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7 Little Moments {Week 10}

Friday, May 20.


I bought this at the store and thought I might need to swig it the morning of Levi's party since we had a WILD week leading up to it with little sleep. I woke up dragging but completely forgot about it, so it remains on our counter ... untouched. Maybe I'll save it for another slow movin' day! ;)

Saturday, May 21.


Levi meets Elmo. :) Such a sweet and hilarious moment. Little kids meeting their life-size furry heroes absolutely cracks me up.

Sunday, May 22.


Weebie colored a pretty picture in Sunday School.

Monday, May 23.


BAHAHA!! I got out on Levi's trampoline and relived some of my old cheerleading days! ;)

Tuesday, May 24.


Tornadoes swept our entire state and we loaded up all of our important documents and irreplaceable items (mostly wedding and baby pictures/items) and headed to my brother's house to take cover in their basement. Praise God we came out unscathed.

Wednesday, May 25.


We had an awesome evening picnic in a local rose garden. It was gorgeous, and the company was precious! :)

Thursday, May 26.


Husby had LASIK! It was a graduation gift and he had to wear his glasses (no contacts) for the past two weeks leading up to the surgery. He was glad to shed them and come out SEEING! :) Awesome.

Happy Weekending, Loves!
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  1. Is it painful, laser surgery?
    And is it too expensive?
    I've been wearing glasses or contacts since I was 12... So maybe I should consider that option...
    Little Levi is SO cute!!
    And LOVE that picture of you, jumping! It's great!

  2. Wooooooow your toe touch still kicks butt! Wish I could say the same for mine.

  3. MMM one thing I love about the states is all your grape flavored stuff. I've only ever seen 5 hour energy in cherry or orange. Also grape jelly is fairly unheard of over here.

  4. Glad you all are okay! We had a tornado scare of our own last night and it was rather frightening! It made me even more sympathetic to what the people of Joplin and the people of Alabama went through....

  5. Sounds like an eventful last couple of weeks. Loving the toe touch! I think if I tried on I would pull all of my muscles in my whole body. You go girl!

  6. Nice toe touch!!! I was on dance team and could do those once upon a time.. I think if I tried now I'd seriously injure myself!

  7. Congrats on the Graduation AND the Lasik! Continued Blessings for you and your family!!

  8. Did you photo shop that jump? Hee hee. Seriously, you look great!!! I can remember that little 7th grade cheerleader with the cute ponytail and big bows.

  9. Glad to hear you came away from the tornados safely. I thought of you when I heard the news!

  10. Your toe touch is amazing!!! Look at you!

  11. I expected to see a photo of you laid up on the couch the next day after your tricks on that trampoline! Nice work!!

  12. That's quite an impressive jump on the trampoline!

  13. So glad you are all ok! Love the giant Elmo. My Henry would love that!

  14. I had lasik in college. Best thing ever. I hope D is enjoying it!


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