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Let Them Eat....Snow?

The evening of our big snow storm, I pulled on Husby's boots and teetered my way outside to scoop up some snow for SNOW ICE CREAM!


I've never made snow ice cream before, so I had to look the recipe up on the web.

First off, you get a gallon of snow.


For those of you (like me) who don't know how much a gallon is (I looked it up), it's 16 cups.

Then you add a cup of sugar, 2 cups of milk and a tablespoon of vanilla. (I'll go a little easier on the vanilla next time. Too much for our taste.)


Mix it all up and viola - you have snow ice cream!



I got bored with mine real fast, so I let Weebie be my official taste tester.

Do you think he liked it?





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  1. there's an asian dessert that starts with finely shaved ice/snow. you add condensed milk and whatever toppings you want (sweet red bean, tapioca, taro, etc.). its yum! condensed milk pretty much tastes good with anything.

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  3. hahaha! I grew up making this with my best friend! We still talk about snow ice cream. My bff's mom would never let us make it until the second snow of the year. She always told us the first snow was dirty.

    I love this stuff. Tell weebie to not lose heart!

  4. I used to love snow ice cream, but I haven't had it since I was about 8 years old! Yum!

  5. I've never heard of snow ice cream before! We're getting a big storm here today & tomorrow, so I may just scoop some up and try your recipe - thanks!!!


  6. yeah, i haven't had snow ice cream since i was a young child, but i'm thinking it tastes a lot like ice and not much else. it's a fun novelty, though. you are a good memory maker.

  7. HA HA!! Love little weebs facial expressions!! But I have to admit, I love snow cream!!

  8. I think that's a 'no' then! Was it because it was cold, or just the flavour? That's the first and only time I've seen the little love with an unhappy face. Hope you gave him something nice to make up for it!

  9. We made snow ice cream too (well, Curt made it). It was as yummy as ever! I poured Nestles Quik (the liquid kind) all over mine. Yum! For the ones worried about "dirty" snow, make sure it's not the first snowfall of the year.

  10. Oh! I think that's the first sad face I've ever seen on him!!! So sad!!

  11. Personally, being from the "South" I would have to make "Snowballs" and pour Spearmint or Bubblegum flavored syrup on top!!!
    Oh lil Levi! My kids did that the 1st time with ice cream. Don't think they were expecting a FROZEN concoction?! LOL

  12. lol, I think thats the first sad face on him we've seen!

  13. I don't think we ever saw such a sad face on the poor little guy! :(

  14. Yum. I try to make snow ice cream every time it snows. Cream is really good in it as well - richer than milk. An easy way to make it is with a can of Eagle Brand. I do that sometimes a shortcut. it's yummy every way though!


  15. Levi's face is PRICELESS!!

    I posted something on my blog that may help you with the conversions! I hope you don't mind me referring back to your post. I gave you credit. If you would rather me not, please let me know and I will take it down.

  16. Oh, snow ice cream... My mom used to make this for us on snow days when we were kids. We loved it.

  17. Cute! I wanted to make snow ice cream this weekend but my husband just wasn't into it!


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