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Ezra is 5 Months Old!

My Dearest Littlest,


Oh my boy! You are FIVE months old!  When people ask me how old you are I have to stop and think for a minute, because five months doesn't seem like long enough.  It seems like you have been a part of our lives for years, my love!  Also, people are taken aback when I say five months because you are the size of about a 8-9 month old.


When we took to you to your 4 month check up last month you were 17 lbs. 9 oz., and 27.5 inches long!  You are nearly two pounds bigger and half an inch longer than your brother was at this age.  Astounding, you little giant!  You were completely off the charts in your height - no surprise there.


Ever since you started rolling around last month, you have not stopped.  I swear you are trying to crawl!  You get up on your knees and then scoot around the room.  I will put you on your play mat, step away for a few minutes, come back and have to search the room for you!  I can not believe how mobile you are for such a young age.  But you definitely have the muscles for it, sweetheart!


You continue to be the sweetest little child.  You laugh all day long.  Today I thought I was going to have to make Levi leave the room you were laughing so hard.  I was afraid you couldn't catch your breath!  You are so, so precious.  I LOVE getting to know you because every day you reveal a new treasure about yourself and I'm just filled with such love.  I tell people I think you are going to be a little funny boy, because you have the best sense of humor!  I've never seen a baby laugh SO much.


You can not sleep without your lovies, and you typically throw it over your face to fall asleep.  This scares me to death, and I'm always coming in and removing it from your precious little face.  You love to hold things, and you love to hold hands.  The other night I scooped you up and put you next to me in bed.  You were very restless and I placed my hand in yours and you fell right to sleep.  Oh, the things you do to my heart, baby boy!


You take 3 naps a day - a short one in the morning, a longer one in the afternoon during your brother's nap, and then another short one in the evenings.


You eat 6 ounces at a time, and sometimes before bed you want more!

We are going to start you on rice cereal soon.  We've had some for a month now, but just keep forgetting to do it.  I prefer holding you in my arms and giving you your ba-ba anyway.  You love your ba-ba.


You love to sit on people's lap and be cuddled.  You just sit so content, looking around and being sweet.  But when it's time for bed, you will not fall asleep unless you're in your crib.  This is brand new territory for your Mommy, but it's been so great!  I miss rocking you, but I love that when you are awake you love to rock and cuddle.  You are a lamb.


I am blessed by you.  I am blessed by your presence in my life.  Each morning when I wake up and you greet me with the happiest, most precious smile, I can not tell you what it does to me.  You give me such joy and encouragement with the way you look at me ... the way you love me.  The moment God placed you in my tummy, He gave me one of the greatest blessings of my life, and I am thrilled that it was YOU.  You are my gift, little one.  You are absolutely perfect, and I love you.  With all of my heart.


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