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A Storm's A Brewin'...

(Levi and I during last year's snow storm. Doesn't he look like he's having a blast?)

I don't know about you folks, but in my little neck of the woods we are expecting some big ole storms. Ice and snow storms, that is. HORRAY! I'm a big fan of storms of the rain variety, but if you throw in some good snow flurries and a few icicles, then we're talking pure bliss!

At out house, the best part of the snow storms are the cozy cuddles, loads of movies, plenty of lazing around, cooking gigantic meals and just enjoying the company of those you love most. It's the perfect little scenario .... and I happen to have the two perfect people to enjoy it with.

(Last year. He was 8 months and no teeth. Precious little gums. I miss those little gummy gums.)

If we do happen to be home bound for the next few days, there are plenty of things I want to accomplish!

Snow Day(s) To Do List!

- Purging & Organizing a few choice closets.

- Trying several new {WW} recipes (and a couple not-so-WW ones as well)!

- Eating some no bake cookies and not feeling guilty about it.

- Reintroduce myself with the elliptical.

- Overhaul my pantry (again) and my refrigerator. (Does anyone else struggle with keeping these two places organized?!)

- Playing in the snow and making memories with my little tyke. (Cruddy, I meant to buy a sled the other day!)

- Start a new television series on Netflix and become obsessed. (Any recommendations? I'm currently re-enjoying Dawson's Creek. Sigh.)

- Cuddle up with my electric blanket and take naps with Weebie and Husby.

- Write and get my creative juices flowing. Life has been so crazy (read: stressful) lately, (and also insanely busy) that my blogging and writing inspiration has been lacking. BUT, we are at the downhill slope with the Residency Match and feel a perfect peace about the list and where he (we) will be placed. We feel like a weight has been lifted from our shoulders. Literally. For those of you wondering (and PRAYING!!), we will know March 17 - and then we will let out a collective sigh. ;) We continue to find the Lord so beautifully faithful. He is our perfect peace in the midst of the unknown.

Um, that part was longer than I intended ... but in all actuality, I could write a novel about the past several months concerning that area of our lives. PHEW! It's a doozy!

But anyway ...

What were we talking about?


Oh yeah! SNOW DAY!

What are your favorite things to do on a snow day?

I'll let'cha know if any of mine actually happen.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. We are anticipating a big snow event up here in Vermont too! And for the third time this year it looks to be falling on one of the two days I have off during the week. So, if I am lucky enough to get a blizzard and be home bound this week as well I plan on cleaning, finally putting our new dressers (that were Christmas presents) in our bedroom, and catching up with several shows on my DVR. Snow days are the best. Hope you manage to find or make a sled :)

  2. Scotland, which is really far north, hardly gets snow. The past two years however, there have been massive snowfalls(by the UK's standards). As a Canadian, I find it ridiculous how the country grinds to a halt. No one owns snow tires, and last year they ran out of salt and grit for the roads so no one could get to work, despite there only being about 3 inches on the ground!

  3. All I heard on the drive to work this morning was how bad the storm is supposed to be that comes in tonight. I'm hoping for a fun snow day at home, but my boss has only closed the office once for bad weather so my fingers are crossed that I get to enjoy the day like you will!

  4. Love the list--sounds like you've got a good plan going! We love to bust out the crafts when we're cooped up. I'm thinking we'll do something Valentine-y to get the ball rolling with Valentine's Day. Depending on how long we're stuck inside, my house might be covered in little pink hearts covered in stickers and paint!

  5. WEIRD! I was going to do a post on last year's storm today too! Why didn't you entitle your post, "a storms blowin' up a whoppa?" :-)

  6. Um, March 17th? That means a whole lot of things. We need to catch up asap.

    If I have to go to work tomorrow I'm going to be in a terrible mood. :)

  7. I'd be happy to send a few snow days your way! We've been having a couple a week in Philly. My favorite thing is how insanely excited the dog gets. My LEAST favorite thing is how it's impossible to get the dog to come back inside. ;)

  8. Your list sounds good so I will just move in with ya this week;)

  9. I wish I had a snow day! We never get enough snow to be off the whole day. Just a 2 hour delay. Sad :(

  10. I love snow days too! I think the storm is headed our way, so hopefully Andy will be home with us! :D...that's the best part of winter storms!

