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{WW} Weeks 2 & 3 Recap.

I just finished up my third week of Weight Watchers and I can honestly say, it only gets easier! I had a few bouts of craving queso with a basket of hot and salty chips, but when those cravings came, I grabbed a glass of water and next thing I knew queso was the last thing on my mind. When I reach a "mini goal" that I have set for myself (12 lbs), I will reward myself with some queso.

And a Red Velvet Cheesecake Blast from Sonic because I live in fear that they are going to yank it from their menu soon.

Weight Loss: 9 lbs.

Eating out has become a breeze. It is very easy to find healthy options on the menu - you just have to look! I have substituted starchy sides with flavorful veggies, choose water instead of tea or pop, and most always have a salad before my entree. I can't believe how much less I am able to eat now, compared to three weeks ago. My stomach has most definitely shrunk and I'm eating correct and healthy portions, even when restaurants throw their monstrous could-feed-a-family-of-four portions at me.

I haven't incorporated much exercise yet, simply because it's so blasted cold outside and my choice work out is flying around the neighborhood a few times while pushing my Weebs in his stroller. I need to bust out the elliptical and get going on it. After all, how "healthy" can a person be without exercise?

I have been in a few times where I was faced with situations involving fast food. For instance, Chick-Fil-A. The beauty of WW is that you can still enjoy these places in moderation. I had the spicy chicken sandwich (11 pts) and a fruit cup (0 points), and I was beyond satisfied. Who needs french fries or mayo infused coleslaw to have a good time?

Not this chica! :)

So, the past three weeks have been successful and I am looking forward to the week ahead. I have several great recipes that I am eager to try out. Here is one I made last week that was a hit with the family!


(I served with brown rice.)

WW Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry!

2 1/2 Tbsp cornstarch, divided
1/4 tsp salt
3/4 lb lean sirloin steak, thinly sliced against the grain
2 tsp canola oil
1 cup chicken broth, divided
5 cups broccoli florets
2 Red bell peppers
1 Tbsp ginger root, fresh, grated
2 tsp minced garlic
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
1/4 cup soy sauce, low sodium
1/2 cup water

Combine 2 Tbsp cornstarch and salt and toss beef in it.

Heat oil in large wok or skillet to medium high heat. Add beef and stir fry until done. Remove to bowl.

Add 1/2 cup broth and stir to losen particles. Add broccoli and peppers, cover and cook until crisp tender. Add more water if needed. Add ginger, garlic and red pepper flakes and stir until fragrent, about 1 minute.

In a cup stir together soy sauce and 1/2 cup broth with 1/2 Tbsp cornstarch. Stir mixture into broccoli and simmer until sauce thickens.

Add beef and toss to coat.

Serving size: 1 1/4 cup
5 points plus per serving
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  1. Yay 9lbs!!! That's pretty awesome for 3 weeks! Your red velvet cheese cake might be just a week away :D

    I'm telling you though, exercise is the best part, especially for losing inches instead of pounds.

  2. Good for you! There's nothing better than seeing those numbers head south. I'm with you when it comes to exercise--I'm a fresh air kind of lady. But, TwisterB is right, exercise will make a big difference when it comes to inches. I think light circuit training (with a bit of cardio) has made the biggest difference with me. I like watching the pounds plummet, but I'm afraid they won't stay down unless I give my body a good workout along the way.

    But, exercise stuff aside, you're doing a great job with self-discipline, counting points and such. Good for you for finding something that works for you!

  3. Way to go on 9 lbs! I'm joining WW with a friend today and I"m so excited. Do you think that this recipe could be done with chicken as I'm not a huge beef person or maybe shrimp?

    It's freezing here in Ohio and icy, but I'm going to try to get out and move today..praying for no broken bones or frozen fingers!


  4. Congrats on the great successes!!!!

  5. Great job ob WW-Thursday will be my first full week and I am excited to see the results. I stepped on the scale this weekend and was already down a few lbs. Hopefully I can keep it up!

