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V*Day Recap.

Valentine's Day is one of my top three favorite days of the year. I've always been the biggest sucker for this Day O Love, but I think there is good value to it. I know a lot of people say it's ridiculous to set one day out of the year to let people know that you love them, and that we should do it every day (which we absolutely should), but I think of it this way: I am thankful every day of the year, but we still have Thanksgiving - a day we set aside every year to observe those things we are grateful for. I also love deeply every day of the year, but Valentine's Day is a fun day to observe that love .... and to display it in fun ways! So, for us, Valentine's Day is a big happy day in our house!

Husby has had a very tough couple of months filled with rough, long hours, which leaves very little family time. It's super hard, but it's only for a season and we are half way through Intern year (YAY!). I wanted to make this Valentine's Day special for him, just to let him know that I'm always thinking about him even when he's not here and that Levi and I are always cheering him on. We are his BIGGEST fans! We wanted him to know just how very much he is loved. So, every morning leading up to Valentine's Day, I had a little treat with a cheesy little phrase waiting for him by the front door.


For some reason I only have pictures of 9 of the things, but I had 14. Some days were small things, like chapstick or trailmix and other days were bigger things like a CD or an engraved pen. He just loved it and was so appreciative of each gift. This was such a fun project for me, and a great way to spoil my Husby a bit. He deserves it! (And no, this was not in our budget - I used some of my Christmas money I received to do this for him!)

The day before Valentine's, Weebie and I whipped up a scrumptious strawberry cake.


He was SO proud and as soon as Daddy walked in the door from work, he ran to show him the cake he made. So sweet.

On Valentine's morning, my little critter woke up in our bed (he often wanders in in the wee hours of the morning), and I let him sleep while I got dressed and then surprised him with a cool Star Wars gun when he woke up.


Then we met Glam*Ma and Cousin Maxwell at Chuck-E-Cheese for a sweet Valentine lunch!





The boys had a blast eating pizza and playing games. What a treat!

After lunch, I took Maxwell home with me because his parents were out of town and I babysat for the night. While the boys played, I cooked a special supper for them and Husby and made the table all fun and festive!




I picked the boys up some treats for their place setting - some matching jammies, hot wheels, chocolates, sockies, suckers and a rose.


They. Were. So. Excited.

We dined on Muenster Chicken, homemade cream corn, hashbrown casserole, rolls and strawberry cake for dessert!


It was scrumptious!

My boys spoiled me with some extra special gifts and goodies that day, my favorite being a beautiful golden necklace from Husby with sweet sentimental meaning. And of course the yellow rose that Levi insisted he buy for me when he was at the store with Daddy. He didn't want any thing other than a single yellow rose - and it was perfect. :)

After supper, I gave the boys baths and put them in their matching jammies. Because, really. What is cuter than two freshly bathed baby boys in matching V-day jammies?


Absolutely nothing!

It was such a fun filled V-day celebrating so many of the people that I love with my whole heart. It just makes me eager for NEXT year to add yet another little Valentine to the mix! I am one lucky Mommy! Nope, scratch that. I am blessed.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog, because your love for your family beams through every word. Just how I feel about my family. We are both just blessed ladies.

  2. what a fun Valentine's day! It is so nice that the boys are close in age they are enjoying this time together as cousins!

  3. What a special day you made for your family - so sweet! Those matching jammies are just too cute o:)

  4. What a fun celebration! Levi and Maxwell are so cute together!

  5. Your mom looks beautiful in that picture! She is one of my favorite valentines, as are you. Your ideas for D are great! He is undoubtedly the luckiest intern in the program.

  6. Your mom looks beautiful in that picture! She is one of my favorite valentines, as are you. Your ideas for D are great! He is undoubtedly the luckiest intern in the program.

  7. Favorite part of your day: the notes you left for Darin. That had to make him feel remembered and special in the midst of it all. Very sweet.

  8. Love this. And I LOVE your comparison to Thanksgiving. So many people are all about boycotting V-Day and I never know what to say but i'm always sad when people don't want to celebrate love! I will definitely use the Thanksgiving analogy. Brilliant. Everything you did was precious and how FUN to do make is so special for Levi and Maxwell! Precious.


  9. Whitney, you are such a sweet wife and mama! I know that your boys must have felt so special. & I absolutely love that picture of Levi looking down at his cake, aww!

  10. That is so adorable! I really love the presents you left for your hubby. How sweet!

  11. Oh my gosh, for a hot second I thought that you had undies hanging from your chandelier! Just. About. Died. I love the idea of small gifts leading up to V-Day! I may have to try that next year!

  12. Love love love the pictures! The babies are so cute!

  13. Thank you for making D feel so loved and special EVERY day, not just V day! He is a blessed man!!!

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