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1..2..3... BLASTOFF! (Part 1)

Well folks, another birthday has come and gone.  My baby boy is three!  The party was SO much fun, full of super sweet kiddos and precious memories.  This theme was a super fun to plan and I had a great time dreaming up ideas and bringing them to life.  Kids birthday parties are my favorite thing in the world to plan.  I'm always so sad when it's over! If I could do this for a living, I absolutely would!

So, I'll show you the details today and pictures from the party tomorrow.  I usually split up my party posts in two days because if you don't know it by now I will go ahead and tell ya: I get a little photo happy. And by a little I  mean a lot. I can't bear the thought of memories escaping me, so I take and have a bazillion pictures of every little thing - especially when it comes to my sweet boys!

Astronaut Party Time!

First, the invites! made the cutest invitations and I used a photo of Levi in his astronaut costume from Halloween.


My Mom and I thought it would be adorable for every child to have a NASA shirt to wear to the party and to be sent with the invitation, so I ordered some official patches (love 'em!), bought some iron on embroidery letters from Hobby Lobby and created all of their shirts.



Look how cute and official they turned out.  We found a great deal on white polo's at JC Penney and whipped up twelve little shirts and one very special little onesie.  Each shirt was sent with the invitation.

Next, the table!

When Levi told me he would like to have an astronaut party, the first thing I thought of was food.  Imagine that.  "Space" named candies popped into my head and so I quickly jotted down a list.

Moon Pies!
Mars Bars!
Milky Ways!
Pop Rocks! (Er, moon rocks, in my mind!)
Orbit Gum! (For the adults.)

So, that's where I started.



That made up the majority of the table, so a lot of work was knocked out in a matter of minutes!

I wanted a fun centerpiece for the table and found a cute mini solar system that actually rotated!! SO FUN!  Since Levi is obsessed with the planets, I thought this would make a great centerpiece and then learning tool/toy for him.  Two birds - one stone!


(This photo was the night before without all the goodies on it.  But you can see how the sun was lit up!)

Oriental Trading had a TON of space things, and I found the cute rocket ship sippy cups there, and we ordered some bottles of "Rocket Fizz" pop.


I thought the little boy riding on the rocket looked like Weebie!


I found a picture of the cake I wanted online and took it to a local bakery and asked if they could recreate it.  They said they thought they could, so we went with it.  Awesome!!!


My mom had a good idea a couple days later and she went in and ordered some planet cookies, too! They were adorable!



The cake and cookies set the table off!





The birthday boy LOVED his table!



Next, the favor table!

For the favors, I hit up Oriental Trading again and most everything came from there.


They had astronaut helmets, space food sticks, space fact cards, freeze dried ice cream, alien slime, outer space suckers, a little rocket, rocket ship pens and a rocket launcher. Everything came from OT except for the fact cards (Target) and the freeze dried ice cream (Hobby Lobby).




I love party favors.

Finally, I did something different this year and instead of buying banners and balloons, I transformed the living room into outer space.






I just loved the feel of it.  My Mom came and got Levi so that I could clean and decorate the house and it be a surprise for him, and I've got to show you his face when he walked in and saw it all.




That right there was worth all the work I put into this thing!


I said it last year, but I think THIS is my favorite party yet.  It felt more special this year because HE picked the theme and it is something he is super into right now.  I love that this party reflects who he is at three years old.  And I've got to tell you, I have learned SO much about the solar system because of that little boy and this party.  I took astronomy in college but have forgotten so much.  I am now as obsessed with planets and astronauts as he is!  It is simply fascinating.

I can't say it enough ... I love these little boys God has given me! They are more fun than I ever imagined!!

Come back tomorrow to see more pictures!

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. LOVE! You did a great job on everything!! The attention to detail was amazing and you can tell Levi adored it all. =) What an awesome party. You definitely have party planning talent. The next birthday I'll be planning is for my youngest little man... who will be 1 in September. I'll let you know the theme and then you can tell me what to do! Ha! Great job!!

  2. Amazing party! Levi will remember this one forever! Can't wait to see all his little friends tomorrow!

  3. My mom always went all out for birthdays and I have amazing memories as a result. I still think birthdays are amazing. Weebie and Ezra are so lucky to have you!

  4. Wow! You did an amazing job creating this birthday experience for him and his friends. I can't wait to see pics of baby Ezra in his spacey onsie!

  5. You are amazing! What a treat for such a special boy & all his friends. So just curious do you have a birthday budget you shoot for?

  6. Amazing! Really great ideas. Love all the party favors :)

  7. Such an amazing party! I love how you decorated the living room, it is so unique! Also, I don't know if this was on purpose, but since the black table cloth has a square/plaid pattern on it it looks like stellar cartography!

  8. What a great party!!! Levi looked SO excited! I loved all of their t-shirts, and the adorable "space" food!!! Great job...especially for having a new born!!!

  9. So fun! Can I hire you, haha.
    Levi is so lucky to have you for a mom.

  10. Love Husby and Ezra both conked out in the background of the picture of the living-room-turned-outer-space! Hee, sweet!

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