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Results & Random Thoughts.

1.) Several of you wanted me to post the results of the questionnaire I posted on Monday, so I thought I would give you those today. A big thank you goes to ALL of you for playing - the results were fabulous with 1,042 voters in each category. I find big numbers running around on my blog each day, so it was nice to "see" a lot of you out there letting me know who you are! So, thanks! :)

I'll let you know the #1's in each category just to show you who the majority of you are. (I am SO happy each category was greatly dispersed with an awesome variety of people. It's good to know that all my readers are so diverse. I love and appreciate you ALL.)

The Tops....

55% of you are from the ages of 26-35.

77.5% of you are married.

49% of you work outside the home without children (I have to say, this surprised me!)

67.8% of you are Protestant Christians.

51.5% of you have 0 children.

38% of you live in the South.

46.2% of you do blog.

99% of you are female. (Shout out to the FOUR guy readers out there! Haha!)

40% of you like Mexican food the best.

That was fun, wasn't it?

2.) I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your encouragement on my post about Weebie & The Mean Lady in the restaurant. You guys give such encouragement to me on a daily basis and that particular day, you all had such sweet words that lifted me up. Thank you for that.

3.) Getting ready for BlogHer '10 in NYC. Anyone out there (that haven't yet talked about it with me) attending? If so, please come say "hi" if you see me. I plan on doing the same if I recognize YOU! :) I'm so excited!

4.) My child has the most precious little heart in the world. The other day, I hurt my neck and I calmly told Husby I couldn't move it and I sat sitting straight up grabbing it and saying, "um, my neck HURTS." Levi stopped what he was doing and stared at me. His little face started to fall and his eyes got so big. He started frowning and put his head down on his arms, then laid his head down on the table started SOBBING. Break. My. Heart. It was the sweetest thing in THE world.

The End. Have a GREAT day!! :)
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. the majority of us are working moms that read your blog from our work computers! (shhh)ha!how else would we have time to read, haha.

    What a sweetie your lil boy is!

  2. As for that 49% of us who work without kids - I'd have to say that in my case for sure, and I'd guess in some other people's, I'm working toward getting to be a stay-at-home Mommy. I want to get to that status eventually!

    Also, that is the SWEETEST THING that Levi cried when you hurt your neck. Oh, sweet boy. I want one of them...

  3. I appreciate that you were listing the tops in each categpry you had posted, however I urge you to remember that Catholics are very much Christians too, as another reader pointed out!

  4. I'm with April! One day (if I'm lucky!) I will have kids and have the opportunity to stay at home with them. Until then, it's work and bloggy world. Very interesting survey!

  5. Some of those statistics are a little surprising! It's interesting to see who else is reading besides me.

    The story about your neck and Levi reacting that way is a VERY sweet story! Some lady will be very lucky to have him as her husband one day! Obviously you are doing a great job with him! =)


  6. Awww, little Levi is so sweet!

  7. Maybe it's all the pregnancy hormones but I just cried when I read #4! So sweet!!

  8. #4 is just too cute! I've read your blog for so long, and I'll be at Blogher next week!

  9. Levi is such a sweetie. It would probably break his heart if he ever saw you cry.
    I missed the questionnaire but I fit into a few of them.. I'm another to add to the 49% that work without kids.

  10. Awww that story about Levi is just adorable. He loves his mama!


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