    Also, you should netflix Gilmore Girls! Such a fun show, and will keep you fully entertained on these snowy days!

  11. I'll be so curious if we get all the snow they are predicting!! I don't mind as long as it doesn't come with much ice!

  12. Finally Atlanta i not included in these storms :) I love snow but hate it in Atlanta.

    Some good shows I love are Rescue Me, Friday Night Lights, One Tree Hill, if you want to keep old school you can never go wrong with some 7th Heaven!

  13. We don't get snow days here in CA, but I do have a TV series recommendation for you nonetheless! If you haven't been watching Parenthood you MUST. It's wonderful TV. And I recently finished Showtime's The Tudors series on Netflix. I am a huge history fan and this series was superb. Enjoy your snow! I wish we had some, but we just get cold instead.

  14. TV shows I suggest: The Closer, Mad Men, LOST. All fav's of mine and worthy of a tv / couch marathon!

  15. I LOVE snow days! :o)

    I love just watching movies/tv all day and cuddling with my boyfriend! That is when we actually get a snow day!

  16. Good luck with the match! Can't wait to hear how it turns out!

    I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but when it is snowing outside, all I want to do is SLEEP! I could lie in bed and sleep deeply all day, if that was an option. As you know from your hubby, though, snow doesn't really stop the medical profession, so it is rare that I get to give into my urge to crawl into bed. :(

    I don't have problems with the disorganization of my pantry/fridge, but for some reason, the cabinet under my bathroom sink is ALWAYS helter-skelter! Maybe because I'm always reaching under there for tp or contact solution or whatnot and disrupting things? I don't know. It seems like it could use a re-organization weekly (but obviously, that will never!

  17. I hope it is some kind of BIG storm for us too. I'm worried it's going to be just a rain storm, but we're in the ice path, so hopefully it'll be something! Good luck with all you 'to do' items. It's fun to be snowed in isn't it??

  18. Oh man, I could use a snow day too! Though it was 80 degrees here this weekend. And even though some more cold is moving in tomorrow, I don't think it will come bearing snow or ice.

    HOpe you get a lot accomplished and stay safe and warm with all the wintry weather!

  19. You can ask D to verify, but I think our days always went like this: I cooked & baked up a storm, the kids put together a giant puzzle with their dad on the ping pong table, we played games, and watched movies ... all while eating everything I had cooked and baked. I think we all needed WW when the snow days were over!

  20. I'm crossing my fingers for a snow day tomorrow! I have a lot of laundry that needs to be done!

    Wishing you the best on your residency placement. Two of our friends (who are married) went through it last year and now one of my besties is going through it this year. I understand your stress (through their stories) and I wish you the best!

  21. Looks like we may get some snow, too, after all! :( I'm not a fan of it here! Love seeing it ANYWHERE but HERE!! lol I think I'll take your queue and think seriously about cleaning out some closets I've been putting off doing! I mean a couple are about to burst! I like your list!!

    I NEVER have the tv on during the day but always have it on HGTV at night. Love the house make overs and like all the decorating shows and like the ones where couples try to decide which house to buy. They nearly always buy a house I wouldn't even buy for anything, though!! I guess I'm a snob when it comes to my house. I see some people buy you just couldn't give me!! I LOVE MY HOME!!!! And some people buy in other countries for "get away homes" scare the heebeejeebes out of me! I'd be terrified to live down somewhere in Mexico or Nicaragua these days!! The beaches are beautiful but really-how safe is it there & they even talk about it and I'm like: Are you CRAZY to buy a house down there?....I guess I'm not much of an optimist on that. But HGTV is about the only channel I really love!!

  22. I love all of those things on snow days!! Oh my goodness, are there any front runners for where you guys might go?! I'll be praying y'all get what you and your Hubby want! :) Stay warm and cozy with your boys the next several days!

  23. Hi? My name is Shannon and I have been reading your blog for a littl while now. My husband is also in his 4th year of med school and we are anxiously awaiting Match day! We are from flordia but most of his top choices are all int he northeast. Where are you top choices. Your blog is great and I love reading your love story, so cute.


  24. you should check out one tree hill on netflix....greatness!


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