Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Levi's First Vacation.

My parents whisked me, Husby, Levi, my brother and his pregnant wife away for the long weekend. We went to Branson, Missouri and we had such a good time.

I was a little worried about the ride down there since Levi has a sudden aversion to his car seat, but we ended up leaving at 8PM, so he slept the ENTIRE way down there. We didn't hear a peep out of him the whole way. Also, I couldn't believe how WELL he did the entire weekend. The first full day he did not take one nap. Not one. I was shocked and kept saying, "go to sleep, Levi. You need a nappy." He didn't listen and stayed awake all day. Even without a nap, he was all smiles all day and night. That evening, we went to see "Noah", and he absolutely LOVED it. He stared and cooed at the animals the entire time. It was so sweet. Again, after having no nap that day, I was afraid he would burst into tears as soon as the lights went out, but he just loved it.

The next day we did lots of shopping and went to Build-A-Bear!! We made a golfing bear for Levi and when we were finished, realized they totally matched!!

He also got a new friend, Dumbo, which he is completely and utterly obsessed with.

It was a great weekend. He slept in his pack and play in the room and was absolutely exhausted each night, so he slept like a champ.


I don't have a good family picture of all of us, but here is one of Mom and me.

And I have no idea why we were standing in front of a Shoney's/Holiday Inn sign. We didn't mean to....it was just there. Ha.

We took an Old Time photo and it is GREAT! I need to scan it and show you guys. It was so much fun.

Today we are recovering from the trip and doing laundry. Horray for vacays! :)


  1. I love the picture of Levi sleeping! So sweet!! There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby. Ah, I love it!

    I'm so glad he did well! I'm telling you, the whole driving-all-night thing is the best way to go! And he IS a champ for making it through one whole day without a nap--he's learned to keep pace with his Mama!

  2. So cute. Love the picture of you and your mom.

  3. Sounds like a fabulous trip! Levi is so cute in his little outfit.

    You look a lot like your mom in that picture.

  4. oh a swaddled little baby...how precious. they always look so peaceful.

  5. I'm so glad you all had a good time and that Levi was a perfect angel! I want to see all of your new clothes!!!

  6. Love all the cute photos of Levi! So glad that the trip went so well! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  7. sounds like a fun weekend!!! So glad Levi did so well!! :) He is always has such a sweet smile!

  8. Did you know there are outlet malls in Branson?? And there is also a really tasty Stone Hill Winery outlet... because I know you are on a budget and you had yard sale money to spend!

    I don't love Branson because I don't love banjos or outhouses, but I am excited to take a family vacation there so my Husby and I can ride rides at Celebration City and to shop at the Banana Republic. My parents will love taking our little boy around in the stroller in Siilver Dollar City.

  9. glad you had fun and he did so well! =) he is so cute!

  10. Sounds like a great trip!
    Levi's little smile melts my heart

  11. He is so presh! Love the matching outfit with his bear!!

  12. So fun! I love Branson! Levi looks adorable as always!

  13. i bet it was a fun get-away...those are GREAT for everyone! i recognized "sight and sound" in the background...i can see the "original" one from our bedroom window...when there are evenings showings it looks like a heavenly mansion on the hill....it's breathtaking! my sons think it's a castle! i heard they replicated the one in branson to match the one here EXACTLY. i'd like to compare them someday.

    p.s. i push my cart the ENTIRE way into the cart thingy after reading your story about stopping traffic....so stinkin' funny!!

  14. Oh I love Branson! Silver Dollar City is the best!!!

    Levi is adorable. I think babies just love elephants. My 3 year old has a plush Lumpy (purple heffalump from Winnie the Pooh) that she's had since she was a baby. She still carries it with her everywhere! He's a regular member of the fam.

    Glad you had a great time!

  15. Sounds like you had a great time. My inlaws are planning a family trip to Branson in November and when I checked it out on the internet I wasn't overly thrilled about going but you make it sound like it just might not be so bad! Thanks for sharing and giving me a glimmer of hope! :)

  16. How exciting for Levi! We are driving 10 hours at Thanksgiving to visit family and I'm already dreading it. My fingers are crossed that Beanie decides to cooperate, too!

    And I love the picture with Dumbo. Stuffed animals have recently become a big hit around our house, too!

  17. looking forward to seeing the old time pic.

    i love the dumbo stuffed animal Levi looks thrilled wiht it:-)

  18. Hi there, I'm trying to decide what kind of pack n play to get my daughter. I saw yours, and was curious to know what kind it was, and if the bassinet part is stable and padded nicely.


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