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Bread and Milk.

I never understood why "bread and milk" were always the staple items that people needed in their home. For me, it was more like Cheez-It's and Diet Coke. But then I had Levi and I now understand the importance of always having a bounty of milk and a loaf of fresh bread. Before this little boy came into my life, I could go weeks without a drop of milk. I only used it for cooking and cereal. I'm pretty sure my bones are going to disintegrate by the time I'm 35. Bring on the Boniva, Sally Field!

Now when we run out of bread and milk, we drop everything and run to the store. They are absolutely must-haves in our kitchen and necessary for the flow of our days. There are several other items that are constants for our cupboards. The items that seem to be forever on our grocery list and have a permanent place on our shelves are:

* Bread & Milk (Obviously.)
* Peanut Butter
* Cereal (many, many varieties.)
* Bananas
* Oatmeal
* Fresh Fruit
* Wheat Thins or Kashi TLC Crackers (Yum.)
* Yogurt
* Orange juice
* Popcorn
* Fruit Snacks
* Clif Bars

These things are our go-to foods that we most always have readily available in our home. They're like our little foodie family members. :)

What about you? It always interests me to see what other people keep as staples in their kitchens. What are YOUR cupboard constants?
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Cheez-its and diet coke. Love it haha!

  2. Milk, cheese, tortillas, sour cream, and salsa are staples. So the Bring on the Boniva, Sally Fields made me think of the band Bon Iver. Now that'd cure all ills...bring on the Bon Iver...especially the song Woods.

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  4. Milk, apple juice, mineral water, bread, cheese, popcorn, some fruit (oranges or apples), salad and/or some veggies, meat and pizzas!

  5. milk, almond milk, bread (wheat without HFCS), cereal for kids, Kashi Go Lean crunch for me, yogurt, fruits, fresh veggies

  6. milk, cheese, coffee creamer, oatmeal, and chips! <3

  7. Cheez-its and diet Coke, yay! :) Other go-tos: frozen fruits (smoothies), cheese, salad stuff. I keep soy milk around, but thankfully, that stuff is good for months, so I don't have to run to the supermarket too much.

  8. Braum's milk, eggs, Ezekial bread, fresh mozarella, apples, yogurt (Chobani for now!), and Kashi TLC bars. And Annie's Mac 'n Cheese. It's amazing how far we can make them stretch!

  9. Almond milk, OJ, WW shredded cheese, wheat bread, tortillas, apples, strawberries, cereal, frozen mini pancakes, and peanut butter.

    This mostly just reminded me I need to go grocery shopping!

  10. Diet Coke, of course.
    Keurig K-Cups in Nantucket Blend and Cafe Mocha
    Sara Lee Soft and Smooth Bread
    Dora Yogurt
    Mickey Shaped Cheese
    Turkey Lunchmeat

    Isn't it amazing how your shopping changes once you have a kiddo eating real food?! :)

  11. Whole wheat waffles, peanut butter, blueberries (combine those three for a quick-run-out-the-door-b-fast), oranges, apples, whole wheat bread, almond milk, and eggs!

  12. The must-haves in our kitchen(besides milk and bread) are:
    Coke Zero
    Caffeine Free Pepsi
    100% Juice (many varieties)
    Goldfish crackers
    Animal Crackers
    Peanut Butter
    Crescent Rolls

  13. We definitely have staples, especially since we have added Karlie to our family. A lot of our staples are more for her than us. We get these things pretty much every time we go to the grocery store:

    Fresh ground peanut butter
    Organic apple juice in the glass gallon
    Honest Kids super fruit punch juice boxes
    "Seeduction" bread (generally two loaves)
    Granola and yogurt and some type of fruit
    Fruit strips for Karlie's lunches
    baby spinach for salads
    usually 1/2 pound provolone and 1 lb whatever meat we choose for sandwiches (our fav is WF's roast beef - yum)
    Some type of cheese for salads (Bleu, feta, or goat)

    Those things will generally always be in my shopping cart if you ever run into me. (-:

  14. For me, milk is definitely a staple. Some other things are:

    -Instant brown rice
    -Coffee creamer
    -Frozen berries (I often make Spinach + frozen berry smoothies)
    -Chicken broth
    -Ingredients to make pizza dough (flour, olive oil, yeast, honey, salt)

  15. I am a big believer in the well-stocked pantry and fridge! Our staple items: milk, yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, and half and half (love me some dairy!!!) bread and tortillas, peanut butter, cereal, dry pasta, canned tomatoes, frozen veggies and fruit, coffee, and kashi bars and crackers.

