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Weebie Wednesday: Funnies.

Oh, this boy. He's just funny. He makes us laugh nonstop. I love his little heart.

* We do this thing where he says, "I love you!", and then I say, "I love you more!", and then he says, "I love you most!", and then we banter about who loves who more. (Sappy? Nah - just PRECIOUS.) The other day, I skipped the "more" and went straight to "most". Levi looked at me funny, and then said, "I love you .... more'st!"

* We were at Target the other day perusing the maternity clearance items. Levi was just jabbering away like he always does, and I didn't think much of it until this lady next to me started dying laughing and told me she had been listening to our conversation. At about that time, Levi said, "Oh Mommy! THIS would look PERFECT on you!" I laughed that he said something would look perfect on me (such a mature thing to say), and as I looked over at what he picked out, I was shocked. It was the most gorgeous kelly green dress that I absolutely loved. I told him he had a good eye, smothered him in kisses, and then walked away in shame because they didn't have my size. Sweet boy.

* The other day, I was having severe back pain. Levi hates when something is wrong with me, and the week I lost my voice, it's all he could talk about. It just upset him so much. Well, this particular day he kept asking me if my back still hurt. When we laid down for a nap, he began to pray and said, "Dear Jesus, please be with Mommy and please make her back feel better. Amen." It just touched me so much that he thought to pray specifically for me.

* At bedtime the other night, he prayed, "Thank you Jesus, for Mommy and Daddy and me and baby brother, Ezra. And thank you for Mommy's tummy and her belly. AMEN!" I laughed until I cried.

* The waiter gave Levi his menu and he opened it, studied the words and said, "Hmmmm .... let me check my e-mail."

* The other day, he exclaimed, "Let's take a nap. It's been a long day." (I didn't argue.)

* HIs newest thing is "when I grow up". He's told me when he grows up, he's going to text me on my phone. When he grows up, he's going to drive us to Church and Daddy will sit in the backseat. When he grows up, he will flip my grilled cheese and bring it to me. When he grows up, he will wear rings. When he grows up, he will be a "red doctor" ... but daddy is a "blue doctor".

* When asked what he learned in Sunday School, Levi said "I learned about Jesus. And He taught the people how to walk ... and DANCE! Like this!", and then proceeded to bust a move in the middle of Goldie's.

* He ran in to tell me that Sid the Science kid said "yeah", and not "yes". I said, "oh really?" He said, "Yes. And we need to teach him how to say 'yes' and not 'yeah'."

* Me: Goodnight, my baby angel.
Weebie: Goodnight, my Mommy angel.
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  1. We're just getting into this hilarious verbal stage with our 20 month old daughter. I love what kids come up with! I started jotting them down in my blog so that I could look back and remember. You think you'll remember them, but you don't, which we're quickly realizing with #2 who is 6 months.

  2. I love the "When I grow up" thing. I bet he'll love reading those when he's older!

  3. Love this post!!! What an awesome kid. While they were all sweet my favorite is when he said he wanted to check his email :)

  4. Be still my soul. Precious, precious, precious. What a blessing.


  5. Precious, precious memories! What a cute little guy.

  6. So stinkin' precious. These posts always make me look forward to when my baby is a "little boy" one day! :)

  7. This is so cute and sweet and ADORABLE!! :)
    I HOPE my future babies are just as cute as Levi is!!

  8. What a doll! I hope if I have a little boy one day, he has such a wonderful heart like Levi!


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