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Husby Love: Day 3 - A Valentine Survey.

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I found a list of questions (and made up some of my own) to have Husby and myself fill out separately, for your (and my own) entertainment. I thought this would be a fun way to cap off Valentine's week and a great way to wrap up my "Husby Love" series.


What couple from a movie or TV show are you most like?:

ME: Jim and Pam. Their friendship/flirting stage is exactly what we had going on. Everyone we knew told us we were in love before we even realized it. We were constantly doing things to make each other laugh, and the whole "best friends before in love" thing is exactly like us.

HIM:Paul and Jamie Buchman (Except, of course, for the whole divorce thing at the end of the series)

Do you have a song?:

ME: Yes!

HIM: We have a semi-official “our song”

What is it?:

ME: Everything by Michael Buble. (Husby, you BETTER know this! I declared it "our song" YEARS AGO!)

(He tends to forget these things.)

I also think We Danced Anyway by Deana Carter portrays our relationship to a tee. Love it!

HIM: Stephen Hinkle – Rescue

First movie you saw together in the theatre:

ME: The Wedding Planner. Some might say this was a glimpse into our future.

HIM: Oh wow, I think it was The Wedding Planner or something like that.

Who said I Love You first?

ME: He did! He did!

HIM: I did

Where do you eat out at most as a couple?

ME: Cancun. Hands down. The owner knows our order, from appetizer to entrees to soft drinks. Love it! We just sit down and she does the rest. :)

HIM: Cancun International

Who is better at handling money?

ME: He's better at paying the bills and handling finances, but I'm way better at saving.

HIM: I think we both are, but in different ways. I’m the day-to-day penny pincher, but Whitney is the long-term saver.

What was the first meal that your wife ever cooked for you?

ME: Potato Chip Chicken! :) I know he won't remember this, but I will give him an A for effort for whatever he says. Which will probably be…"I don't remember!"

HIM: Some sort of baked chicken dish with crunched up potato chips on it. It was great – much better than I just made it sound.

If your spouse was a cartoon character which one would he/she be?

ME: I'm inclined to say Mickey Mouse because he can do a killer impersonation, but I think I'll have to go with Superman. Because while he's really nerdy and smart, he's still strong and heroic. (Awwwww….)

(And sorry for calling you nerdy, babe.)

(But…you know you are.)

HIM: Wilma Flinstone Haha. I know that’s ridiculous, but it’s the only red-headed cartoon I can think of. And we’ve got a little Bam-Bam.

How many boyfriends/girlfriends did your spouse have before you?

ME: TOO MANY! I think he had 3, but I don't really remember. He only had one "real one". But really, who cares now that he has me? ;)

HIM: Just one

What is your idea of a perfect date?

ME: Being whisked away to a surprise getaway for two. Location and activities don't matter as long as we're together and on an adventure.

HIM: Our perfect date would first of all have to include food of some sort at some point. Second, we would have an adventure of some sort – exploring a town we’ve never been to, or doing something we’ve never done, or both. The rest would take care of itself.

What physical feature first attracted you to your spouse?


HIM: Her red hair and her green eyes. Beautiful.

Where was your first date?

ME: Um, it's weird because we didn't really HAVE a first date. I mean, I guess we had to have, but we don't remember. He considers the soccer game it, but I don't because we didn't eat. Dates HAVE TO involve food for this chica.

HIM: I’m not really sure. I like to say it was my first soccer game after I broke my nose. But it wasn’t really a date, it was just the first time we went anywhere alone together. So I guess I’m not sure.

What is your spouses favorite show?

ME: Psych? Monk? American Pickers? The Office? Besides the given, Seinfeld, these are current ones he loves. But I don't know what he considers his favorite. Cash Cab?

HIM: Right now I think it’s Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant. All time fave is Seinfeld though.

What is your favorite show?

ME: Gilmore Girls and anything to do with teen pregnancy (i.e. Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, etc.) (And Seinfeld. Of course.)

(I kind of made it sound like Seinfeld is about teen pregnancy. Ha.)

HIM: Current show – The Office Favorite show of all time - Seinfeld

What is your dating anniversary?

ME: September 5. I think? Oops. I think that's it.

HIM: September 7

If you could go anywhere on a second honeymoon, where would you go?

