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Forget Snow Day, It's A Snow WEEK!

Hey folks! Not much to report here ... except that we are still up to our knees in SNOW! Levi had a doctor's appointment yesterday so we ventured out on the tumultuous roads for a good part of the day and ran a few errands while we were out. Oh, and we ate hamburgers. Because when you are stuck in snow, you get to eat whatever you want. Isn't that how it works?

The day before, we had been lazing the day away and it had been two days since I had done my hair and makeup. So, I decided it was high time to put my face back on and some bounce back into my locks. Husby asked why I was getting ready and I hesitantly peered at him over my little mirror and said, "to play in the snow?"


He just laughed, threw on a sock cap and told me to come on!

I threw on multiple layers, (including Husby's swooshy pants) and had to spruce things up a bit with a mismatched hat and scarf. I knew pictures were bound to be involved in our little adventure, so I had to look at least somewhat presentable for the generations to come, when they scour through old family photos. I'm simply looking out for the family tree, guys. It's for their sake.

(Ah-hmm, aaaaand my girlish vanity.)


Sorry, guys. But I look 10 years old without makeup. No lie. I sent a picture to my brother of my makeup-less face a couple months ago and he thought it was an old picture of when I was like 12. And without mascara, well, you can't see my eyes. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. A weird, weird phenomenon that I am not about to demonstrate for you.

Well, I might one day, if I am totally lacking in blogging fodder.

Okay, so I look halfway normal in my snow attire, right? Um. Ha. Well. You should have seen my feet.


Yup, I was rocking Husby's SIZE 13 boots. Why, you ask? Because I do not own a pair of functional snow boots. All of my boots have high heels. Not ideal in 18 inches of snow.

So. We went outside to let Levi play in the snow and oh my gracious sakes alive, the kid is in love with it. You would have thought he was frolicking in fields of candy drops and lollipops - he was on cloud 9!

It was an absolute joy watching him delight in the snow. I'm telling you, this kid lives life to the fullest.






Daddy taught him how to make a snow ball.



And Mommy taught him how to throw it!



Our makeshift sled didn't work out too well.


But we managed to do it another way!


We had an awesome day. Just me and my boys.




I love love love being snowed in with my boys.
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  1. I wish i looked that glamorous any day, it would definitely not happen on a snow day.
    I'm glad Levi enjoyed the snow, he's such a joyful little one, it makes me smile.

  2. You've got to be the most photogenic family I've ever seen! Looks like a wonderful day

  3. I don't wear make-up unless I absolutely have to. I'm just not a big make-up girl. However, I do like to have my hair fixed. I just feel gross when my hair is not fixed. I don't believe you look as bad without make-up as you say you do. Although I do look older when I wear it. When I don't have on make-up people think I'm about 15.

  4. So sweet :) Love that you got glammed up for a play date in the snow :)


    1st of all, I totally get ya on the hair and makeup thing. I feel like I transform into a toootally different person when I get my face on for the day.

    2nd of all, these pictures are ADORABLE!! The third one of Weebie and your hubby with his arms in the air is the cutest thing ever. EVER!! Like, you need to print multiple copies and send them to all family members, and then blow one up and frame it for yourself!! SOOOO cute!!! :) :)

    Hope your lil family has a great weekend!!!

  6. Your make shift sled...put the cardboard in a yarg size garbage bag and you can use the draw string to pull it. We don't get snow much where we live and so when we did get snowed in during Christmas we did that.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. So cute! Oh and I LOVE the sled! LOL!

  8. Pics are great!!!!!! I would have done my hair and makeup too to go out and play in the snow. :)

  9. Oh my goodness! How fun!! Love all of your pics :)

  10. I love all the pictures! I don't know how you walked in those boots! You need to buy some wellies. They aren't the warmest things, but it sure is nice to not worry about your feet and pants getting wet.

  11. Awww your little boy is sooo precious, I love these pictures!!


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