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Momma's Christmas Dilemma

Alright ladies and the few gents that grace my blogaroo, it's time for some help. As you know, my Momma puts on a fantastical Christmas celebration each year and decks her halls with oodles of fabulousness.

Each year, her table has a theme.

One year it was the Twelve Days of Christmas. (With emphasis on it's correlation to the coming of our Saviour! Truly fascinating!)


Another year it was A Very Dicken's Christmas.



The next year it was a Whimsical Christmas.



Of course we had a White Christmas.



And last year we had A Very Vintage Christmas!




(Sorry for some of the quality of pictures. I didn't always have a nice camera.)

I don't have pictures of some of the years past, but she has done several tables of sheer elegance - with the emphasis on angels and crosses, gold and splendor. Also, the rest of her entire house is adorned each year with a big and beautiful nativity, crowns of the King, a 10 foot tree with crosses and angels and other magnificent reminders of our Lord's birth. So don't worry, Christ is always the center of our celebration.

What do YOU think should be this year's theme? All ideas welcome! :)
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Your mother's table is absolutely elegant. I would love to eat dinner at one of her settings! Although I am kind of intimidated by the amount of china and silverware... haha

    I've got some ideas for a theme...

    "Christmas at the North Pole"
    "A Very Frosty Christmas"
    "A Holly Jolly Christmas"
    "Christmas in Bethlehem"

    Can't wait to hear/see what she picks this year.

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  2. I love the White Xmas and the Vintage Xmas- so cute!
    What about Christmas in Australia? hehe. It's so hot here, we're more likely to have salads & BBQ's and go for a dip in the pool :-p

  3. Wow, those are some great spreads!!!

    My ideas are:

    German Christmas Market: Inge Glass, Cuckoo Clocks, wooden nutcrackers, and Stollen etc,


    A Very Eastern Christmas:
    Indian/Moroccan feel. Rich, deep colours with golds. Lots of candles, gorgeous beaded things, satins, paisley patterns, sparkly things, very fun!

    or (bit partial here)
    A Very British Christmas:
    Union Jacks, Red Telephone boxes, Hackney Carriage Cabs, English Bulldogs, Mince Pies, Christmas Puddings, Mulled Cider, Beefeaters, etc.


  4. How about Christmas around the world? I'd love to see what your Mom does for that.

    Maybe Silver and Gold? Like the song off the claymation Rudolph movie?

    I cannot wait to see what your Mom does for her theme, I'm entranced by her decorating and I just showed my friend the post from last year about the Vintage Christmas. Speaking you have any idea where your Mom go those amazing vintage plates?

  5. Candy. That's what I'm doing in my kitchen this year...candy or baking know, visions of sugar plums and so on. Really cute <3

  6. How about a "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice" theme where she could decorate in a candy theme? I have a tree where my topper is tall candy canes and lollipops, etc. It is so cute (if I do say so myself) and one of my favorite trees.
    Or she could also do a Christmas Tea theme. I'm thinking of doing this one myself since I was collecting Christmas teasets for a while and have quite a variety of them!

    Judging from prior years, I think anything your mom does is going to be beautiful. I cannot wait to see the results!

  7. Sugar and Spice...glad to hear others like that idea too!!

    What does she do with all the old stuff?

  8. I see others have touched on this, but how about a "sweet shoppe" theme? Lots of gingerbread, candy, cookies, etc. I seem to remember somewhere in blogland last year someone had a "Mrs. Claus' Sweet Shoppe" sign in their kitchen with all kinds of cute sweets.

    Another one might be a non-traditional color scheme. Last year there were alot of aquas, pinks, and lime greens being used, and after walking around Michael's yesterday I see that it's popular again. I love those colors!

    I am sure whatever she decides it will be fabulous!

  9. "The Night before Christmas" would be fun to see. The nutcracker is one of my favorite things about christmas! there are so many wonderful scenes in that ballet so focusing on the sugary aspect would be delightful. Also play off of "visions of sugar plums dance in their heads"! But lastly she could do a gorgeous Bethlehem/Nativity scene maybe using burlap and focusing on the star that rose in the east, with of course a gorgeous nativity in the center!

  10. Looks like you already have plenty of ideas from which to choose. I think I am loving the candy themes that have been suggested.

  11. How about a "Norman Rockwell" Christmas theme? We always put out our Norman Rockwell Christmas books during the holidays and they are a hit with everyone!

    I am also curious as to what your mom does with all of the "old" decorations from themes past.....

  12. Ok your mother is fabulous!! I don't have any themes off the top of my head...I am certainly looking forward to finding out what she decides

  13. What about a Western Christmas. Have plaid things and old rustic {but not vintage} things, etc. I'm sure you could find so many cute Christmasy things!

  14. Your mom is so amazing with her decor seriously. She needs to show off her stuff in a magazine or something. I was reading some of the other comments and I think a candy theme or Christmas around the world theme would be fun. Either way, I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  15. Yeah, the one that popped in my head was "Sugar Plums", and seems like other people hit on that! Other ideas:

    "Starry Night"
    "In a Manger" (animal-oriented?)
    "Miracle on 34th" (1940's feel?)
    "Silver Bells"
    "Polar Express" (trains?)