  16. Greek yogurt
    Kashi soft baked bars
    more milk (I could drink three huge glasses a day!)
    cheddar cheese
    canned organic diced tomatoes
    Pacific boxed tomato and red pepper soup

    As long as I have this stuff, we could live for a month!!!

  17. Milk (I drink about a gallon a week),coke, diced tomatoes, small cans of Hunts Tomato sauce, pasta, boxed mashed potatoes (shun! i know lol), cream of mushroom soup, apple juice and grapefruit juice.

  18. Yea, I never really stocked our fridge with milk either until we had our son. Now it's always milk, eggs, fresh produce, fruit cups, and pancake mix (homemade). Jack would eat pancakes for every meal if I'd let him. :)

  19. I used to feel the same we have our basics:

    peanut butter
    It's funny how things change :)

  20. My list is kind of long but the absolutel must haves are milk, eggs,cheese, pasta, bread crumbs, 9onion, garlic and chicken bouillion amongst others. With at least these basic items I can create a meal with whatever else I happen to find in the fridge, freezer or pantry.

  21. I just went to the grocery store because we needed bread, milk, bananas, and yogurt (all for my 3 year old). Had it been just us, I could of made it another 2 weeks. But don't worry, I bought some Cheez-its for myself. And I think I just ate half the box . . .

  22. Many of the same. However, it's an emergency when we're out of string cheese and applesauce.

  23. OH MY GOSH I miss Cheez-its!!!!!! They don't sell them in Scotland.

    It seems that my staple item, since having a baby 7 wk ago, has been Double Stuffed Oreos. If I have them with milk, I feel a little bit better that I had them for breakfast.

  24. Salsa
    juice (grape, apple, or orange)

  25. What a great idea for a blog post! I love to see what other people are eating. Not recipes, necessarily. But what is in their pantry? What do they grab in a pinch?

    We have become a cereal family since Bean's been about a year old. He has a bowl of cereal in milk almost every morning. And we do a lot of varieties, too. Also, string cheese. It's a big hit around here!

  26. Eggs, butter, diet coke, bacon, all types of creams. Must must must be in my fridge at all times. I eat a low carb high fat diet for my IBS and wicked sugar addiction, so there's not much carb in my fridge. My husband is happy if there is frozen pizza for him to whip up though haha.

  27. Sounds like your son and my husband have a lot in common! :) My husband could live perfectly happily on cereal, milk and an occassional bowl of pasta.

    But I like to mix things up. :)

  28. haha! I don't really like milk plain but I do love me some milk and bread products!

  29. Haven't heard of Clif bars, but my kids love FiberOne bars...keeps 'em regular. Haha!

    And milk. OH MILK! With three kids and my hubby and I drinking cafe con leche every morning...we go through milk like it's going out of style! We should buy stock in Costco and BJ's. We live there.

    The rest of your list is practically identical to mine.

    Sophisticated Steps

  30. much the same as your list: milk, bread, cereal, PB, cheese, tortillas, yogurt and fruit

  31. Diet coke made my list before I as pregnant as well. I've been surprised at how much my preferences have changed since being pregnant. The top of my list is now yogurt.

  32. Soy milk, tea, bread, noodles, tofu, juice, fresh veggies (although we eat a variety I always need rocket/ lettuce, and tomatoes, which I like eating raw) fruit of some kind and vegan mayonnaise. We don't use many condiments consistently except vegan mayonnaise ( mayola) on everything.

    I also like keeping a vegan microwave dinner around even though I never eat them. I know if I am super super lazy I can just heat it up.

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