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Runnin' Through my Head

* Can I just say that I wish I had a private chute from my house to Sonic so that I could get unlimited Route 44 Unsweet Teas with extra ice and lime all the live long day.

* Will someone please invent a drive thru grocery service?  I'm not talking about the online deliveries and all those sorts of things that are available these days.  I mean just a small shop carrying just the basics so that mommy's with small children who don't feel like dragging everyone in and out for one or two items can swing by and grab a couple gallons of milk without leaving the car.  I bet the elderly would appreciate it, too.

* We watched Cinderella this past weekend and of course, she looked absolutely gorgeous when she went to the ball.  But, she would have looked worlds better without the black choker around her neck. Totally ruined the ensemble. Who knew Cindy had a little emo side to her? I mean, she needed pearls.  Or diamonds.  ALWAYS pearls and diamonds.  Never black chokers.  Unless you're 16, with too much black eye liner and barbie doll heads as earrings.

* I cut my finger last week chopping an onion.  Whenever I see people cut their fingers with a knife on cooking shows or whatever, I can never understand HOW they do that.  And then, of course, I did it.  And I mean to tell you, I cut it B.A.D.  Like, as soon as it happened I felt like vomiting and had to check to see if my finger was still there.  It will be a long time before that puppy heals.  Awful.

* Can someone please recommend something to me for not clenching my teeth while I sleep?  It all started a few years into marriage (I blame a crazy stressful job I had), and it's never stopped.  If anything, it has gotten worse.  It's frustrating because I have zero control over it as I am unconscious!  I tell myself every night before bed, "relax. relax. relax.", but as soon I drift off, my entire body tightens up and I clench my teeth together tighter than a steel drum (whatever that even means).  Sometimes when I wake up, I'm still clenching and I have to force my jaws to relax to pry them apart.  IT IS HORRIBLE!  I wear a mouth guard, have used muscle relaxers ... nothing helps.  I suffer from TMJ, sore jaws, super knotty shoulders, and horrible headaches from all the tension it builds.  I need a miracle, peeps!

* Every time we order pizza from Mazzio's, Levi and I insist we get an Oreo Pizza.  They are divine, but they are so heavy with fat that it makes me sick every time.  Yet, I keep ordering and eating it.  Worth it.

* Do you say Mah-zzios or Maz-zios?  I say "mah".

* Husby worked 9a-9p on Saturday and I ordered a delivery pizza for the first time in my life (Husby usually handles it).  I realized that I had no idea how much to tip the guy since I had never done it before, so I tipped him like $4.  Was that appropriate?  Too much?  Not enough?  And he was standing like forever away from my door.  I was standing in my doorway thinking he would hand me the pizza, but he stayed so far away I had to walk outside!  It was weird.  Is this protocol?  Why wouldn't he take 2 steps closer?

* Every time my children get bit by a mosquito I am convinced they have West Nile disease.

* Remember how I cut my finger?  Well, my Mom discovered these amazing bandaids that work miracles, but they only come 6 to a box!  SIX!  Levi calls them "fancy bandaids" and always wants to use one on his scrapes.  I am so stingy with them that I had to hide them from him.  Some people hide their special cookies and treats from their kids ... I hide my bandaids.

* Ever since Hostess came back into existence, I became fat.

* Husby introduced the kids to the Mouse and the Motorcycle (I think that was the name of it) the other day and they both were absolutely transfixed on that show (movie?).  Neither of them moved a muscle. He said they used to watch it in school.  Ha!  I loved it, too.  Shows were better when we were kids.

* No lie, I just got bit by a mosquito!!!  I think I'm having symptoms.  I better go, guys.

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. We have Zip Thrus in my hometown in Indiana. You drive your car in and its a little convenience store. Although even with 5 kids I have never used them, they would come in handy sometimes.

  2. my daughter saw a chiropractor for severe jaw pain related to clenching and was very happy with the improvement. Massage and yoga will help with the tight muscles too. good luck

  3. I second the worked wonders for me! My dentist had just recommended a very expensive mouth guard and after she left the room the dental hygienist told my about chiropractic. Try it!

  4. Do you wear a full nightguard? You may want to try an NTI, which just goes on the front teeth to keep your molars from clenching in the first place. Of course massages are nice too :)

  5. hey, it's Sarah. Have you ever thought about Xanax?? there's no shame or nothing wrong in taking a little something to remedy this. my mom has a rx for the lowest dose and then cuts the pill in 1/4. I am still using Amitryptiline (sp?) and declare it a miracle drug! :) also, I used to have a mouth guard that had disk-like pads that go between the top and bottom teeth on both sides that prevent the teeth from touching. I found it at wal-greens, but that's been 5-6 years ago. Good luck..I know how you're feeling as I used to be in your shoes nightly!!

  6. Check your closest Braums, especially during not busy times I know my Grandma used to get milk and bread from the drive thru during the winter!

  7. Reasor's has an option where you order online and pick it up in their drive-thru pick up. I'm sure it has a limited selection, but it might work in a pinch!

  8. Try the chiropractor! Mine works wonders...find one that uses a clicker. I know thats not the technical term, I think it might be an actuator or activator. Anyhow, its amazing! Also, we usually tip $2 or $3 so you were very generous!

  9. I loved the Mouse and the Motorcycle! Another older movie I came across the other day was The Indian in the Cupboard. Your boys might really enjoy it as well.

  10. Chiropractor has also helped with my TMJ. I have used a night guard before for clenching - it may protect your teeth but for me it doesn't really help with the jaw part.

    Umm... as the jingle singer for Mazzios, i can say that it is pronounced Ma(as in apple)zzios. (-:

    I am also afraid of West Nile, and I know you mentioned no on the whole online shopping thing, but I have done the Reasor's thing before and it's great, and it saves your items you usually buy. (-:

  11. In all seriousness, back home in Miami they have drive-thru groceries! Not here in San Diego, though...

    I think your tip was good. I tip the pizza guy $5. :)

  12. You seriously need to find an orthodontist who can treat TMJ. All of the symptoms you describe are part of it. I have about 1 year left in my treatment and it has made a world of difference! Check out the academy of craniofacial pain (

  13. I agree with the chiropractor. I wear a night guard made by my dentist but was still waking up with my jaw hurting and it would hurt by the end of the day. The chiropractor helped so much! I didn't have to go too many times either.

  14. Whit, you left out the most important part! What are the "FANCY BANDAIDS" real name!


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