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A Very "Erie" Halloween!

It's not every day you get to spend Halloween in a town called Erie! :)  Actually this was Husby's second Halloween in Erie... he was here interviewing this time last year.  Crazy to think about!

The boys decided a few months ago what they wanted to be for Halloween. (Levi, my planner, already has his decided for next year, too.  So they're always one step ahead of the game when it comes to dressing up and getting candy!)  I absolutely LOVE what they decided to be and it couldn't suit them better.

Presenting ...


Mario & Luigi! :)

The boys were on a Super Mario Brothers kick for a few months where it's all they wanted to talk about.  They were super excited to get to be them.  It's funny because I just assumed Levi would be Mario because he's the oldest and we all know that the younger siblings are always destined to be Luigi.  (Any younger sisters out there that can AMEN me here?!)  But Levi said he wanted to be Luigi, because he looks more like him and Ezra is shorter like Mario.  Also, he liked the "L" on his hat.  Fitting.  :)  I love how it turned out because they totally look like them!


Ezra wanted nothing, and I mean NOTHING, to do with the inflatable belly it came with.  He also hated the giant mustache that it came with and was in tears because he didn't want to wear it.  I had picked up a smaller mustache the other day on a Halloween aisle - call it mother's intuition - but he loved the thing.  He wanted to wear it and so we put the stache on and all was well.  He's just a skinnier Mario than what everyone is used to. :)


I mean, really.  They look adorable.

We didn't really know where to Trick or Treat, but I asked some of my friends and they pointed me in the right direction.  We went to this super nice, old neighborhood that we had never been to before, and it was absolutely STUNNING.

Big, old houses with massive trees everywhere.  It was gorgeous.  And so much fun!


The people there really got into the evening.  Everyone was sitting out on their porches to greet the kids and let me tell you, Mario & Luigi were such a hit!  Kids were screaming, "it's Mario! It's Luigi!", and parents loved it because it reminded them of their childhood.


Several houses had billowing smoke, fun music playing, and special treats besides candy for the kids.  One older couple had a giant popcorn maker set up in their yard and popped bags of popcorn for the children.  Another couple had a fire pit and all the fixins for s'mores.  I'm telling you, these people know how to do Halloween! Super fun!



And let me tell you, the amount of chocolate they got was incredible.  Their bags were almost ALL chocolate.  And they got 7 full size candy bars EACH!  Jackpot, baby!



Levi was the one who came up with the idea for the plungers.  Husby picked them up from a store the day before, and I'm telling you, those plungers have been the best toy those two have ever had.  Every time I see them, they have a plunger.  The other day someone had to come over to work on our heater and I had to hide the plungers because he would have thought I was a NUT for letting the boys play with plungers for toys.  Haha!



We walked and gathered treats for well over an hour.  It was nice just strolling the beautiful neighborhood and enjoying our evening together.  The boys were having a blast!




How I love these littles.  We had such a sweet night.  I told Husby I loved seeing all the little kids running and screaming throughout the neighborhood  ... it brings such LIFE to a street.  I told him that 50 years ago these streets were probably this lively every night - not just on Halloween.  Days I never knew, but days I long for.


We warmed up with a chicken pot pie and a turkey dinner from Bob Evans before going home and participating in the very best part of the day.


Dumping out, sorting, and sampling the candy!!

Hope you all had a fun night with your kiddos! :)

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Those costumes are fantastic! My four year old was peering over my shoulder just now and said, "oh LOOK mummy! It's Mario and Weegee!" He's a BIG fan. Also that's such a beautiful neighbourhood! Glad you had a great Halloween.


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