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Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Hollie (my SIL) and I decided it would be fun to make Christmas Night Shirts. I decorated mine and then had Husby, me and Levi all put our handprints on the front. It was so much fun! The next day, after it all dried, I made everyone in the house put their handprint on the back. Love it!



He LOVED this, though he was a little confused by the whole ordeal.


Yay, Weebie!


I am quite the artist, if I do say so myself. Tee Hee...

JESUS' BIRTHDAY CAKE! Yum, Yum, YUMMO! We couldn't find the baby Jesus that we have used for ages to sit on top. So...we improvised and used the baby Jesus from the Little People Nativity. HA!



I had a really cute sweater outfit for Weebs to wear on Christmas Eve, but since the blizzard came through and we didn't have the crowd we expected, I put him something comfortable.



Mommy (with flour all over her shirt) and sweet Grandmama!


They are cutesies!




FAMILY PHOTO IN OUR MATCHING JAMMIES!!! Thank you, Momsy. This was SO fun and festive!




After the family photo shoot, we let the boys open their gifts and then they went to bed. We then played Dirty Santa (which we usually play with the entire extended family) and then opened up all of our gifts! We capped the night off by singing Christmas carols and watching the snow fall. It was such a fun time with my family.

The next morning, we loaded our things up and headed over to Husby's family and got stuck in their driveway! The roads were absolutely COVERED in ice and travel was pretty dangerous. There, we ate breakfast and opened gifts!


First, Husby's dad read the Christmas Story.


I couldn't wait to give my MIL her gift. When Casey (Husby's sister) and her son, Desmond came to visit last month, I had a secret photo shoot with the boys (in the cutest matching outfits) and had them put on a canvas for my Mother-In-Law. She loved it!!!



Yay! Success! You know it's a success when you make them cry. :)

Then, we bundled up Levi and Desmond and headed outside to give them their first taste of SNOW!! This was a blast!

They are such great little buddies. The same size and 4 months apart! :) Little Des lives about 14 hours away, so it's a treat to see his sweet face when we can! He and Levi really enjoy each other and it's so cute.



Then we tried to prop them up as if they were actually riding the sled, but...Desmond hated it. Can't you tell?



So he went inside and got warmed up and I took some final shots of Weebie. He just loved the snow! I was pretty surprised, considering it was 24 degrees out.




OOPS! He fell!!



But he was still all smiles.

When he was finished playing in the snow, they dusted him off.


This picture makes me laugh so hard. Weebie looks like a little rag doll!

One of Levi's special gifts was this toy chest that his Poppy made for him!


It will definitely come in so handy for all of Levi's toys! Especially all the new ones he received for Christmas. What a special treasure for Levi to have - a toy chest built with his Poppy's hands! We really appreciate the time and effort he put into this. Levi will cherish it forever! :)


We stayed the rest of the weekend with Husby's family and it was filled with lots of game playing, lots of eating, cooking and lots of movie watching. We ventured out in the ice on Saturday night and watched Sherlock Holmes, and it was fabulous!

We are so grateful to have such great family surrounding us. Levi is lucky to have two sweet little cousins so close in age. I am excited to experience future Christmas' with all of them! :)

And this concludes my Christmas posts! THE END! :)
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Those matching PJs are too cute for words. Also, looks like Levi LOVED the snow! Makes me wish it snowed where I live in California.

  2. I loved the pics, esp the family pic with matching jammies!Sooo cute!

  3. Well you certainly had an enviable Christmas! I need your mom to adopt me :O)

    Happy New Year!

  4. It's official. I am a baby junkie when it comes to seeing pictures of these three little boys. (including Max, of course) Glad your Christmas was so special.

  5. The snow pictures are just way to cute!!!

    I have a chest very similar that my grandpa made me.. and I still love it.. What a great gift for your little guy!

  6. Those jammies are TDF! The pictures of the boys on the sled were too cute!. The canvas is gorgeous. Happy New Year.

  7. I LOVE the matching Pj cute!

  8. In the big family pic with the matching the guy in the back left the guy from "The Hangover"? hehehe just kidding!

  9. Looks like it was a fabulous Christmas!! LOVE the matching PJ's and that toy chest is so sweet. What a special thing to have!

  10. Loved seeing all these pics again, but the one of Poppy & D brushing the snow off of Levi with a broom CRACKS ME UP!!!!!! Thanks for the reminder of the fun Christmas (like I needed pics to remind me of that - LOL).

  11. Okay, not only do you have the cutest baby EVER, but you have the most adorable family! I love the pic of you all in your matching PJs.

  12. SO fun!!! these pictures are precious :) Glad you guys had a great Christmas! I love the shirt yall made and all the matching jammies!

  13. So, um, Whitney? If your family ever feels like they need to add to it, I know 2 orphans out in California who would LOVE to join in on the family fun, especially during the holidays ;)

    Looks like a great time...and of course, Levi makes my heart skip a beat every time I see a picture of that little cutie.

  14. I love the whole family in matching PJs, that's great!

  15. The matching jammies are to die for...what a fun idea!!! Wonder if I could talk hubby into something like that next year...

  16. What great photos of a wonderful Christmas. I love the pj pics, too. A happy new year to you all.

  17. Oh my goodness...those pictures in the snow are ADORABLE!! Glad you had such a great Christmas! :)

  18. I love seeing all of your photos. Levi just seems like he smiles nonstop, just like Darin. Happy new Year!

  19. OMG - that picture where they're dusting Levi off is hysterical! There are some things I guess we just don't get to experience here in Arizona.

  20. I love all your photos! Where did you get Levi's winter suit? I LOVE IT!


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