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The Sick Days.

I think one of the toughest parts of parenting a toddler is the sick days. They're just so little and so helpless, it's heartbreaking to watch them hurt. Levi is at the age where he can tell us what doesn't feel good or what aches, and that really helps eliminate "the guessing game" of illnesses. But I think that sometimes it's even more pitiful to hear him say, "my tummy hurts" or "I feel sick, Mommy", with a downtrodden little face, than it was when he was a baby and we just had to assume as to what did or didn't hurt.


Little Levi usually bounces back from his viruses in a couple days, but a major one hit us last week and it has lingered longer than any have before. We put life on hold, responsibilities on the back burner and have hidden out at home for days. He has napped plenty, rested lots and watched all of his favorite shows.


These are certainly not the "fun" days of being a Mommy, but they sure are important. My little boy has camped out on my lap for the majority of our sick days, depended on me to care for his needs, and relied on me for mountains of snuggles and kisses. A Mommy feels like no one can care for her baby like she can, and for me, that feeling gets kicked up a few notches when he is sick. Also, my baby boy gets extra "mommy needy" when he doesn't feel good. It's like a mutual, innate feeling between a Mommy and her child - the need to nurture and the desire to be nurtured. I feel so blessed to have a child to care for, and I hope he can always find safety, security, and warm affection in the arms of his Mommy.


Snuggles today ... and hopefully back to light saber wars tomorrow!
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  1. Aw, hope your household is feeling better soon!

  2. I hear you on this one. There I have been a few times when I've had to go to work and leave my sick little boy in someone else's care. It's not that he's not being cared for, but I think no one takes care of a sick baby (and by baby I mean a four year old) better than their mama.

  3. Poor buddy. I hope he gets better soon. Enjoy the snuggles at least. :)

  4. I hope he is back to his normal self today to play in the snow!

  5. Aww! I hope he feels better soon! What a sweet mommy you are!


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