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Tiddly Bits.

* So, I spent the last week completely purging and organizing our house. I started with Levi's room and went around the house emptying every room, closet and some out-of-control cabinets and drawers. I can't tell you how WONDERFUL it feels to get rid of so much stuff and implement some better organization. I feel like it's easier to keep on top of the chores and upkeep of the home when it's not filled to the brim with stuff. I still have the master bathroom to tackle, and then I will have hit every room. Husby told me I was nesting early. I figure hey, better to do it now when I have some energy than when I'm whale-ish and can't fit into small spaces! ;-)

* Raise your hand if you love Downton Abbey! Here at our house, we are completely obsessed with the show. We discovered it in it's premiere season last winter and absolutely ate it up. We were thrilled when season two started up a couple of weeks ago. If you haven't watched, you simply must. But you need to watch Season 1 first. I'm so in love with it that the other night I dreamed about a new makeup collection based off the series and it was the most fantastical makeup you've ever laid eyes on. So gorgeous. I think someone should take my idea and run with it! I texted my Mom the other day and asked her if we could all move into an English Manor together and dress up in formal gowns every night for supper. She was all for it. Now if we can get the rest of the family on board. I'm just not sure if the guys will go for wearing tuxedos every day. Hmmm.

* After going through my blog book the other evening, I realized I have totally slipped on keeping up with my 7 Little Moments. This week, it's back in force! I loved going back through the different weeks and seeing little bits from our days. Some ordinary and some extraordinary - but all so meaningful and lovely. Oh, and several of you asked what site I use to print my blog. I use It's simple, it's FAST, and it's good quality. I tried Blurb one year, but I didn't have the time to keep up with uploading/formatting my posts into it each week. So, I go the easy route. And I love it!

* It's January and it's hot. I long for chilly air and blankets of snow. That's what winter is all about, so BRING IT ON, already!

Okay ... I planned on writing more, but my eyes are heavy and my warm bed with cool sheets is calling my name! Happy Monday, friends!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I agree with you on winter. These 50s and 60 are so not winter-like. I'm still waiting on a snow day! We always have February!

  2. I need to look up this Downtown abbey. I've been hearing alot about it.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE Downton Abbey. I missed it last night so I'm going to have to watch it on the computer tonight. It is sooo fascinating! And for a super white kid like me, it really makes me feel better for being pale. Just look at Mary! (-: BEAUTIFUL and white as sand. (-:


  4. I love Downton Abbey...I'm an avid fan of all costume dramas! The costumes in Downton are fabulous and I'm hoping to see some of the ones from the first season 'in the flesh' in April as they will be on display in Liverpool, which is about an hour's drive from where I live.

    Incidentally, if you lived in an English manor, you'd have to call them dinner jackets...we don't call them tuxedos in England :-)

  5. Your makeup idea is awesome!! Maybe you could help bring back the dresses and jewelry, too? That would be great, thanks ;)

  6. adorable blog...brand new follower :)

    i also L-O-V-E Downton Abbey!! such great stories of history and love and family...just wonderful! and great theme song too!

    look forward to reading more & learning about your cute family :)

    XO, Chrissi @

  7. I read a few posts to catch up. I've been out of blogland for awhile. I MUST have a one trip grip...THE COOLEST! I hate making so many trips to the car!

  8. I love Downtown. We're planning to visit the place they film it soon (it's closed at the moment as they're filming the 3rd series!)

    I keep meaning to ask - how do you print your blog books? I want to do one for mine, but I'm not sure the most efficient way to go about it.


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