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182 Days.

Dearest Little Levi,

Today, you are 6 months old.


I can hardly believe that you are half way through your very first year (outside my womb)! As I bundled you up to take you for your 6 Month Well Check this morning, I thought of your previous visits and just how tiny you were. I usually hauled you in your car seat and calmed you down after your shots with a bottle, but today was completely different.

I carried you in, you sat quietly on my lap, and you took your shots like a total champ. I just tear up thinking about what a BIG BOY you are becoming. Today you weighed 19.12 pounds and you are 29.5 inches long. Baby, you are so, so tall. Your Doctor asked if people always think you are 9 months old. My response was, "all the time!"


You are drastically changing before our eyes every day. You remain the absolutely precious soul that you have always been and your genuine kindness sparkles in your ocean blue eyes. People always comment on your sweet disposition, saying that "you are just the friendliest little guy they've ever seen!" You flash that killer smile to anyone and everyone you meet. You inherited that smile from your Daddy, Weebie. I am so happy you have his smile. After all, your Daddy's smile captured me immediately. It's one of the first things I fell in love with.


Last week, you mastered sitting ALL BY YOURSELF! I am so proud of you, Little Boy. You are just doing so well. Sitting up alone is a whole new world for you. You love it.

(This is the first ever picture of you sitting up by yourself!)



We loaded you up on baby food today and tonight you had sweet potatoes for the first time. You weren't exactly a fan of them, but I think they will grow on you. When we poured your banana oatmeal in a bowl after giving potatoes a try, you lunged for it like it was gold. You love your oatmeal, that's for sure. Your Daddy and I wanted to wait until you were 6 months old to start you on veggies and fruit (your Daddy's suggestion due to his medical training), and I can't wait to see you try all the new foods. Maybe you take after your Mommy and prefer carrots over sweet potatoes. :)


You are so very interactive with people. You play games like Peek-A-Boo, Patty Cake (though I have to help you with the motions), and "I'm Gonna Get That Baby". You love books. LOVE them. You love music and songs. "You Are My Weebie Boy" is still your favorite and calms you down when you get upset. You are infatuated with Elmo, and you love to give kisses.


I am so happy that you still love to cuddle. Don't ever stop, Love, because I will cry myself into a tizzy. You love to be held, rocked, kissed and hugged. You are just so very lovable.


You say "Hi" all the time and it's hands down the funniest thing in the world. The sound of your little voice is SO sweet that it just kills me. It's the only word you can say, but it is PRECIOUS.

You LOVE tea. You discovered the greatness that is UNSWEET ice tea last week and now any time you see me take a drink, you lunge for it. You sweet boy. You crack me up. You love to get your tongue in it and lap it up like a dog. I have plenty-a-video of this and it is so funny it'll make you cry.


These past six months have been the biggest, greatest, most love-filled and fulfilling months of our lives, Little Boy. You dropped into our lives and rocked our world. You are the delight of my soul, the joy in my heart and the light of my days. Your Daddy and I cherish and adore you, My Son.


We love you. Always.

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Sooo sweet. He's absolutley precious. When can I come see him again! :)

  2. The cuteness. I can't handle the cuteness! Happy half birthday to your little man!

  3. He is just precious. Always smiling. You're a great mom, Whitney. The love you have for your family is made greatly evident in your writing.

  4. I cannot believe that he is six months old! Wow!!

  5. wow - time flies. What a cutie. I want one!!! Too bad I can't have one yet!! (-:


  6. Your posts about your son are just so sweet. I get choked up and my eyes get teary. I hope to someday experience the joys of motherhood. Your loving posts are very inspiring. Keep it up, they are a joy to read.

  7. So sweet! I did my 6 month post today! :)

    Levi is blowing Beaner out of the water with the sitting up thing! Levi looks so handsome sitting up now! Like a big boy!

    We had the same experience with shots, too. I carried him in for the first time without his little seat and while he screamed when he got the shots, he calmed right down afterward with just his binky. Although, he would periodically take his binky out every couple minutes afterward just to yell at the doctor. It was so cute!

    Our babies are growing so fast!!

  8. In six months he'll be 1! Amazing how time flies by so quickly! I love the picture of him grabbing at the tree branch - so cute!

    Glad you are enjoying mommy-hood to the fullest!

  9. You've got me all teary over here! (And SO stinkin excited to meet MY little boy!)

  10. I so dearly love our little Levi. He is precious!!!! And so are these pics. I know that, some day, he will love reading all the things you've written to him. Give him a hug & kiss from Grammy today!

  11. Oh my heavens - that was sweet! His dimples are to die for!

  12. i think it is so wonderful to document all the cute and new things that our children do! and if you get the book printed of all your blog entries, then he'll have a hard copy to look back on and see. how great!

  13. His smile is beautiful and you dress him so cutely!! Makes me want a little boy!

  14. He is so sweet! You know I am loving that argyle vest.

  15. That is so adorable!

    With a 2 1/2 month old that is fitting into 6 month clothing yet won't sleep for more than 2 hours at night...I'm trying to enjoy it because I know he will be six months and a year and on and on before I know it!

  16. I can remember crying when my son was six months old as it seemed to be going by so quickly and I wanted him to stay a baby for longer, but each day brought such precious moments, I didn't mind in the end. Now he is 18 and taller than me, and I still adore him!

  17. Wow, six months already!?! Time is going by so fast. He is a cutie!

  18. Ok, I know everyone is going to say it, but your little boy is so cute! His smile is adorable!

    Happy Half Birthday to Levi.

  19. Honestly, he is the cutest little guy ever! I've never seen a more smiley baby. What a blessing!

  20. SUCH a sweet little guy!!! lucky momma and daddy!! happy 6 months, levi!!

  21. What a great recount of the first 6 months. He's adorable. Thanks for sharing.


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