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Stuff My Kid Likes At 15 Months: TOYS.

I did a few of these when Levi was a smaller and it is so fun to go back and read what life was like back then - toys he was playing with, things he liked, foods he enjoyed, products I loved, etc. I haven't done one in a while, so I figured it was time. Today I will show you what Levi likes to play with. Fun!

(Credit goes to Glam*Ma for the majority of these toys. His play time wouldn't be near as fun without her.)

I have a monkey for a child. He climbs and jumps all day long. He's all over the couches, chairs and tries his hardest to get away with climbing on tables. The solution to the problem?


Levi is up, down, under, over and all around this thing. He slides down the wedge, hops up the stairs, crawls through the tunnel and perches up top like a king. This was a birthday present from his grandparents and it has been amazing for my little climber. It provides so much fun time for Levi's little friends, too, when they come visit.

Husby and I got this car for him (yet another birthday gift), and Levi loves it.


He will sit in it and watch cartoons, drive all over the house and turn it upside down and "work" on the wheels. He has even tipped it over and used it as a fort before. We call it his banana car.

This little gizmo has a ton of bells and whistles that are perfect for Levi's curious brain. It helps with counting, dexterity and enhances imagination! He will sit and play with this thing for the longest time.



I prefer wooden toys over plastic (just because they look classic) and so I don't mind having this giant thing sitting around the Living Room!

Speaking of wooden toys, Glam*Ma got Levi THE NEATEST shopping cart.



It is full of wooden food - heavy, durable and so realistic. I think I love this toy as much as (or more) that Levi. He likes to push it around and take the food in and out. His favorite thing to carry around is this ... (of all things...)


He's never even had bologna! He takes it out and hands it to his Daddy and I every single day.

I am pretty convinced Levi is the next Bobby Flay. Because he also loves this:


The toys by Melissa and Doug are hands down my favorite. All wood, high quality and just so classic. Levi loves this cookie set. The dough can opens and we practice his counting by putting the cookies in one at a time. He will do this for as long as you'll sit and play.

Another Melissa and Doug toy that he loves is this chalk board with the alphabet and numbers. Levi l-o-v-e-s to hear the alphabet and l-o-v-e-s to count. This is a great little helping tool to learn! He also likes to write on the chalk board. The other side is a dry/erase board that we will use when he gets older.


Melissa and Doug strike again with their puzzles!


This "Bug Puzzle" has a net to "catch" the bugs with (it's all magnetic). Oh, every time I whip this puzzle out, Levi screams "OH BOY!" It is so much fun.

Weebie is in such a phase of wanting to learn. These toys are perfect for learning shapes and also helping out with coordination. Putting the shapes into the appropriate places is one of Weebie's most favorite things to do.


Someone, who shall remain nameless, ran off with the blue piece of the Elmo one. Booger.

Remember how I said Levi loves the alphabet and numbers? He also loves these flashcards.


He will sit and let me go through each of them several times and he is so attentive. My baby.

We don't only work on learning letters, shapes and numbers, we also learn about the BIBLE! I am such a visual learner and I know that children are, too. These little Bible characters are so helpful in teaching him Bible stories. He carries them around with him all the time and brings them to me so that I will tell him the story again. Precious. I hope he's always so eager and thirsty for God's Word.



And...the whale!


Now if that's not a perfect visual, I don't know what is.


And here's David and Goliath. We also have Daniel and a lion, but he's not pictured. Sorry, Dan.

We got these at Mardel and I just love them. It truly brings to life the wonderful stories of the Word. Awesome.

Levi loves Handy Manny and Mom found these awesome tools and things for him to work on. This toy radio comes apart and as you turn the screws with the screwdriver, Manny tells you what each part is. Levi is enamored with it.



He also likes the saw. You push the trigger and the saw moves back and forth.


Lastly, like his Daddy, Levi loves to mow.


Basically, if you can push it around the house, he loves it.

Well, there you have it. Levi's favorite toys. Tomorrow, we'll look at Mommy's favorite products for 15 month olds!
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  1. LOVW Mellisa and Doug ANYTHING! Weebs has the best toys! Its fun to see the difference between girls and boys. He has tools, mowers, ya know boy stuff. Everything of Ruthie Janes is pink, fluffy, and girly. The shopping cart is AWESOME!

  2. where'd you get those climbing things (the first toy)?

  3. u have got nice toys for them..

  4. I love the climbing toy that is made of foam/mat pieces! Where on Earth would you find that toy. I don't even have kids (yet) and already want to buy it!

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  5. Awww... I miss the days when my "babies" were actually "babies" or toddlers, etc. My "babies" are now both almost 17 years old. I have never seen wooden food before - that is soo neat! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see what you have in store for tomorrow! :o)

  6. Those look wicked fun - I want to come over and play

  7. I want to direct you to this site. If you scroll down a bit you will see where you can check on the safety of Melissa and Doug toys. There have been some recall issus (in Canada-not sure of US) in the past. I know the cute cookies were one of them.

  8. please please please list where the toys came from! i have a 14 month old and would LOVE to get some of those. :)

  9. inspired. now do u wipe down all the toys he plays with? i've often wondered about that in general...

  10. We have the same bug puzzle and my 3 1/2 year old STILL loves that thing. I just recently packed up that lawn mower as that sucker is LOUD and gets annoying after a couple of year. :) LOVE the bible story toys. I may need to get some for Christmas as my little one is soaking up and repeating Bible stories like crazy right now.

  11. Did she get the shopping cart at kiddlestix?? I wanted to get Adi one, but went in there after I had already purchased the plastic junky one! ;)

  12. I like the wooden toys--I'll have to look for the Melissa and Doug stuff. He is a cutie!

  13. What cute toys!! I love the cozy coop. That was my favorite hen I was little!

  14. great post!! thanks for sharing! :)

  15. Wow...who knew Jonah was so muscular! Hehehe... =) Levi is a cutie! Thanks for sharing! My middle daughter is 4 and is BEGGING me to go back to Palais Royal, where she saw some decorate-able Melissa and Doug cupcakes. Yes, thank you, I realize decorate-able is not a word. But fun, nonetheless.

  16. Seriously. Those climbing gym mat foamy delight are a definite must for the climbers we've got. PLEASE at least give us some keywords Whitney! Then at least we can Google them. Must must have - the coffee table is such an unsafe place for my baby girl to monkey around.

    Many, many thanks.

  17. where did u get the shooping car n wooden food??? i have an idea can u put the website or where u buy the stuff when u do it that way is more helpful thanks oxox love ur blog ;0)

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