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I don't know about you, but Thursdays here at work are pretty dull. To liven it up, I am creating a CONTEST for you, my faithful readers.

The grand prize is an item that at one time, made me literally gag and throw up in my mouth. But after a friend purchased it and swore that it was hands-down the best thing ever, I had to try it.

Introducing your prize...The PED EGG.

The Ped Egg is the most amazing foot file. It is designed to collect the dead skin that it shaves off (hence the part to make me sick - UGH, I despise the commercials. I can't watch.), so that you can empty it and leave no mess. I used mine and the next morning, I swear, my feet felt like fresh spun silk. It was AMAZING. And I don't know about you, but in the summer my feet suffer. They get so hard and callused on the bottom and sides, but ever since I recieved my Ped Egg, all my problems are gone!

And now, YOU can have one too! All you have to do is answer my Question of the Day in the comments section and I will use a random generator to choose a winner.

The contest will end Friday afternoon.


What is your MOST embarassing moment?

Come on, be honest, be real, and make me laugh! Help make this Thursday fly by...and better yet - WIN A BRAND NEW PED EGG! :)
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Pooping while giving birth was pretty embarassing! Haha.

  2. my first year in high school, i left one class for another, sat down and started talking. the teacher started to get up to talk so i reached down for my bookbag to get my notebook. well, it wasn't there. so i asked the people around me if they had taken it and were trying to play a joke on me. the discussion of the missing bookbag caused a lot of ruckus and my teacher came over and asked what the deal was(he was a surfer dude, marine bio teacher so yes he asked what the deal was). a boy in the row in front of me started laughing so everyone started accusing him. we looked all over the room and my teacher was like maybe you should go check your last period class. so i went back to my english class and sure enough there was my blue bookbag right by my desk. it was incrediably embarrassing to go back to marine bio when everyone had spent the first half of class looking for my run-away bookbag.

  3. Last summer my sisters and I made a trip to Dallas for a little "girls getaway". While on our trip, of course we did a little shopping. I made my way to Aeri (American Eagle's undergarment store). Well, I don't know about you, but I love to sleep in gowns. In fact, that's all that I sleep in. Well, I was trying on this one beautiful coral colored one, and I felt that I needed a second opinion from my very opinionated sisters. So, I just barely stepped out of the fitting room (I was the only one in there), and when I did the door slammed behind me. Of course, it was locked, so I asked my two shopping buddies to find an employee to reopen the door. To them, this was the perfect opportunity for embarassment so they found a male employee to come to my rescue (yes, I was single at the time). So, there I was, in the middle of the public fitting room in the nightgown. At this point, I new that I had to purchase it as a reminder of my most embarassing moment.

  4. in junior high, we didn't have an acutal was like an auditorium type room...5 or 6 levels, where rows of chairs could be placed, but where tables were placed during school hours for lunch.

    one particular day, we were having hamburgers and fries, so i went through the line, got plenty of ketchup, and headed down to the front of the auditorium to get a table. well, the klutz that i am, i turned the corner around the end of the table too quickly, and my leg caught on the seat, tripping me!

    my tray of french fries, ketchup and food flew up in the air, and because of the acoustics in taht room, it made a LOUD noise! everyone saw me fall, and food fly everwhere. in junior high, that is mortifying ;(

    well, i haven't quite fully recovered from that incident, and i think the Ped Egg might help me have some closure on this event...

    Plus, if you lined all of us entry people up for this prize, my feet would be the most disgusting...:)

  5. I seem to have many! The latest....I ran to the grocery store and just used a small cart. The wheels were wobbly but I only needed a few things so I dealt with it. On the way to the car the wheel got stuck the cart went over and I almost went over the cart. Groceries all over the ground and me completely mortified as everyone in the parking lot gawked at the girl that just dumped her cart!

    P.S. Found you via SITS. Love your blog!

  6. We recently moved and my husband's parents came up with a truck and trailer to help us. One of Ty's friends came to help too. I was still packing up a few loose ends from my bedroom and bathroom. I stuck my bathroom trashcan outside the bathroom door in my bedroom. I was not ready for it to be taken out. I needed to empty it first. Well, someone ended up taking it downstairs and placing it in the back of the trailer. My FIL told my husband that he thought it would fly around too much. So Ty proceeds to pick it up the lid comes up and all of my feminine products fly out. Total embarassment! Everyone (my MIL, SIL, husband, FIL, and husband's friend) just happened to be standing outside around the trailer when it happened. Oh, and Ty's friend that was helping us also happened to be a medical student that I see close to a daily basis since I work at the school! I think I DESERVE that ped egg!

