fast as possible.

  10. I love the story! Yay for your husby for being so kind.

  11. Lol, that's so cute how you took pictures and had commentary to go with it. What a sweet hubby too :)

  12. oh my gosh....that was too funny! I totally loved how you did that! :)

  13. I really enjoy your blog even though I just found you from Pioneer Woman's site.

    You and your husband seem like such a sweet and nice couple. You give me hope for my daughter and son in the future.

    I gave you an award if you want to pick it up at my blog. I think more people would love to read about your life and get to know you from your blog.

  14. haha, haha!

    -Melissa, New Reader of your blog, LOVE IT!


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