  16. ooo what fun! I love all your mom's Christmas tables, they are all so creative :) here are my suggestions... santa's reindeer, a bethlehem christmas, christmas for a king with a very royal theme :)

  17. Ooooh, I agree with the Nutcracker Theme! That would be awesome and classy!

  18. we do something like this at church, called The Belle's Brunch, and each table is decorated by a different lady at church! It's gorgeous, and so much fun! There are always very creatively themed tables! Last year my mom and I did The Night Before Christmas theme, complete with a "fire" (sterno candle) in a giant bowl that was hand painted with the story, and each person had a bowl with a different reindeer on it! We toasted our marshmallows and made smores, it was gorgeous!

    The year before we hand painted our plates and did a snow man theme!

    I can't give away this years theme ;), but a few other fun ones would be "a child's christmas"- bright colors, fun toys..., oh wait, crying baby, i'll come back with more ideas!

  19. "Santa Claus is comin' to town!" or "Perfectly Peppermint", I found a great website with some adorable themes.

  20. A Very Brady Christmas!!! LOL! Sorry, I couldn't resist. It was the first thought that popped in my head. :)

  21. A "Country Christmas" with a rustic theme

    A "Big Apple Christmas" with a NYC theme (can recreate Rockefeller Center)

    A "Red Carpet Christmas" with an old Hollywood theme

  22. I vote for the German Christmas market, or something with a snowman theme. :-)

  23. What about...
    A royal Christmas.
    Since Jesus Christ was true royalty!

  24. I have to agree I love the idea of an olde town German christmas. I lived in germany for 3 years and they have stores that are christmas all year around. They are beautiful. I could so see your mom do something like that.
    The Nut Cracker Suite Ballet could be a fun theme as well.
    Can I tell you I am so freakin excited at the thought of decorating for Christmas. It is something I enjoy every year what a glorious birthday to celebrate! Praise Jesus! He has so blessed your mom with such a great talent. I can't wait to see pictures of what she does.

  25. How about "Winter Lodge". Antlers and cabins, and snow topped evergreens? Or, "Holiday Movies" and showcase movies like White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Miracle on 34th St, It's a Wonderful Life.

    Really anything you guys pick is sure to be gorgeous!

  26. wow, your mom is truly amazing with what she comes up with! I wish I could be that creative and have the time to execute it all. Can't wait to see your post on this year's theme.

  27. Your mom is soooo creative!!! I am so impressed

  28. Wow!! That inspires me.. What about "The very First Christmas"

  29. Such beautiful tables. Here are a few ideas:

    Suessian Christmas, with emphasis on the Grinch that Stole Christmas

    Hawaiian Christmas- with all tropical flowers and sand and fun.

    All That Glitters Christmas- bling, bling, and more bling

    Floral Christmas- flowers!

  30. candyland
    how the grinch stole christmas

  31. Ok, so these may have have been said already, but 30 posts were a lot to go through to hunt duplicates, SORRY!!

    What about a table featuring each of the reindeer?


    Santas from around the world? You know how other countries Santas may look different than ours? I just think that would be neat to research and do. :)

  32. My absolute favorite Christmas character decoration thingy is snowmen. I like to put blue and silver with my snowmen. Another good idea would be Santa's workshop. Or candy canes! I love the red and white stripy-ness.

  33. Another vote for the Nutcracker theme! :)

  34. amazing, simply amazing. Seeing as how Levi will be there and into everything this year what about a polar express theme. He would love the trains. I also liked what others said, Christmas around the world or sugar plums.
    I can't wait to see what she does.

  35. Beautiful tables! What about "Jingle Bells" or "Silver Bells"? I am picturing all kinds of bells - antique, silver, gold, etc.

  36. Your mother is brilliant!! What about having a bird theme? All beautiful birdies and eggs and trees and nests. Birds are all the rage right now!! HAHA! (Can't believe I just said "all the rage") ;P

    That's my two cents worth! :)

  37. Truly inspiring. Does Levi actually sit at that table? I would be so fearful my kiddos would break something.

    I love the candy idea - but mostly because I would eat the decorations.

    But how about "Christmas at the movies." And highlight some of the greats. Each place setting could be a different movie. From Home Alone to White Christmas and everything in between!

  38. Twas the night before Christmas . . . I found the Night Before Christmas dishes at Dillards last year. I think that would make a great theme.

  39. umm.. I don't know if you have thought of this.. but what about a Dr. Seuss Christmas.. I'm sure you could read the Grinch that stole christmas if I recall the title right.

  40. Love all the Grinch ideas! "Cat in the Hat Christmas"

  41. I think the Polar Express theme with trains would be SO cute for Levi and his little cousin!!!

  42. I think she should do "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

  43. Your Mom is amazing! The tables look breathtaking. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday of course obvious reasons of celebrating Jesus' birth, but also just the chance to transform your house. I want to be just like your mom when we have money (my husband is a med student as well).

  44. oh. my. stars. she is an incredible decorator! i love all the detail without it being tacky! tell your momma for me that she is super talented :) as far as this year's idea goes, what about doing a pink and gold theme? i saw the idea in the now-defunct "blueprint" mag, and fell in love with it.

  45. Your mom seems like such a lovely woman!!!

  46. "VIsions of Sugar Plums"
    "The North Pole"

    The Vintage is my favorite BTW.

  47. What about a Bethlehem/nativity theme? She could use mangers and animals and wise men and stars. That would be beautiful, but still very much about the true reason for the season.

  48. I just wanna know what she does with all the previous year's decorations?! That's a lot of storage! Absolutely beautiful!

  49. Ok- I have 3 suggestions for you:

    1. Night Before Christmas
    2. Twelve Reindeer
    3. Christmas Carols, featuring a different favorite carol at each seat (my favorite)

  50. I'm at loss for ideas, but I can't wait to see what she comes up with! They're always amazing!


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