  7. over christmas break from college one year, my friend and i spent every morning working out at the Y, usually ending our time with a swim and some time in the hot tub. one day we lingered a little longer in the hot tub then headed straight for the showers. i guess i was a little lightheaded from the combo of working out, too much time in the hot tub, and then tossing my head back to shampoo and what-not. i started to feel like i was going to pass out. instead of doing the logical thing and sitting down, i ran out of the shower as fast as i could (completely naked, mind you), slipped and slided all over the locker room (not empty, mind you), realized what i was doing, ran back to my shower, falling down in the process and scraping my leg badly. i managed to find my towel and sit on a bench until my friend was finished showering. i was sitting there rocking like rainman when she emerged, confused by the blood pouring down my leg and the shampoo still in my hair. i looked at her and said, "i think i almost passed out."

  8. Calling my legs as drumstick! This was years ago when the first time I came to U.S.

  9. In the summer of 8th grade I decided I wanted to switch from the public school system to a Christian school, so I talked with my parents, and I did. The first week of being in a new school made my stomach problems (IBS) flare up and I was sitting in class and felt like I had to throw up, so I get up and try to run out of the classroom and on my way running down the hall a teacher sees me and tries to stop me to ask whats wrong (I obviously had a terrified look on my face) Once stopped, I threw up on him--and myself. I was mortified.

    && for the record, the first time I saw the "Ped EGG" comercial, I was eating at a restaurant, and almost got sick. But if I win, it's worth a try! :)

  10. I was in ninth grade and was flirting with the same boy each day in science. This particular day i had my jacket hanging on the back of my chair. It fell off and the boy picked it up. But, a tampon fell out of the pocket and he reached down to pick it up. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, You must need this!! I could have died. I remember thinking oh my god, I borrowed this from my mom. It was my moms!!! It just wouldn't come out of my mouth. Needless to say I quit talking to that boy!

  11. Funny how many of our most embarrassing moments happened in school. At least I'm not alone on that one. I was sitting in my Algebra II class (after lunch) and we were taking a test=silent room when out of nowhere somebody passed gas. "Oh my - that wasn't very dainty," I thought. Then I realized everyone was staring at ME and laughing. I could have crawled under the desk and died - happily!!

  12. Ahaha...well, speaking of feet...
    My left foot is about half the size it should be, so I wear a prosthesis to help me walk (and not wear one kid shoe and one adult shoe!). Good thing, right?

    Well, this piece of plastic rubs my shoes the wrong way pretty often and loves to make a farting noise. Really loudly.
    During high school choir one day, it decided that it had to be heard, too--just as we had finished a song and the room went silent. *FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART* goes the shoe. It would have been less mortifying if one of the guys in the choir hadn't shouted, "I just hear Marian rip *** really loud!" letting everyone know that I was the culprit.

    The ENTIRE choir turned to stare at me, and I was so busy turning red that I couldn't even get out the words, "NO, no, you've got it all wrong, it was my foot!"

    Now it's content to make loud farting noises in...oh, the library when I'm shelving books and everything else is quiet, when I'm the first one done with a test and have to walk to the front of the silent room in front of everyone, that kind of thing.

    I avoid places that are too quiet when out in public now! :)

  13. In high school, I attended a camp with my dance team. Throughout the camp, ribbons were given to outstanding dancers in the classes and on the last day those dancers competed to win the Star Dancer trophy. I received a ribbon and was waiting with my audition group to perform the combination that would be judged (in front of about 500+ other dancers, families, friends, etc.). As I waited, my nose started running. Finally, it was my turn, and just as I stood up to take the floor I wiped my nose with the back of my hand and was shocked to see blood. Lots of it. I couldn't let my chance to win the Stardancer trophy pass me by, so I just decided that I would keep sniffing as hard as I could to keep my nose from bleeding. The music started, and the first 8-count went according to plan, but the second 8 count was going to be a problem: three very fast chene turns turned out into a fan kick. I took a deep breath and sniffed as hard as I could, but the force of the turn sent blood whipping out of my nose and all over the dance floor. It was flying everywhere, but I just kept dancing! As soon as it was over, I went to the bathroom and balled my eyes out! I came out in time for the award presentation, and guess what? I WON! I guess they figured that if a girl could perform that well with blood spouting out of her nose, she just had to win it all!