  6. Whitney! i'm so proud of you! 9 lbs is a ton!!!! Way to go.

  7. Woohoo! Hope you're saving up your dough for a little shopping once you hit that 12 lb.'re going to need some new clothes to show off that hot bod!

    And, I'm just going to come out and say it: My name is Leslie and I DO need french fries to have a good time.


  8. Congrats!! You are doing fantastic! We made that stir fry last week and hubby loved it. I also made some shrimp tacos from a WW recipe magazine and they were incredible. They completely satisfied my cravings for Mexican food :)

  9. Yay for you! WW definitely worked for me :)

    On a side note...and I'm SO sorry about being THAT person who leaves unasked for advice, but just to give you something to think about,

    be careful about rewarding yourself with food. FOR ME, it was often enough to send me into a tail spin. But I really struggle with food and not being able to tell myself "no."

    Back to the praise! You looked awesome to begin with but I bet you're feeling way proud of yourself right now!

  10. Alright, I did it! I signed up again for WW this morning! Three months and then we'll see where I stand! I'm hoping to lose 15 pounds!

  11. Whitney! 9 pounds is AWESOME!! Congrats! That recipe looks and sounds delish. I will definitely try it out!

  12. Go, you! I, too, can't wait for warmer weather to get the stroller outside and going...cold, go away!

  13. I was really thinking about trying WW. I have a four month old and nothing fits the same. I am just nervous about the recipes as hubby is pretty picky~

    On a side note I hope you will chek out my blog. Its brand new but I have been reading yours for a long time and figure you may get a kick out of it when it gets going!

  14. Way to go!!! Losing weight is so hard, especially when you go out and you're faced with delicious, unhealthy options. I'm counting calories right now, which is so hard. I've heard so many good things about WW, now I might have to try it!
    Keep up the good work!

  15. Good job Whitney!! It's SO cold outside...I'm thinking of going to the gym -- although this morning, me and Bub worked out together in the living room, but it wasn't high blood pumping stuff like I prefer.
    Keep it up girl! I'm trying to lose weight too -- go us!!

  16. MMM...that recipe looks great. I'll try it next week.

    Congrats on the weight loss. Glad it's still going so well.

  17. Yay for you and WW!! As soon as I deliver my second little blessing, I am going back on WW. I really did enjoy it, and lost quite a bit of weight. My hubby just started back on it. I made him this dessert (from the WW Comfort Foods cookbook) last night and it was awesome! And only 3 pts. for a serving. How can you go wrong with a 3 pt. rich, chocolatey dessert? Here is my post, if you want to check it out:

  18. Great job Whitney! 9 lbs is awesome! :)

  19. Good for you Whitney!!! You're doin us proud!!

    And WOW. A glass of water would never make a good substitute for chips and queso, in my book! ;)

  20. 9lbs! That's awesome! I'm on my second week of WW and I agree that it keeps getting easier with time! I am def going to try this recipe you posted - looks yummy :)

  21. Wow! 9lbs!! Go girl! Recipe looks delish!!

  22. OMG!!! Take care of the baby dear.

    Between thanks for sharing the recipe. I will surely try this out.

    Take the test Your Health Quiz and find out how healthy you really are? I have taken the test and enjoyed a lot. Hope you too will enjoy it. Have Fun!!

  23. Ok so I have to tell you this, and I apologize in advance for leaving you a novel of a comment! I saw your last WW post about and copied the chili recipe down. I made that the other night for dinner and OMG, it was so delicious. Like YUMMO! So flavorful! I've struggled with my weight for a long time now and recently decided to reach out for more help in this area. Started seeing a new therapist and after weighing some options decided to join Weight Watchers. I've only just signed up but after seeing all of the tools online and all of my options, I think I'm convinced that I can really do this. I really need to learn good eating habits and healthier ways of living in general and I feel optimistic about this. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for posting about your experience with this and your success thus far. I'm on the search now for a cookbook full of more recipes like these. Thanks Whitney!


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