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Makin' a List!

Well folks.  It's that time of the year to start writing out Christmas lists and shopping for deals!  I have a couple of gifts already purchased, but the majority of them are still sitting in their respective stores ... just waiting for my ice cold hands to come snatch 'em up.  I've made out my lists for what I want to get who (whom?) (eh, who cares.), but just haven't had the time to get out (or sit down to order) and find them all.

Levi's list this year is hilarious.

He wants:

A flying helicopter - (a remote control one that he saw flying around the mall.)

A Mickey Mouse farm barn.

A real wallet. (Mr. sophisticated.)

A real camera.

I know that he really wants the helicopter and the barn, because he talks about them all the time, and loved them from the moment he laid eyes on them.  And he loves taking pictures with my camera, so I ordered him a kid camera that takes real pictures.  But after that, I'm stuck.

I've ordered two little toys for Ezra that he can crawl after (this boy is ALWAYS on the move!).  And, I'm trying to come up with something for him that we don't already have (that was big brothers), and something he will love. Something special to him.

So, folks, help a sista out.

I've already browsed the Top Toys for 2012, but I need some REAL PEOPLE help.

Levi is 3 years.
Ezra is 7 months.

What toys would you recommend for two sweet little boys at these sweet little ages?

Come on, real people.  Help me out.  Pretty please?

And if you can't help me out, I have to know - what is the funniest thing on your kids' Christmas list?

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Have you thought about a leap pad for Levi? What about one of the Step 2 or Little Tykes push cars for Ezra? I know it would come in handy for small walks or at the park to push him around. My daughter has one and she loves it. :)

    Hope this helps. Shopping for a baby under 1 is kinda hard, I had the same issue last year.

  2. My son turned 7 months at Christmas last year. I think the most successful present was the dino walker.

  3. I have the same dilemma. I have a 3 year old boy and a 9 month old boy. It's hard to come up with a NEW toy that big brother didn't already have. But it's also hard to me to come up with baby toys. Mine don't even bat an eyelash at toys...they want boxes, electronics, remote controls. HA! I think I'm going to load Will up on books this year. His bookshelf is pretty thin.

  4. My daughter is the same age as Levi, and her list was a riot this year. It included some actual good ideas (a DreamLite, necklaces) and some totally random things (hay for her stuffed animals, some more stones for outside, and new bundles of toilet paper. HAHA!) We're also going to get her some non-breakable drinking glasses to transition away from her sippy, and her first real Bible (as opposed to the numerous Bible story books she has now). Our little guy is 18mo, and we're having a hard time for him, too. Do you have any Matthew Van Fleet board books? Both of our kiddos love them!

  5. I am assuming that you already have Thomas trains? My 3.5 year old is OBSESSED with Thomas, and I love them, too. Also, Carter loves Chuck and Friends, the little trucks. I'll be Ezra would really like those, too.

    Fisher Price has some ADORABLE toys for little boys right now:

    Super Friends:

    Buzz Lightyear Little People:

    I got this for Carter - I think you can use it for lots of different types of little cars:

    I hope this helps!

  6. If the helicopter he saw was one of those like they have at places like might want to check for alternatives that are more user-friendly. I bought one from Brookstone several years back and it was ultra sensitive and difficult t keep airborne even for the adult who it was purchased for. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case maybe you wanted to test it out "in store" first to see if it might be something Levi could work with-I wouldn't want him to be disappointed in it. There may also be more kid-friendly alternatives to the hi-tech one out there-not sure.

  7. Does Ezra have Scout (by LeapFrog)? It's a stuffed green puppy... you can personalize what songs he sings, put his name in so he says it, and other personalizations. My baby boy is 13 months now but he has LOVED Scout for a long time! Definitely a MUST if you don't have it already.

  8. Look up DIY lego tables on pinterest, there is a really cute one made from an ikea table.

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  10. those peek-a-blocks and dump truck for it is a good toy to grow with him. And aqua doodle is one thats pretty awesome for young kids.

  11. I wanted to buy one of those helicopters for the boys for Christmas and Curt said they were too young. Ugh! I should just buy what I want. Yeah; that would work. :-)

  12. Christmas presents are soooooo hard!!! I am having more trouble shipping for my hubby though lol However this year we decided to the do the 5 present limit plus stockings. So for us it will be "Something you NEED, something you WANT, something to WEAR, something to READ/PLAY, Santa gift" This has made it a bit easier but still hard lol
    Our little guy will be 5 months and I have no idea what 5 month old babies need or will play with haha!!!

  13. Hi! I love reading your blog. I have two girls one who is 3 and one who is 7 months. We have the same issue our 3 year old has tons of toys. We are getting our 7 month old a Fisher Price Ballapalooza. You will have to google it. Looks like so much fun. Our 3 year old has only asked for a clock. Good luck!

  14. I have a 3 year old boy too. This year Santa is getting him a "big black train" - like the kind that goes under the tree b/c that's what he really wants. We are also buying him a plasma car. It's a little ride on toy, but for older kids (and adults too). I actually just rode one around my sister in law's driveway last week and had a blast. So this is partly a toy for Mommy too. I took my 18 month old on a ride with me (going a lot slower) and she had a blast. His little sister is giving him a Mack truck (from Cars2) to hold all of his die cast cars (from Cars2) - this has been on his Xmas list as well.

    Sorry, I have no suggestion for Ezra other than maybe one of those wooden push carts from AFO. My kids loved their cart!

  15. Our youngest was 7 months last Christmas and the hit gift for him was Hide-n-Squeak eggs that the older two picked out on amazon. Hmmm...I can't remember what we got Scott when he was three except for new firewood gloves which he loved but I don't imagine Levi could use those! :)

  16. Oh gosh, my son is 9 and I feel totally out of the loop when it comes to what little boys want. I know when my son was that age he LOVED Imaginext and Geotrax.He also had a wooden train table that he played with daily. At the age of 4 he asked for a play kitchen which my husband thought was weird, turns out he just likes to cook:) Nothing weird about that. Also, LINCON logs! My son has had the same set since he was 3 and at the age of 9 he still builds with them! I'm excited to be a new follower of your blog! from one boy mom to another:)

  17. I love books for gifts, especially that will encourage those little ones in their hearts for Jesus. I love the Little Jewel Books, esp. this one for Levi "A Boy to Help"

    The others are great too, esp. Just Four and Molly Helps Mother.

  18. My 2.5 year old is getting Legos, Magformers, lots of books and puzzles, slippers, a basket of new art supplies, and a real tool set. My parents are loading him up with camping gear so he can camp out in the house (tent, sleeping bag, little lantern, etc).

  19. I know this is a really late post, but my friend who has a 3 year old just gave her son a Compassion Child for Christmas. He is getting other things too, but she wanted to start another tradition with him. She picked out a child that has his same birthday. He will be able to write and pray for him. I know Levi is so compassionate toward others. Maybe this would be a good idea. I am planning on doing it when my 2 year old is 3 next year.


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