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Home Again.

I am back from the great state of Texas. We took a big family trip to Dallas over the long weekend, and I must say it was a grand ole time. There was entirely too much shopping, entirely too much Mexican food and entirely too much fun. Oh wait, is it possible to have too much of any of these things?

I discovered my new favorite store, Horchow, and fell in love with almost everything in there. We went to an Outlet mall and ran into ridiculously amazing sales and my feet were throbbing from all the running. We also went to Market (for my dad’s store) and got some incredible items at dealer’s price. It was a weekend-o-shopping, to say the least, and now my house is full and wallet is empty.

I walked away with two new sets of dishes, an Elliott Lucca bag, some beautiful new house d├ęcor, a wallet, some earrings, two sacks of clothes and a smile on my face. I will post pictures of my killer deals later this week. I hate to ever pay full price every again for anything!

We stayed at the Westin at the Galleria Mall and ohhhh, those Heavenly beds truly ARE heavenly! It was like pulling teeth trying to get me out of them every morning. Ah, it was incredible.

I took a lot of pictures but we got home too late to upload them. And of course, now I am back in the real world and back at my desk so I will have to wait until later tonight.

The boys forced us to see “Wall-E” our last night there. Let me tell you a little something….do NOT waste your time, money or energy. Mom and I were about to lose our minds throughout the thing. I hate cartoons anyway, but cartoons with virtually no dialogue will make a girl crazy. I wanted to pull each and every hair out of my head and weave them into a nice cardigan. I was THAT loony!

Husby and I have a vacation planned for Seattle at the end of the month. This was a great precursor to our upcoming trip.

We had a fabulous time. I am swearing on nothing but slim fast for the next two weeks after this eating vaca! Let’s just say, it’s a miracle my pants fit this morning.

And I'm not even joking.
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  1. I am happy to know that Wall-E was a bust because people have been trying to get me to watch it!

  2. Glad to hear you had such a glorious weekend! I hope you're going to post pics of your new dishes.


  3. Ah... I feel your pain. Nothing like a visit to the state of Texas to pack on the pounds. After a steady diet of Mexican food and steak (we've got family in Houston) I have to diet for months!


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