ME: Paris. Without a shadow of a doubt. (Would love to add London and Rome to the trip, too.)

HIM: Paris/London/Rome or Hawaii

What surprised you about your spouse after marriage?

ME: He eats weird things. Now really weird THINGS, but weird combinations of things. And he is a STICKLER for the way I fold his t-shirts and hang his dress shirts. AHHHH! Just let me do my job, Mister!!

HIM: There were no surprises with Whitney. What you see is what you get.

What's the best thing about being married to your spouse?

ME: Having a constant partner to laugh with, confide in, cry on, make laugh, share my harebrained ideas with, tell my stories to and to wake up to and to reunite with at the end of the day. He's the twinkle in my eye and the sparkle to my smile. Life with Husby is simply the best.

HIM: Just that I get to spend every day with her, getting to know her more, getting to grow with her and learn and parent Levi together. Knowing that she is there for me through anything we go through. She's there to support me and encourage me and love me. She's there to be with me forever. She's the best wife I can imagine.

The End.

(This is Whitney speaking. WOW! I was amazed at how SIMILAR our answers were! That was insane! :) I'm glad to know that we're on the same page. This was too much fun! Feel free to take this quiz for yourself and see how you and YOUR Husby's answers match up!)


PS. Don't forget to go to My Review Page to enter my Valentine Giveaway!!!
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  1. I'm with D. I totally remember Rescue being your song. That was fun.

  2. Oh I love the survey! I am going to try it with my fiance (I'll have to alter a few questions of course!) I love Deena Carter "Danced Anyways"! Oh and I am also obsessed with anything teen pregnancy related .. glad to know I'm not alone! I hope you both have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  3. I enjoyed reading this post! You two are really great together, and it is evident that you are very much in love!!

    Happy early Valentine's Day!!

  4. Oh how sweet!! I will have to read the first two in a second but, I left you something on my blog- go check it out!!

  5. Everything by Michael Buble is our wedding song, too! I love it!


  6. Aww, that's really sweet. You guys are too cute :)

  7. I just read all of them, and really enjoyed it! How sweet!

  8. I enjoyed reading your survey! Love that you all are on the same page. You all are adorable together!

  9. Have you watched Secret Life of the American Teenager?? Also about teen pregnancy!

  10. Everything was our song as well! He is starting is concert tour and I sooo want to see him!!

    Thanks for posting this. I'm going to try to get hubs to do this survey with me! So cute!!

    ps. LOVE Gilmore Girls!!

  11. Mike is out of town over this weekend - :-( But super cute survey! Y'all seem very in sync with each other :-)

  12. Cute Q&A! You should def. take the time to go to Paris and London. It is amazing there.

  13. Love this... Also, after finding your blog and stalking you - oh wait - I mean reading the entire thing, I wanted to tell you I am on the "fruit day" of the 11 day are right - it's awful! :)

  14. Would love to vacation in Europe with you, but seriously want to save a Hawaii trip for the whole fam together. K? Love the quiz, but think that after 30 years of marriage, we need different ?s (memories fade, you know). Happy V day!!!!

  15. Loved this!!! You are so adorable! I sent this straight to my hubs, and was cracking up at his answers! :)

  16. ha ha that is hilarious. I love how he said you were like Wilma Flintstone. ha ha ha. Nice post.


  17. Hi Whitney- I recently came across your blog and love reading it. It's impressive how well your answers matched up with Husby's! I think I'll try the survey with my own husband- who I call Blub- don't ask :D

  18. Hi Whitney! I love your blog, but I never comment! And that's unfair! Because you always share your thoughts/ideas, and I always keep mine... {Yeah, I'm shy... that's the reason.}
    But I wanted to tell you this post is the best I ever read! It's so original!
    I really loved it!
    I would like to borrow your survey and post our answers on my blog... if you don't mind :)
    Thanks again for sharing this quiz! I really enjoyed it!
    Btw, have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  19. Fun survey! Might have to make Russell take this with me! ;)

  20. Too sweet!

    I'm going to HAVE to steal this for our blog - hope hubby's up to it!

  21. Just so you hubs and I tried to do your adorable started a fight. There were tears. It was bad. BUT, then we made up and he brought me flowers and tried the survey again...he got it "right" on the second try ;)

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