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Back Home.

Husby has an out of town rotation this month near where we grew up, so the three of us have been staying in our hometown a lot over the past few weeks. Levi has enjoyed ample time with (both sets) of grandparents and we have enjoyed lots of fall festivities and relaxation. My Mom has spoiled all of us - doing laundry, cooking feasts, changing diapers, slipping "gas money" in our wallets and basically being "Super Mom & Glam*Ma" all month long.

It's been fantastical.

And unbelievably refreshing.

Life has such a slower pace out here in the beautiful north eastern part of the state. It's absolutely breathtaking here this time of the year and each time I come back, I feel like I took for granted the natural beauty of this place when I was growing up. The trees are thick and the hills are grand. I swear the sky is bluer and the stars seem closer to the earth out here. There is no such thing as heavy traffic and there are a gazillion feet between each home.

The town has been through a lot of changes since I took up residence here, but it remains the same in my eyes. My parents home has been renovated and updated throughout the years and yet it feels exactly as it did when I was 5. Each evening as I turn the lights out and head to my old bedroom, the halls whisper precious memories and the floors sing sweet tunes of the past. This house is soaked in stories of our lives and it so perfectly portrays family and heritage. Whenever I swing open the front door and am welcomed with the scent of comfort and familiarity, I truly feel at home.

And there's no place like it.

I love that Levi will have so many memories of this house and that he will always know the place where his Mommy grew up. I hope this house is always a part of our lives and that it continues to capture new and exciting adventures while always reminding us of the precious past.

This house is the absolute essence of a home.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. That's wonderful that you had the opportunity to spend so much time at home. Hope you enjoyed the refreshing relaxation!

  2. Beautifully written tribute to your childhood home, Whitney!! I hope my children will grown up in one and only one home... growing up as an Army brat, I didn't have that luxury!! (Although seeing the world was pretty sweet) ;)

  3. I always feel like that when I go home. Its the best feeling in the world. :)

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  4. I've always enjoyed your posts about your childhood home, especially when you talk about how great of a hostess your mom is. It is so neat to see what a close relationship you have with your mom. It is a good example for Levi to see.

  5. I moved around a lot as a child since Daddy was a church planter. So, one particular house never seemed more like home than the other. Home for me was always just wherever Mom and Dad were. No matter what house it was it was home because they brought that sense to it. I do think it is cool, though, that you get to go home to your childhood home. I think my favorite place in your mom's house is the kitchen, hanging around the center island, just laughing and talking with her. She is one in a million.

  6. I am glad to hear that someone elses mom gives out "gas money"... I keep wondering what the cut off age is! :)

  7. I know exactly what you are saying. For 46 years my mom lived at the same home and every time I walked in the door I felt at home. SO many memories of two adults and 10 children plus their mates and then all their kids and then some of their kids. 5 generations spent numerous hours there making many laughs and priceless memories.
    Enjoy every moment there. Go as often as you can. Mommy's always love it when their children come for a visit. My mom enjoyed having her kids and grands more than anything else in the world. She never wanted gifts- just visits. The more the merrier. Thanks Whit for helping me to remember my ole home place once again.

  8. Oh that's so nice! Would you ever consider moving back there?

  9. That's fantastic!!! I wish I got to spend more time with my grandparents growing up, but we didn't live in the same country.
    Have a lovely weekend

    PS. I love the way you write

  10. I lived in the same home with my parents until I moved out to go to college. I'm always so excited to go home and visit and hope that one day, when I have kids, they will get to visit my childhood home.

  11. Your blog is so cute!! I have a housewife blog too, check it out

  12. Hey Whitney! I just love reading your blog - I relate to it so much as I am a 4th year medical student in MN and also love housewife duties. I often struggle with balance between being a good medical student and future doctor and being the housewife I have always dreamed to be! I'm guessing you guys are in Philly for Step 2 CS! I just took it in August in LA - he'll do great! Just another hoop to jump through in the fabulous journey of becoming a doctor! :) I just wanted to finally pop in and say hi and good luck to your hubby on CS!

    PS Levi is SOOO cute!

  13. i feel the same way about my parent's house :) i realize more and more how blessed i am to go back to it and feel perfectly at home. glad you got some relaxation and refreshment!


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