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All throughout the month of November, we make it a point to discuss the things we are thankful for every day.  You may remember last year we did the Wreath of Thanksgiving with Levi.  This year we did the Tree of Thanksgiving!  It was wonderful for him to wake up each morning and tell me one thing he was thankful for. He was SO EXCITED and it was one of the first things out of his mouth every morning. Some days he wanted to choose multiple things, so I let him.  I hung it in the Living Room for all to see and Levi was so very proud.


Another craft that we did was to make 12 of his family and friends frames with all the things he is thankful for about that person written on them.  We then put a photo of him with each person in the frame and mailed it to them.  It was super sweet.


Levi was one thankful little boy this year! 

Here are the things he is thankful for (minus two days because I'm setting this to post on Tuesday night). :)

Thanksgiving Tree 2012

(Not in order of the days he said them because I forgot, so I'll go in order of the leaves L to R.)

(As if y'all care what order I go in.)

Mommy (That one WAS first - I DO remember that! HAHA! YAY!)
Making crafts with Mommy
Ruldolph Build-a-Bear
Grandma Hinman
Glam*Ma & Papapa
The flowers
Our Christmas town
My Ogre
Chocolate milk, Mickey Mouse & Goofy
My Leap Pad
The Grass
God and Jesus
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Cars, Toy Story and Tom & Jerry
Friends: Ruthie Jane, Elliot, Izzy
Grammy & Poppy

It's so sweet seeing what a three year old values and cherishes in his life.  I was so proud of him because none of these responses were urged for him to say - they were ALL his ideas, and the first nine days were all people and God.  The stuff came next.  That made me so happy! Sweet baby boy.

I'm thankful for him today.

For him, his baby brother, and their amazing daddy. 

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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  1. Such a sweet boy! you must be a very proud mom :)
    Love the craft ideas!


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