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A Sweet Crisp Day.

Husby planned a super fun outing for us last weekend!  We journeyed deep into the Pennsylvanian countryside and visited the most charming apple orchard I've ever seen.  It was straight out of a Hallmark movie.  Picturesque in every way!


The boys hit the ground running.  There's just something about a little boy, a farm, fresh air, and wide open spaces that make them go crazy - running, jumping, climbing, laughing.  They had the best time!


There was a gift shop and bakery that smelled like nothing you've ever smelled before.  Apple EVERYTHING!  Unfortunately, the crowds malled that day and by the time we got there they were out of most of their baked goods, but we still managed to leave with several goodies, like a homemade apple cake mix, apple butter, half pecks of apples, and several frozen apple turnovers to enjoy later.


There were farm animals roaming around and a large orchard we strolled through.  I told Husby that I need to contact Hallmark and have them make a movie there ASAP.  It was perfect!  I also told him to buy me a farm and a big white house with an American flag hanging from the large and inviting front porch.  It's high time I embrace my inner farm girl.




I'm pretty sure the boys' favorite part was tree climbin'.  They could have stayed all day and just climbed trees.  Note: when we move, find a house with big trees!


Farm life is where it's at!

Especially when there's an apple bakery on the premises. :)


Husby planned a beautiful day!  Oh, and it didn't hurt that we hit up the most amazing outlet mall afterwards.  ;)

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