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Just a Fun Day.

My mind is swirling with so many thoughts and emotions these days that putting together a coherent blog post seems impossible.  I need to write about this and I should write about that ... and ultimately I'm writing about nothing.  If y'all could only see the half written posts I have saved in my phone, you'd get an idea where my head is .... EVERYWHERE!  I'll compose a big and bulleted "update post" on all that is going on over here when my fingers finally start tapping into my brain.  Because even though this time is absolutely crazy, I want to remember it.

But today, let's talk about the zoo!  The zoo is easy and fun and stress free and our biggest worry while there was what flavor Dip N Dots we were going to order.  No matter how old I get, Dip N Dots will always turn me back into a 5 year old.  So delish!


The other weekend we joined the rest of the greater Tulsa metro and went to the zoo.  Our zoo has never been anything to write home about, but they have made a ton of improvements over the past couple of years and now it's a lot of fun.  The best part of zoo days is just being with the boys I love.


(Check out the moment I caught of the couple behind us.  Aren't they just delightful?)

There's a new exhibit at the zoo with gigantic mechanical dinosaurs.  They move and roar and are very lifelike!


A little too lifelike for little Ezra.


It was really neat, though.  Reminded us of one like it we visited when we took Levi to Galveston.


The boys had a blast, as always, and have not put down the pet dino's we bought them at the gift shop. They love those things, haha!


It makes me laugh because the dinos they picked out totally remind me of them.


Levi : tall, bright, always smiling.
Ezra: cute, cuddly, with a curly "frill".  

Seriously! They look just like them!  Hilarious.

It was a super fun day with my super fun boys!





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  1. We had the dinosaur exhibit at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. My boys absolutely loved it!


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