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Project 365 {Week 2}

Friday, March 25.

My whole family went to Fleming's Steak House to celebrate my brother's birthday. My parents aren't pictured, but they were there, too. :) And yes, I'm from a family of glowing eyed zombies. Keep it on the DL. It's not something we like to publicize.


Saturday, March 26.

Girls Shopping Day .... with two cute little fellas in tow (you can see the tops of their heads behind us). We were on the hunt for Easter dresses and we each found more than one! That never happens. Usually, when you're looking for something you can't find anything. At least, that's how it is for me. But not that day!

Interesting story of that day: We were at the mall and I split off from them for a bit to try on some dresses. Mom had Levi and I had my purse and an armful of clothes. I noticed a man that seemed to be everywhere I was. When I was in the shoes, he was in the shoes - I was in the dresses, he was in the dresses, etc. I figured he might be shopping for his wife or something, so maybe he was trying to see what I was buying. A little while later, after I emerged from the dressing room to go find Mom and Hollie, the man jumped out from behind a clothing rack and SNATCHED MY PURSE!!!!! I was taken by such surprise that I didn't know what to do. I tried to scream, but nothing came out. He took off running and what did I do? I TOOK OFF AFTER HIM! We were sprinting through the store and my adrenaline was through the roof. I finally screamed, "THEIF!" and next thing I knew, my Mom appeared and knocked him in the head with Levi's diaper bag!!!!!! He fell on the ground and I burst into tears, grabbing Levi and my purse. It was the single most terrifying moment of my life.


It was also one of the biggest lies I've ever told. April Fools, y'all.

Sunday, March 27.

After Church we lunched at Cracker Barrel. We were waiting to be seated and Husby took a seat on the fireplace and folded his hands in front of him. Levi watched his every move, then climbed up next to him and gently clasped his hands, too. So sweet!


Monday, March 28.

I caught a precious moment in the tub. Be still my heart.


Tuesday, March 29.

I whipped up a couple batches of homemade granola. It is my MIL's recipe, and it is the best. This is right out of the oven and before I added the dried fruit. I may or may not have eaten half a pan, hot out of the oven. ;) (The stuff is unbelievably addicting. Especially straight from the oven. YUM.)

That evening, I threw a handful in my mouth and a small piece went down the wrong tube and I couldn't breathe. Husby threw me on the ground started pumping my stomach. At one point I blacked out and he said I was turning blue. He kept pumping my stomach and out of my mouth shot a whole red gummy bear. The weird thing? I hadn't even eaten a gummy bear that day.


Got'cha again. April Fools.

Wednesday, March 30.

Husby and I painted Levi's big boy room until after 2 in the morning. YIKES. This is me goofing off to stay sane around the midnight hour. Oy. (And the paint is not neon green! We had several bright lamps illuminating the room and it made this picture look like we were using glow paint. Haha.)


Thursday, March 31.

We bought a new house!!!


April Fools. :)

I snapped a pic of this house in our town. It is crazy huge and a continuous project for the owner. He says that adding on to his house is his hobby, his passion. It is absolutely enormous and keeps on growing. I can't imagine what it will be a few years from now!

And those are some of the tidbits from my life last week!

Happy Weekend, Loves!

(And Happy April Fools to all of you ornery's out there!!)
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I really enjoyed your April Fool's prank. :) I would use the I'm in labor for the people in my life, but it would be a little cruel since my doctor has been worried about preterm labor. Thank you for the laugh today.

  2. Oh Whitney: You really had me fooled on the man stealing your purse. I could picture your mom knocking him out with anything she would have had close by. You really got me on that one.
    You silly girl you.

  3. oh, you really had me fooled on the one when a man stole your purse. It sounded so real! haha
    Have a happy weekend!

  4. Yay for finding dresses.

    How's WW going?

    Would you kindly share your granola recipe? I have a certain little girl who would probably eat a whole pan straight of the oven...and there's nothing like making a child happy.

    Have a great day.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. HAHA! Love you. I can totally see your mom whopping that thief upside his head with a diaper bag. Glad it's not true, though!

  7. Ok so honestly you had me going till you said your mom knocked him out with your purse! But then I paused and was like maybe....Scrolled down and Nope LOL But still you get major props for doing a virtual prank.
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  8. Love these pics, gorgeous! And I love that house, wow! Good prank and beautiful house:)

  9. You are so darn cute! I didn't even realize it was April 1st until I read this! Ha!

    I am dying over that picture of your hubby and Levi. That is one of the cutest things ever about kids... the way they copycat what their parents do. It's also kind of scary! Parents have a big responsibilty. :)

  10. I'm so curious where that 'addition' house is located. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  11. That house is like your very own Winchester mystery house, only in OK instead of CA :-)

  12. You totally got me on the purse snatching! That actually happened to me at the mall, but it was my cell phone. I took off running after him but lost him in the chaos. It was a young boy, and he must have gotten scared because he set down my phone at one of the vendors in the middle of the mall. I felt so violated!

  13. Oh you and your strange love for April Fool's Day! :)

  14. haha, you stinker!
    Happy Friday!

  15. The first April Fool's joke really had me. And that picture of Levi sitting at the fireplace is so cute. It serves as a good reminder that our children imitate us in almost everything we do.

  16. So are you going to share the recipe for the granola? I wanted to reach through the computer screen and snack on half a pan myself!

  17. Whacking the guys with the diaper bag was when I caught on. You gave me some good laughs - thanks!!

  18. I totally LOL'd when I read about you Mom smacking the guy with Levi's Diaper Bag! You totally got me with that one! :)

  19. Haha loved the April Fool's joke! Tub times are the BEST, and I cannot believe that guy snatched your purse! The nerve! Good thing your momma came to the rescue :)


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