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Weebie Wednesday: 15 Months.

Levi, Levi, Levi. You are 15 months old. Stop growing or you're going to time out. I mean it, little boy!


As much fun as your past months have been, this age is a blast. You are so interactive and bringing out different parts of your little personality. I love discovering these new things about you, Weebie. You are quickly morphing into this little PERSON, and it's such a delight to witness.

You are a little Mynah Bird, trying to repeat most everything we say! You are mastering new words almost every day and it just cracks us up to hear your little voice saying real words. Some of the words you say are: Mama, Daddy, Dam-ma, Thank You, No, Bible, Jesus, Ball, Dog, Milk, A-B-C, Please, More, Don't, Drink, What's That, Uh-Oh, Night-Night, Baby, Cookie, Elmo .... and that's all I can think of right now. You attempt to say anything we tell you, though it's not always clear. Hehe.


You are such a good listener! When I tell you to "go drink your milk" or to "bring it to Mommy", you always go and do it. You have newly discovered the art of "fit throwing", and I've got to say, this has taken me by such surprise! Though the fits are rare and few, I always have to stifle my laughter when you fling yourself on the floor and start bawling. It's just so out of character for you and it's absolutely hilarious. You are quite good at "the stare down" when you're doing something you shouldn't. Sometimes I will just look at you with a stern look and there you go - flinging yourself on the ground and bawling. You silly little boy. You have such a tender heart and a curious mind. Sometimes, your curiosity finds you in places you shouldn't be - like on top of the kitchen table, but with much correction and instruction, you are learning your limits and you do well not to push the boundaries.


You love to climb in Mommy's lap and give me kisses. You are so playful and fun to be with. You are a good little eater and vegetables and fruit continue to be your favorite things to eat. You laugh when we laugh. You shake your head "no" all the time, and are trying so hard to nod "yes" , but you usually end up shaking your head, getting dizzy and falling over. You know the motions to Deep & Wide and when I say "let's pray", you clasp your hands together.


You know where your eyes, ears, mouth, nose, head and tummy are and can point to them when I ask. You tilt your head back shrug your shoulders and smile. You have two molars (the bottom ones) for a total of 10 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom & 2 molars). You size 7 shoes are getting too small. You are still in 12 month clothes because you are tall and skinny! I dread "jeans season" because in order for them to fit your waist, they're high-waters! Oh the clothing woes we are bound to have over the years.


You rarely walk - you RUN. You are so fast and always on-the-go. You love to go outside and you cry when we come back inside. You're like your Daddy. As soon as I open the door, off you go - running to the neighbor's dog, to your sand table or to your big toy. You are 100% boy!

You are absolutely the funniest little child I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. You are a delight in every area of your little personality and I fall more in love with you every day. You continue to be the exact same person you have been since birth - sweet, sensitive, curious, funny, and easy. I just told someone the other day, "I have this fear that my second child will be a little terror since Levi is just so GOOD". You have made my first experience of Motherhood the absolute greatest it could possibly be. I love you, baby. With all my heart.
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  1. That smile just melts my heart into a puddle - I can't imagine what it does to yours!

  2. He's so adorable. Sounds like an amazing boy. They're great at that age when they're just starting to talk.

  3. He's a cutie! Happy 15 months to Levi!
    I have the exact same fear! I feel like my little boy is so laid back. I fear my next one might make up for these easy months with my first born, haha, oh well, bring it on =)

  4. sooo cute!! One of my favorite ages for sure!!

  5. Good grief, make time slow down already! He is a sweet one, Whitney.

  6. He is so cute, Whitney! I wish we lived closer (alas, I'm in CA!) so my little Soren (13 months) could play with Weebie...and you and I could chat over lemonade in the yard!

  7. Ditto on your last comment about a second child - my little guy is one easy baby. I'm trying to be optimistic for my second!

  8. Looks and sounds like you have a VERY sweet little boy! He is so darn cute!!! Love the updates...

  9. Precious Levi! He sounds like such a doll!


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