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The Circus Revisited.

My in-laws bought Husby and I a Groupon on Valentine's Day to use for a special date night at a local steak house after the baby came.  They were going to babysit, but my mother-in-law came down with strep throat, so we ended up taking the boys along with us.  It was perfectly fine with me because I had THREE handsome dates that night. :)

The Scene: I am in the other room ironing all of our clothes, trying to time everything perfect so we are dressed, pretty, and ready to go when Husby gets home.  Levi is running around asking a bazillion questions and Ezra is happily playing in his bouncy seat.

A loud scream comes billowing from Ezra's tiny little mouth.

I poke my head around the corner to check on things, see Levi take off running with his fingers in his ears and mumbling, "uh oh; I better go hide!"

Ezra keeps yelling and Levi begins running in circles around the coffee table, fingers in ears, screaming as loud as humanly possible, "I love you! You love me! We're a great big family! With a great big hug and lots of kisses too! Glam*ma loves her Weebie Bear!"

Ezra stops screaming and smiles the biggest smile to date.

I grab my make up and start slapping it on.

Make up finished, hair dried and curled, cute new top and necklace on.

Time to get the boys dressed.

Just as I am putting Levi's shirt on over his head, Husby walks in.  I notice the front of Levi's hair sticking straight up.  I hadn't put any gel or product in his hair.

"Weebie, what's in your hair?"

"Just a booger.  A booger melted in my hair."

Oh.  Nice.

Apparently, his nose was running and when I slid one shirt off to put on the new one, it went into his hair.  Who needs hair gel when you've got melting boogers?

Off goes the shirt, and into the tub he goes.  Hair washed.

In-betweens! In-betweens! Remember the in-betweens! 

Husby jumps in to help with Levi and I pick Ezra up out of his bouncy seat to get him dressed.  I lay him on my lap.  I notice a smell.

Precious, perfect little Ezra had a blow-out.  Poopies everywhere.  On the bouncy seat, all over himself
 ... and all over Mommy.

Mommy's new shirt?  Filthy.  Mommy's necklace? Covered.

Husby gets finished washing Levi's hair, takes Ezra and tells me to go get cleaned up.

New clothes all around.

In-betweens! In-betweens! Remember the in-betweens! 

I rinse and throw everything in the wash, take a look at my freshly clean little boys who were but minutes ago filthy little ragamuffins, kiss my patient Husby and we are headed out the door.


Click. Crash. SPLOOSH!

"Oopsie Daisy!"

Levi knocks over an entire can of Dr. Pepper Ten.

In-betweens?  WHAT IN-BETWEENS?!?!?!

Husby and I freeze and just stare at each other at this point.

"So ... how was your day?", he asked.

"Guess." I said with a smirk.

We had a good long laugh, cleaned up the sticky floor and finally .... FINALLY headed out the door.

Wouldn't you know, the boys were absolute angels during dinner.  Ezra Boy slept and Levi was a doll. I guess they got all the "wild" out before we left.

(In all honesty, the whole day had resembled nothing of the last 20 minutes before we left. The boys were great all day. But, sometimes I like Husby to think I am Super Woman and that all hours of my day are so chaotic. Shhhh!) 

We had a sweet little dinner out, and the events prior just made for a funny memory.  

I know the crazy days will only multiply during this stage of our life and I'm just so grateful for my awesome Husby to live it out with.  That is, IF we live through it.


I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. That's awesome. So glad they were angels for the actual dinner. The kiddos always keep us guessing & laughing :)

  2. I actually did a cringe when poo was on your necklace. Ugh.

    These are the days!!! My son was crazy last night too, maybe it was in the air.

  3. when things are THAT ridiculous there is nothing left to do but laugh. :)

  4. Wow.... they sure did have you on your toes.

  5. Ha! Beautifully written. You are a gifted writer.

  6. I can SO relate! That made me laugh. You did great remembering the in-betweens! =)

  7. Girl, I well remember those days. Mornings were the craziest for me (still are!) because it seemed both kids woke up at the exact same time and were ready to eat breakfast instantly. Kind of hard when one is nursing and one is a toddler! Fond memories.

  8. You have such a wonderful blog! i admire women who stand up for women's right to be a mother before career woman and liking it! in Sweden people are almost angry when I say I want to be home with my children as long as I can.

    You have a beautiful family!

    from Selma, another mother


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