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* Tonight I started and finished Levi's first year birthday party scrap book. It only took my 9 months to actually sit down and do it. :) It was so much fun and while I was cutting, gluing, and creating, I was flooded with memories of that special day. Briefly, I could even smell it.

* I have finally nailed down a theme for his second birthday party and I can't WAIT!!

* I can, however, wait for him turn actually turn the big t-w-o. I mean, he's my newborn. My big, tall, 30 pound newborn.

* I have issues with change. Can you tell?

* Speaking of change, I also have been planning his BIG BOY ROOM! We are going to switch his room with the guest room because he will have much more space and the guest room rarely gets used. I can't imagine my teeny love in a big boy bed. Oh, the tears!

* I was up until 5 am last night sneezing and snotting. When I shut my eyes and then the sun came up, I let out a big sigh and almost cried. But Husby was off, so he told me to sleep and he got up. He's a jewel.

* Toddlers & Tiara's is on TV and I want to punch someone. Seriously.

* Is it bad that I think Arby's cheesesteaks are better than authentic ones in Philly?

* Levi makes me laugh out loud 87 times a day. Give or take a few.

* I'm still on a Dawson's Creek kick and last night I watched the one where Pacey kissed Joey. *SQUEAL*

* To me, Katie Holmes will always be Joey Potter. I wish she would have married Pacey in real life. Pretty sure she'd be 100% happier.

* But who am I to judge a celebrities happiness? That's what gossip magazines have done to me. Oy.

* I've added a few chapters to my love story. :)

* I have a strawberry cake mix sitting on the counter begging to be made. I was supposed to make it for Valentine's Day, but ran out of time. Now that I don't have a real holiday for an excuse to make and eat it, I guess I will create my own.

* How about Pink Day? You have to eat only pink things that day ... with the exception of raw meat.

* Crud, I should have made it for President's Day. I'm pretty sure ole Abe and George would have wanted that for us.

* Few things make me happier than a clean room and freshly laundered sheets. I'm going to sleep good tonight.

* Na-night!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Arby's is amazing! I recently discovered it and can't get enough. We don't have one where I live :(
    I love Dawson's Creek. I wish old re-runs still played on tv in the mornings like they used to.

  2. Pink Day would be so much fun (minus the raw meat part of course). There's cotton candy, strawberry yogurt...

  3. The scrapbook idea is great. I'm doing one but it's for my daughter's graduation from high school. I was just looking through photos of her first birthday. time goes so fast. It looks like you're enjoying every moment. Pink day sounds awesome:)

  4. I'm with ya on the clean room and fresh laundry..makes me SUPER happy too!!

  5. Haha! This is such a funny post. Pink day is TOTALLY a holiday. ;) Though I read somewhere that people will eat something like 40% more calories for what they consider a "special occasion" and when polled, people were celebrating special occasions 3-4 times a week! Funny!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. I hate Toddlers and Tiaras. And I rarely say I hate anything, but that show screams child abuse. It is exploitation at its finest. Nuff said.

    Now I hope that you slept really good last night. I agree nothing better than freshly laundered sheets.

  7. I love that kiss scene. probably my favorite of all time.

    I can't wait to see what you have in store for birthday #2.

  8. Totally agree about Pacey and Joey! Love that episode! I never cared for Dawson at all...he got on my nerves.

  9. yea! My work un-blocked you :-)

    Totally agree with you on clean laundry and a clean room. I love clothes fresh from the dryer, although I don't alway love folding them.

  10. Oh my goodness your little guy is getting so big :( I cant wait to see his big boy room as his nursery is just adorable!

  11. just got myself caught up on your love story. Gah, you had me crying and it. What a wonderful way to document your story and thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh! I wish you did make it for President's Day that would have been spectacular... So, I have a confession that I hope doesn't end up stalker-ish. Well, you see, I saw you at Target! I know weird. It was like a week or so ago and I haven't had much time to comment on here... I felt like I was seeing a celebrity. I whispered to my fiancé, "I read her blog! I love it and I want to tell her but its weird because she is shopping with her family". Lol

  13. I LOVE your love story!! I giggle like a school girl when I read about the first "I love you" and that kiss on the cheek. And I cry at your sweet words. You have such a special story to tell.

  14. I miss having an Arby's near me at lunch! I dream about beef and cheddar's more than I'd like to admit! And, I think I'll be going home to clean my sheets for the second time this week just so I can smell them!

  15. Well I can't believe he is already one!!!!

  16. Oh how I love random thoughts! lol! Yay, more love story!!!! You never disappoint Whitney! :)

  17. Yay! I'm so excited to read your next chapters!! Hope you are feeling better!

  18. I miss Dawson's Creek. They don't make TV like that anymore.

  19. Hi Whitney - they grow up SO fast, I know! My youngest turns 17 this coming Monday and I still can't get over it! I don't know where the time has flown. On another note, I have borrowed and posted your Weight Watchers recipe for White Chicken Chili and have linked it back to you. I made it last weekend and all I can say is OMG is it EVER SO YUMMY! I love it! I can't wait to try your WW potato soup next! Have a great weekend! :)

  20. I have every season of Dawson's Creek! I totally agree with you .. she will always be Joey Potter .. I tend to just ignore her now and pretend in my mind that she still is, which is pretty much the same thing when my fiance watches Pacey on Fringe. . . im like "Oh Pacey, why aren't you in Capeside?!" lol


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