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Little Boy Gift Ideas.

I just wanted to thank you all for the ideas you gave me for the boys' Christmas gifts this year.  I really appreciated the input from you!  I thought I would share with you a few of Levi's favorite toys right now (he's 3) to maybe help you out with your gift buying.

We love Imaginext toys around here.  This castle is Levi's favorite!  He plays with it all of the time.  It came with a DVD that is super fun for him to watch, too.


We purchased the Ogre and the Dragon, too, and he loves them!  They interact with the castle and it is really really neat.  We love it!



In fact, Levi even said he was thankful for his ogre one day before Thanksgiving.  He loves his Imaginext toys!  (He also has the Batcave that he loves, too.)

Next on the list are the Switch-N-Go Dino's by V-Tech.

You think it's a car ...


but oh wait! It turns into a dinosaur!


These things have provided Levi with literally hours of entertainment.  He loves them! They're like huge transformers.  Super fun for little boys! He has the big one pictured and two small ones.

The next thing I highly recommend is the Leap Pad.  He received this for Christmas last year and he is obsessed with it ... STILL.


I love it because it's educational and he plays games that help him learn while he's having fun!  Win win!  I highly recommend this product. They have Leap Pad 2's out now, too.

And lastly, a Jake and the Neverland Pirates Ship.


This thing is just fun.  It shoots darts and Levi loves playing pirates outside on his big toy, so he's always playing with this little one when we're inside.  It's super cute and lots of fun.

Oh, and Levi is also GAME OBSESSED.  Some of his favorites are:

Don't Break the Ice
Sonny the Seal
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Mouse Match

I hope I was able to help someone out! :) Happy Gifting!

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  1. Yesterday I purchased the Leap Pad for my three year old for Christmas! I hope he loves it as much as Levi! x

  2. We are all about imaginext in our house. It's the follow up for the little people stuff. My son's getting the castle for Christmas. He has numerous dinosaurs, and superheroes. While he's playing he sings the theme song from the DVD. They're not cheap but they're durable, and will last forever.

  3. We love Imaginext, too. We were going to get Eli the castle for Christmas (he's 2 1/2) but I think we're going to wait for his birthday in June. He's super into Toy Story right now, so we're having a Toy Story Christmas!

  4. Thanks for sharing! We were considering the leapPad for our 3yr old son, good to hear it's a hit!
    Also, I'm such a cornball, I hadn't thought of traditional games like hungry hungry hippos for Xmas!! Going to add that to the list :)

  5. Im a new follower and fellow housewife. These are great suggestions for little boys. I got both of my older kids the InoTab2 this year. I know they will like it because they fight over my tablet.

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  8. I'm curious about the Ogre and the Dragon because the pictures are not available. It sounds interesting because my kids love dragons. I think it would be a great little boy gifts. :)


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