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Snow Day.

A few weeks ago, it finally snowed enough to where we could actually go out and play in it.  Two years ago we had several feet of snow and it was a blast to play in out with Levi.  Last year was lame - we had a snow in the morning that was melted by nap the time naps were over.  This year has been extremely uneventful as well, so we were all hooping and hollering when we saw the snow coming down.

And there's always something special about a baby's first snow storm.  He was absolutely mesmerized! Love it!

We didn't get much, but it was enough to get bundled up for and spend the morning playing.



Levi had a blast.  He was running around everywhere - throwing snow, eating snow, screaming "I LOVE SNOW", he is the world's biggest fan.

It was tricky playing because since Ezra can't walk yet without holding on to something, I carried him the whole time.  I mean, you can't just leave a baby sitting in a pile of snow.  That's cruel!



All Levi talked about all morning was having a snowball fight, so with a 22 lb. baby in one arm, we had about a half hour snowball fight.  Needless to say, Levi won - pelting us like Buddy the Elf as I
balanced the baby on my hip and bent up and down up and down making snowballs with one hand.  Man, it was tricky!  I needed Husby to take off work and come have a proper snowball fight with Levi!


He ended up getting off a little early that day, so Levi got to go out and build a snowman using literally all of the snow in the yard! Haha!


Such a great snowman .... but an even better Daddy.


Note the light saber arm and the Thor hammer arm.  Toughest snowman on the block, yo.

A few minutes after coming in after the snowman pictures were snapped, I suffered a massive muscle spasm in my neck/shoulder - likely from my one armed snowball fight earlier that day.  It was debilitating.  I couldn't move my head for a week and a half straight ... honestly one of the toughest weeks in my life.  I've NEVER experienced such pain, and pray I never do again.

But, after seeing this pictures and reflecting back on the giggles and screams of my babies that morning, it was totally worth it.  Screaming, crying, couch-ridden pain and all.  Next time, I may just wait until the babies nap time before snowball fighting with my biggest.  :)

I hope you've all been able to enjoy some snow this year.  There is nothing more beautiful than the land and trees covered in a blanket of ivory.

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  1. That's an awesome snowman! Love it :) sorry about your neck though, I can't imagine going that long with a neck spasm.

  2. So ironic. I live in a country where 6 out of 12 months everything's covered in snow - lots of it! So as you're there saying "Yay, snow!" we're here saying "can't that freaking snow melt already!" :D But I totally get you - it'd be so sad if there was no snow the entire winter.


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