  14. Having baby throw up all down my back and thinking everyone was looking at me cause I looked good.

  15. I've been wanting to get one of these things but didn't want to because I didn't know if it worked. Yay! I'm glad it does. Back in my skinny days I was trying on outfits for my wedding showers. I put on this skirt and came out & told my mom "look it has this cute little poof on the back". Well it wasn't a cute poofy thing it was the other leg of the skort, not skirt. Oh those were the days! :)

  16. My most embarrassing moment. i have so many, how can I pick one.

    When I gave birth to my second child, it was a BAD experience. I had been uncomfortable for so long and I was beyond my breaking point. I turned into another person. I was screaming and cursing. Demanding the doctor just cut the baby out or use that "sucking thing and pull her out" I think everyone in the hospital heard me screaming and swearing. My brother was there and called my sister. She said she could hear me through the phone and he was in the waiting room lounge at the end of the hall.

  17. In college I met a boy named Ryan who lived about five hours from me, and he invited me to come down to attend the wedding of his dad and step-mom. When I arrived I found out that he had NOT CLEARED it with his parents, and had assumed that they would be staying elsewhere and that we would stay at their home. Nope, they were staying there, so Ryan's solution was for us to go impromptu camping for the night. Of course I'd brought WEDDING clothes, not CAMPING clothes. Ugh. Strike one.

    The next morning Ryan took forever getting ready (seriously, I was ready and waiting for like an hour) so that we showed up to his parent's OUTDOOR wedding in the middle of the ceremony! Ugh, so embarrassing! Strike two!

    After the ceremony Ryan started pounding beers, even though it was early. It was a very hot summer day and the reception was outside, with canopies over plastic tables and chairs. After a refill of yet another beer, Ryan returned and sat next to me, put his beer on the table as he turned to talk to the person on the other side of him, and when he turned back to me he--yup, you guessed it--knocked his beer directly over onto my shirt and into my lap. And what is the natural reaction to that? Of course I jumped back. Causing my chair to tip over backwards, and causing me to do backwards somersaults down the hill behind me. I landed at the bottom of the hill, soaked in beer, with my skirt up around my waist and everyone at the reception staring down the hill at me.

    Uh huh.

    What to do? Of course I pulled my skirt down, and then I just started to laugh--because really, what else could I do?

    I hadn't driven to the wedding and my car was back at the parents' house, so I had to stay until I could get someone to drive us back to his parents' house, where we had to stay the night ON THEIR WEDDING NIGHT because Ryan was drunk as a skunk and it was too late for me to drive the five hours home. The next morning was sooooo awkward.

    The upswing of it all is that I wrote the parents a note of apology and they wrote back saying that I was too good for their son but I was welcome in their home at any time, ha ha. Plus, I got a showstopper of a "most embarrassing" story!

  18. OK - I fell asleep in my Wildlife Biology class in college. Seems innocent enough, right? Let me elaborate. The classroom contained about 350 students, I just happened to be positioned in the exact middle; from the front to the back, as well as side to side. The instructor's voice was monotone - just like the teach from Ferris Beuller - "Anyone, Anyone..". He also read directly from an overhead projector - can you feel your eyelids drooping? Needless to say, I passed out. I was out cold. I was dreaming that I was riding my bike through campus, smiling and waving; and then BAM!! I hit a car. I screamed and jumped up in front of the ENTIRE class (drool and all). Yikes....

    Then there was this other time that my hubby and me were at the store and he asked for some chapstick. I quickly obliged and without knowing it, handing him a tampon in the checkout line. His face was red, but I couldn't stop laughing - he really didn't see the humor in it.

  19. Oh I could really use one of these...even though they gross me out too. LOL. I've been trying to find a good way to soften up my feet, but nothing seems to work.

    I had a pair of old Levis. They were a couple of years old, but they were my favorite. They fit nicely and nothing appeared to be wrong with them when I put them on one day. While I was out shopping with my husband, I kneeled down to look at something and suddenly I heard a small rip. Only it wasn't so small...there was a huge split in the back just along the seem. I had to walk out of the store and to the car that way with my dh laughing the whole time. I'm sure you can imagine the jokes he made about it for the rest of the day.

  20. Mine would be the same as Meg's.

  21. I had just started a new job at a music school. I worked in administration and had no musical experience whatsoever. But everyone else did. We were sitting around the conference room table in one of our staff meetings talking about a program for an upcoming concert. Underneath one of the pieces, where the author's name usually goes, it said, "Anon." I laughed and said outloud to everyone, "Anon? What no last name? Is this like the Madonna or Cher of the classical world?" No one laughed and my boss said, "No, that means anonymous."

