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The Testimony of the Tooth.


I prayed that I would be present when Levi lost his first tooth.

When it didn't come out over the weekend as I expected, I shuttered to think of him losing it at school and not being there for it.  I remember the day that exact tooth came in.  He was 8 months old to the day, and he was the rosiest, baldest, loveliest baby in the entire world. And his little tooth poking out through his gums was simply perfect.  I was there for it.  And I wanted to be there when it came out.

As I whispered my prayer about Levi's tooth, I didn't laugh.  It may seem silly to some, but to me it wasn't.  It was something that meant a lot to me.  A first.  I've been there for all of his firsts and this first was every bit as special as the rest of them.

The night before, Levi's tooth was dangling by a thread it seemed.  My husband gave it a good ole tug, but it stayed put.  We didn't push it - Levi was fine to let it twist and wiggle to the very end.  I had my video camera out ready to capture the moment, but no - it wasn't time.  It was all for naught.

When I sent Levi off to school the next morning, I saw his tooth and figured he would lose it sometime that day.  I didn't see how he couldn't.  He is in an "etiquette club" at school once a month, and it just so happened to be the day for it.  He would be at the school until 4:30, so by the time I saw him he would probably have a precious little gappy smile for me.  My stomach sank just thinking about it.

Four-thirty rolled around and typically he walks out on the dot and comes to the car, but today he didn't.  I grabbed Ezra out of his seat and we walked in to see that the class was running over by a few minutes.  The teacher was gathering up their things and lining them up for a photo.  I chatted with her as she lined up these sweet little boys and smiled as I watched Levi proudly holding his little kite he had made.  As I watched him get ready for the photo, I saw him reach into his mouth ever so gently and when his fingers came out they were holding a tooth!  He smiled so big and held it up over his head, eyes locked on me - showing me that it came out!

I had to laugh and choke the tears back.  I was beaming for my baby who had lost his first tooth, but fighting the tears because my God, who cares ever so deeply about my each and every concern, went before this day and let me be there for this special moment. That's ALL I could think about in that moment and I was overwhelmed with a feeling of .... comfort, is the only way I know how to describe it.  Had I not decided to walk in the school and see how things were going - I would have missed it.  If I would have had his Daddy pick him up - I would have missed it.  If I would have waited outside of the classroom instead of going in, I would have missed it! If. If. If.

There are no if's with God.  He knew exactly the time and place Levi would lose his little tooth, and by His sweet grace, He let me be there.  He knew it was important to me.  He knew it meant a lot.  He knew, and He went before us.  I was blown away!


Shortly after we left, we ran to the dollar store to pick up some dry pasta I needed for supper.  Levi was proudly carrying his little tooth throughout the store and as I rounded an aisle in front of him, I heard a WAIL.  I did not know what had happened!  I popped my head around the corner and saw him in a panic, staring at the ground ... Levi dropped his tooth.

The poor child was in tears.  I kept calm and hit the floor, promising him we would find it.  Levi jumped to his feet, clasped his hands, and began to pray.  "Jesus, please let us find my tooth. Please, Jesus," he pleaded.

The floor was green and white checked, with specks of white (of course) splattered throughout each tile.  The probability of us finding this tooth was slim at best.  Couple that with the fact that there had been a dry rice spill on the same isle, and all odds were against us.

"God, please let us find this special tooth."

I was on the floor, Levi was on the floor, Ezra was on the floor.  We were looking everywhere.  I texted my Mom to pray as we continued our search. (I couldn't text Husby because Levi wanted it to be a surprise.) After about 10 minutes of solid searching, just when I was about to call it quits and devise an alternate plan for the Tooth Fairy, I spotted that white little baby tooth and screamed for all of Dollar General to hear.  Levi tightened his little eyes and said,  "Thank you, Jesus."

Something so neat about this entire circumstance is that God didn't just let me experience His goodness through this tooth, but Levi, too.  He went before both of our requests about this tiny little tooth, and showed Himself as Comforter to me and Helper to Levi.  Wow!

You may be thinking I've straight up lost my mind to put so much thought and energy into this tooth.  But, this adjustment to not being with Levi 24/7 has been one of my most difficult struggles.  I miss him.  Deeply.  And being there for the big moments of his childhood is extremely important to me, and I know it will be for him, too, looking back as he grows. I want Levi to always remember his childhood moments with me there.  Present, encouraging, loving, there.

And I want him to always know that our God, lover of his little soul, cares about his each and every worry, concern, need, desire - no matter how big or small!  And forever and always, even more so than Mommy, He is there.

So, I don't have a video of tooth falling out, no photo of his face the moment it came out between his little fingers ... but I do have a story of God's care and His love.  One that I'll remember forever.

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Such a sweet story! My first thought as I read about you missing him all day is what a tremendous light for Jesus that little boy is to others at school. ;o)

  2. Precious! So thankful God cares about the details. =)

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  4. What a sweet story. I think things turned out just as they were supposed to, even though you didn't have your video camera at the ready. I helped my oldest child pull out his first loose tooth. As soon as it broke loose, I broke into tears--I totally feel for you!


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