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B&B - The Place For Me!


Husby had at out of town interview for a Residency program last week and they hosted a pre-interview dinner the night before with a few current residents, the applicants and their spouses. Because we had to go up the night before the interview, they put us up in a Bed and Breakfast in a quaint part of town.


We drove up to the B&B at dusk and a girl with long hair stingy hanging over her face hobbled toward us with a creepy look on her face. She walked as if she'd been hit by a car and the look on her face mimicked one you would see in a horror movie. Husby and I slowly turned to each other and bursted out laughing.


We walked inside the front door and it was dead silent. There was no one to be found and we didn't know what to do. I meandered into a room that went into another room and we found the check-in desk. We rang the bell to let them know we were there and we heard kids running through a hall screaming. Kids we never heard before that moment. Kids that sounded like GHOST CHILDREN. Again, we looked at each other and died laughing. Totally creepy and totally hilarious.


A little old lady welcomed us in and showed us around. We climbed the creaky stair case and she showed us the movie cabinet, the butler's pantry filled with snacks, beverages and china, a hall closet filled with necessities in case you forgot something from home (they literally had anything you could ever need - all free of charge), and of course, our room.



The doors to each room had a plaque with a different name on them. This kind of creeped me out at first because instantly I thought, "I bet that's the name of someone who died in that room". Ours was Anna Augusta. I just knew she would be the one to visit me at my bedside that night chanting "oooohhhhh, I am the ghost of Bed and Breakfast's past.....ooooohhhhh!" You better believe I kept one eye opened all night long.



After we dropped our things off, we freshened up for the dinner and headed out. We enjoyed a very long, very enjoyable evening with such nice couples. It was an unexpected delight (I anticipated fake smiles and feign interest in conversation), and we had a great evening. When we got back to the B&B, we walked by the butler's pantry to grab a coke and there was a scrumptious cake atop beautiful china waiting to be devoured. I helped myself to a slice and enjoyed the little midnight snack before retiring to a movie in bed with Husby.



There was a homemade binder full of information on the town they had compiled for the guests, waiting on our bed. It also had the history of the house which was so interesting to read about. Also, they had the "guest book" where people who had stayed in there before you leave comments about their experience. Some were sweet, some were too-much-information, and some were sad. It was interesting to see the variety of people that blow around from place to place - and reading their story as to how they arrived.



The next morning we were welcomed with a spread of goodies for breakfast and we leisurely prepared for the day before Husby headed out to his interview. Staying at a B&B is just so vastly different from a corporate American hotel. You feel a true sense of being welcome and prepared for. It is so much more intimate and inviting. If you need something, you either go hunt for it or wander downstairs and ask the owners who make you feel like anything but an intruder. I so enjoyed our time in that little place. Though we had many laughs at the eerie feelings we had at the beginning, it turned out to be a relaxing, comfortable, sweet peek into the past - when time moved slower and human interaction was always face-to-face. From now on, I will always check B&B rates before searching hotels. The experience alone is head and shoulders above the rest.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. That looks like such a nice place! I love the idea of the little book with experiences in it. It reminds me of the books you see at the top of mountains to write in about your journey. I've never stayed in a B&B, though. To me they always seemed more intrusive than a hotel where you can be left to your own devices, but perhaps not? My husband and I may have to try one out now!

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  2. The place looks so sweet & quaint!! I have always wanted to stay at a B&B.

  3. What a quaint little place! I love it. I have never stayed in a B&B before, but after reading this post I definitely would like to now!

  4. It looks sweet. Hubby took me to a B&B a few years ago. We ended up staying in a room that Julia Roberts had supposedly stayed in (the owners said it was true too) so that was neat.
    I enjoyed sitting down and chatting with the B&b owners too.
    Did you ever see the girl or the kids?

  5. On one of our annual sister trips we stayed at a B&B. It was in Tyler, TX and was so much fun. My favorite part was sitting down to breakfast with the other guests and finding out their stories. We had a great three days there and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  6. sounds like fun! my husband and i love going to B&B's. such a more "homey" and welcoming feel :)

  7. Awwww how FUN this was to read!!! Sounds like such a wonderful experience! I love little old bed and breakfasts... so quaint!!! Thanks for sharing your experience and all these great pictures! :)

  8. The one time we stayed at a B&B we couldn't get over the feeling that we were crashing a stranger's house. Not that they did anything to make us feel that way! This looks charming, though!

  9. what a fun/creepy experience! :D It looks beautiful! Andy and I stayed at a B&B once, and it was so neat! I agree, very different from current hotels. Glad you had fun!

  10. That home looks beautiful! And dont you love when you and the hubs can look at one another and know what the other is thinking, and just laugh! I always think that is the best!!

  11. Love B&Bs! I haven't been to one in ages, but, they are so fun and so much more relaxing than your standard hotel, I think. Glad y'all had fun!

  12. Gorgeous pictures. Sounds like a lot of fun! I stayed at a B&B once and it was such a fun experience. I felt like I was a guest at a new friend's house instead of at a hotel.

  13. I've always wanted to stay at a bed and breakfast, especially a creepy one. lol

  14. I was actually going to ask you if you where going to any interviews with your husband?

    I am not planning on going on any of the interviews, but I will be accompaning him on the "second looks" to the places he is excited about attending. I do not feel like being "judged" for his residency. And I am 18 pregnant and don't feel like taking tons of time off work and buying new cloths that fit just for a very interviews.

    Good luck with the interviews!

  15. PS - if you like B&Bs tell him to interview at Charleston SC. My husband loved that B&B. He is taking me back this summer.

  16. WHAT is everyone talking about? Quaint? Sweet? Can't wait to go? Sorry, whitney, but those pics look fre-aky! I definitely would have slept with one eye open. And the door securely locked! :-)

    (Of course, a lot of this could be because I saw your excerpt from that guestbook!)

  17. Jeff and I always stay at B&Bs. Generally you can find ones with rates just slightly more expensive than your budget hotels, and you are right, they so much better.

  18. The creepy aspect would have made me turn heel and find a corporate hotel. That's the one reason I usually avoid those B and Bs! There's just something about them that don't fit with me. But maybe I should give them another chance?

  19. I completely agree! We stayed at a B&B for the first in Sept for a friend's wedding and it was so amazing. I too hope to stay again soon!

  20. I hate to tell you this, but that picture of the door plaque has "orbs" on it - when I went on a ghost tour in Charleston, SC, our tour guide told us that those round things that show up in your pictures are actually pictures of spirits or something like that. SOOOO creepy!

    That being said, I do LOVE B&Bs! Just not haunted ones =)


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