    Insert foot in mouth.

  22. I guess one would be years ago working retail I was talking with a new manager about how ugly a dinning room set someone had returned was and just going on and on about no wonder they returned it who in there right mind would have bought the ugly thing in the first place no wonder its marked down even at this price no one would want the thing, then she looks at me and says I have this extact one at home there was nothing I could say it was just like insert foot.

  23. mine would be plugging up AND overflowing a toilet at my boyfriend's parents' house!

    and I SOOO want that ped egg. I've always wondered....

  24. Fell off the treadmill in a crowded gym and got "road rash" on my chin AND no one helped me! Nuff Said!

  25. From Verla -When I was in high school my family lived on the campus of a small Christian college. It was not unusual for us to have ministers as guests in our home. My room was in the converted garage of our house. The door was off the kitchen. One day I was standing in my room getting dressed. I was naked, holding my undies. The door opens and one of those ministers, who I had known all my life, steps in and say, "Oh, Oh, I was looking for your dad!" While he is saying this I am alternately trying to cover my lower region and then my upper region with that sad little pair of bikini underwear. There is NOTHING close enough to grab. I say, "I don't know where he is". He says, still in the room, "Oh, sorry, sorry. Thanks, I'll keep looking for him" and FINALLY backs out the door and closes it! We have never spoken of this.

  26. At work. Only woman. Skirt with elastic. Squatted to open bottom drawer of filing cabinet. Stood up. Heels of shoes on hem of skirt and pulled it to my knees. At least that was back in the day where we wore slips with everything. Whew. Margie

  27. First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog today and for your sweet comment.

    Secondly, for the contest.

    When I was in Italy, in May, we ate at the most charming restaurant on top of a mountain in Positano.
    The setting was beautiful; the restaurant was full of attractive Italian speaking men, not to mention quite a few customers....Anyway, I got up from the table I was sitting at to go to the ladies room, and right as I was walking by one of the gorgeous waiters talking to a table full of blouse popped open. Three buttons all at once. The ladies were completely exposed!

    Everyone was staring at me, and the Italian cutie said in English (but with a charming accent), "You can look, but you cannot touch!"....And the whole table broke out in laughter........As for me, I was mortified!:(

  28. I've seen that commercial and it freaked me out! Too funny to hear they are actually good. HAHAHA

    most embarassing...I don't know about most. I am able to block certain things out... but - maybe it was the first time a boy ever called me and my dad picked up the phone. I was mortified! That's prob when I felt most embarassed. I've done tons of stupid embarassing things... so I don't know really,

    One time I slipped and fell at a bar! In front of people. That just hit me.

    Oh - and I added you to my list too.

  29. Let's just say 10th grade...peach cotton chinos, period. (and not the punctuation mark)Big and messy period.

    No jacket or sweater to tie around my waist. Ugh.

  30. I went out to lunch with friends in Downtown Detroit. I had to leave early and get back to while walking ALONE, my slip started slipping..and slipping...and SLIPPING...until finally it just FELL ON THE GROUND...I casually stepped out of it and stuffed it in my coat pocket...but there were people around and I was MORTIFIED! lol Why, oh why did that not happen when I was with my friends instead of when I was alone??? lol ;)

    Thanks for the contest :)

  31. Keely Steger wins in my book, Wahahahaha!LOL!


    HA! Oh shoot, cracked me up.

    My most embarressing moment involves a boat dock, boys, my skirt & Mexican food eaten earlier that day...I think the therapy helped though!

  32. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet comment. Thankfully, I don't have a most embarrassing moment. Some of these are pretty bad, it would be hard to pick a winner, they all deserve it!

  33. Oh my gosh, I have so many I could write a book, and I'm not easily embarassed. I used to work at a bank, and around Christmas time we had a pot luck. My Mom made these fish cake type things (cultural thing), anyhow, my Mom made them round, like little balls. It was Friday and the bank was FULL of people cashing their checks. I saw the bank president come out from the back, and he mouthed the words, "What are these?" as he pointed to the fishcake. I yelled out in front of about 30 people, "They are fish BALLS". The whole place erupted and I had no idea what everyone was laughing at for a minute.

