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Where'd You Get That?

I have several people ask me where I got certain things that they see in my posts. I don't always have a chance to respond to every comment and e-mail, so I thought I would do a post on my most recent questions.

Where did you get your shoes in the picture of Levi opening an egg?

The flip flops that I was wearing in one of the pictures from yesterday came from JCrew. I think they are so cute and girly. They were on sale, so I got them in two colors!

Platinum Gold

Metallic Graphite

The little rosettes will instantly glam up any outfit. Love them.

Where do you buy Levi's clothes?

Well, I get his clothes from all types of different stores and local boutiques. Two of my favorite stores that I do not have in my area are Janie and Jack and Peek....Aren't You Curious? When I am in a city that have these stores, I load up and often browse online. Levi's Easter outfit came from Janie and Jack and most of the casual little tee's you see him sporting come from Peek (I also love their jeans). Besides these places and the local boutiques, I like Gap Baby, Ralph Lauren, The Children's Place and Target.

Where did you find your crib/bedding?


I get at least five e-mails a week asking this question, and it blows me away that people still find that post! That was forever ago. His crib and bedding came from Posh Tots. This website will suck you in, so be forewarned. The play houses and different children's beds are absolutely unreal!!

People also always ask where we found all of the Peter Rabbit things and for that, I can't answer specifically. Basically, whenever we found something, we grabbed it! I scoured the internet for months and the majority came from there.

I hope this satisfied some of you guys' questions. I'll try to answer any time you want to know something!

Happy Thursday!
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  1. Those flip flops are adorable! If I were closer to a JCrew, I'd be on my way for a pair!!

  2. LOVE Janie and Jack!! They have the cutest stuff!!

  3. Oh my! I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm so happy I did. First off, your child has the most beautiful room I have ever seen. Also, those sandles are great and I will have to order some! Have a great day! ~Andrea

  4. What an incredibly gorgeous nursery. WOW. And I'm loving the flops!

  5. I'm gonna head over to JCrew soon!

  6. I have no children (yet) and get sucked into Posh Tots already. AHHH! It's going to be totally crazy when I'm pregnant!

  7. Well, I may have just mentally spent my next paycheck...

  8. I love the sandals! I'm drawn towards things with rosettes and such on them!


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