  34. I was at my 10th year high school reunion. I went to say hi to a girl who was extremly slender when we went to school. She had a little mound of a belly, and since I had a 8 month old myself, I patted her tummy and asked "what's this?" To my utter embarasseed she replied rather testily "what's what??" OMG I wanted the floor to open up. I replied "your dress, it's so pretty". Since I was on my second vodka tonic I don't recall what her reply was but I did notice that she didn't speak to me at the next reunion. To this day I never ask if a woman is pregnant unless she's 9 months pregnant and ready to deliver.

  35. I'm with Meg...pooping while giving birth was THE MOST EMBARASSING thing for me, even though the nurses said almost everyone does and they don't care. Whatever!

  36. Hi there and may I say, I do enjoy reading here! There is one especially embarassing moment I remember quite well. It was my first reallyreally good job...I was running a law office with an attorney that had just gone into practice. He was only a few years older than I was at the time, blond, charming...and a lawyer for goodness sakes! Well, he had done some dictation for me which I promptly sat down to type. About halfway through the letter, he had dictated a word that I couldn't quite hear, but being that I wanted to make a good impression, I didn't ask him to clear it up. Instead, I proceeded to type what I THOUGHT he said and what I THOUGHT he said was "copulation". Yes...that's right...I typed that word into a legal document! Awhile later, after he had proofread the document, he came into my office and rather shyly said..."Um, that word, the one right there? Not quite what I had in mind. What I said was "compilation"! Oh yeah, I made an impression alright! But we both had a laugh, albeit an embarassed one!

  37. Hey, I'm obviously older than most of your commenters here, so my memory is not as good...but something did happene at work today. As I was eating my salad, with fresh peppercorn, for lunch my boss called me into his office. After a bit I wasn't sure why he was looking at me funny. I discovered why when I went into the restroom and saw, not one, but two pieces of pepper in between my teeth. Ugh!

    P.S. Whitney, I sooo need this for my feet!

  38. I was Miss Stroud 1974. The Stroud Chamber of Commerce asked me to represent my hometown in the Miss Drumright pageant. I was told to wear a "pioneer costume" for the evening gown competition portion of the pageant. I rented a black pioneer dress with a hot pink bustle, black lace up boots, a can can the size of Texas, and a hat the size of a flying saucer. I brought the dress to the pageant director to make sure it was characteristic of a settler of a new territory. She loved the dress and assured me it was exactly what she had in mind. The night of the pageant I was aghast when I walked into the room where the other contestants were getting ready. There I was lugging my gaudy, cheaply brilliant ornate gown... (quite proudly I might add.) Then it happened. I saw the other girls evening gowns. They were beaded, bedazzled modern marvels. I was the only one there with a pioneer dress! I had to walk the runway in my 1800 couture fashion. I tried to smile through my humiliation. I was humbled as I stood before the crowd. Needless to say, the looks on the faces of those in the audience were filled with wonder and confusion. They were as bewildered and flustered as I was. I got a lot of sympathetic smiles. I think they felt as ill as ease as I did. I kept my composure even though my self confidence had long faded. Needless to say, I was not crowned Miss Drumright.

  39. I have a daughter who has always been sassy(she is 22 now, and still sassy). When she was about 3, you NEVER knew what would come out of her mouth. One day I had several appointments, and one was a lady meeting me at my house. She was about 2 hours late, so it was throwing me way off schedule, and I really began to get aggitated and started complaining out loud. I, at some point said "this lady is really p***ing me off. Well, the lady finally arrived (did I mention she was a business associate?) Holly, always the inquisitive one began to talk to the lady. "What's your name?" she asked. The lady sweetly answers her, and Holly turns to me and asks "Mommy, is this the lady who is p***ing you off? Find a hole and crawl in it!!!!
    Believe it or not there a more stories where that came from!
    Hope you had a good day.
    Debbie from

  40. Having my toddler in the bathroom stall with me at Target discussing in detail everything I was doing and why I was doing it. Very loudly!

  41. At my sister's wedding when the wind blew the pages of the Bible and the Best Man lost his place and read a passage regarding fornication and adultery instead of the one my sister and her husband had picked on love.

    I was probably the only one in the whole church paying attention besides my uncle who had been married 7 times. He was a funny guy and he leaned over the church pew and asked me if the reading was for him and I got the uncontrollable giggles .

    I had to follow the best man and do the next reading and it was something about lovely leaping gazelles and I couldn't hold it in any longer and I snorted with laughter into the microphone in front of 200 people. My other sister finished for me because I couldn't stop laughing.

  42. I don't know about anyone else, but I think you need to give one to Keely and to Romi. Those two stories made me laugh out loud!


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